How Tree Stand Or Ladder Stand Makes Hunting Easier?

Every hunter knows the struggle of hiding from your target and choosing a proper vantage point while hunting. Especially, if you are hunting deer. It’s easy for dears to pick up your scent by the incoming breeze. Also, if you are hunting by a compound bow in a public hunting ground then the animals there are used to being targeted and are always extra alert.

tree stand hunting

Just ask any experienced hunter and almost all of them will give the same solution. And it is a tree stand. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about tree stand hunting and why you might want to consider buying a tree stand.

We are going to talk about their advantages, safety procedures and some other important stuff.

So, here we go.

What Is A Tree Stand?

A tree stand is a platform secured to a tree to provide the hunter with a better vantage point. They are secured high up on the tree so that the hunter has a better view of his or her prey.

Why You Need A Tree Stand?

There are all sorts of difficulties that a hunter has to face when hunting. Especially, if you are hunting super nimble and alert animals like dears. They have a super keen sense of smell and always graze in large herds making it very difficult to come up close to them. That is why a tree stand or a deer stand can be very advantageous to your hunt.

First of all, because you have a higher altitude then your prey it is less likely for your smell to be picked up by air and travel to the dear. Also, dears are not looking for hunter above ground level as they don’t have aviating predators. So, being high up allows you to better hide from their field of view. And it goes pretty much the same for almost all types of prey.

If the condition is right then you can expect to be basically invisible to your prey and comfortably hunt. If you are bow hunting then a higher ground will allow you land a shot much easier.

In public hunting grounds, animals are usually in a lot of pressure. So, they are used to being considerably more alert. This can easily make hunting a nightmare. But using a tree stand will eliminate all these problems as most of your prey is not naturally instinctive to looking up for their predators. So, you can see that a tree stand can make hunting a lot easier.

Ladder stand hunting

Things To Consider Before Buying A Tree Stand

There are a few things that you should consider before investing in a tree stand. And here they are –


There are 3 types of tree stands –

  • Ladder tree stands: Ladder tree stand is sturdy and very stable. But they are very heavy as well. So, not recommended for hunters looking for mobility.
  • Climbing tree stands: Climbing tree stands are easy to move around and are excellent for solo hunters. But make sure you pack a safety harness as they do not provide the best support.
  • Hang-on tree stands: Hanging tree stands are very versatile and can hang on to any type of tree. This makes them great for bow hunting. But you need some actual physical strength to use them.

Hunting area

Where you are hunting is very important when choosing a tree stand. In some areas, hunters are required to remove all of their hunting gear which includes hunting tree stands after finishing their hunt.

So, if you are planning on hunting in these types of areas then you should be buying a climbing tree stands as they are easy to move around. 


Acrophobia means the fear of heights. If you are acrophobic then it is better that you stick to the standard hunting methods. A steady aim is necessary when hunting. This is something you cannot achieve if you are on an adrenaline rush due to your phobia. So, stick to the ground if you are acrophobic.

Safety Precautions

If you do not take proper safety precautions while tree stand hunting it can result in dire consequences. It is not uncommon for hunters to injure themselves just because they could not take some time ensuring their safety. So, here are some safety measures one should follow before using a tree stand: 

  • Read the instructions: Your tree stand will probably come with a user manual to guide you in setting up the tree. Read that carefully and properly follow the warnings.   
  • Wear a full-body harness: Buy a good full-body harness before setting out to hunt with a tree stand. While hunting you are probably miles away from any hospitals or even people. So, take a full-body harness to prevent fall injuries.
  • Be careful while climbing: Take great care while climbing your tree stand. Put on your safety harness before climbing.
  • Buy a pull rope: You can’t carry all your gear with you while climbing. So, bring a pull rope with you so that you can pull up your gear after you have properly positioned yourself.
  • Load firearm after safely positioned: Do not load your gun before positioning. They can accidentally fall, go-off and hit you. So, never load your firearms before safely positioning yourself on the tree stand.


Tree stands are a great help for hunters. They cloak your smell and hide you from the field of view of your prey. These are two of the greatest advantages a hunter can have. Taking proper safety precautions, they can be very useful to a hunter. So, it would not be a bad decision to invest in a good tree stand.

After reading through the whole tree stand hunting article, I am sure you now understand the usefulness of a tree stand and how it can boost your hunting game by many folds. I hope you have found what you were looking for in this little guide.

Thanks for stopping by. Good luck on your next hunt.

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