Southwest Archery Spyder Review and Specification

Southwest Archery Spyder Review


We have investigated and sampled all the Southwest archery bows. We, therefore, bring to your attention the best Southwest archery Spyder review that will guide you to the right decision. Southwest Archery is a company based in the USA and has been into this industry for two decades.  The company is a renowned traditional bow manufacturer that specializes in what an Olympian and an archer require.

The company goes ahead to understand their customers’ needs. They prioritize in making the best bows in a proper manner.  Let us dig further into Southwest archery Spyder Review and learn more regarding the same.

Southwest archery spyder review


Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow



  • Wooden Riser
  • 2.3lbs Bow Weight
  • 20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,And 60lbs  Draw Weight
  • 28 Inches Draw Length
  • Both Left And Right Handed
  • 62 And 64 Inches In Length


  • Different draw weights
  • High-quality finish
  • Pre-drilled to accept accessories
  • Lightweight
  • Both hand orientation
  • Interchangeable limbs with Journey/Sage as well as Spyder XL
  • Sturdy and beautiful looks
  • Can be used for hunting, fishing and target practicing


  • The availed arrow rest made with cheap as rubber as well as plastic


Check our best features that will help you to male a good decision

Enticing riser

Unlike other bows, Spyder bow comes with different upgrade on the sage.  One of such upstanding upgrades is the round edge riser.  This riser is lighter, slim and quite attractive.

Four different types of woods used to construct the Southwest Archery Spyder.  It acquires its exceptional features of; high accuracy, compactness and beauty from these woods.  If you are looking for the best easy learning archery techniques then this is a perfect choice for you.

One of noticeable features is the red color wood that gives it a unique and good looks on the riser. You will love to display it on your room and boast its undeniable beauty. The wooden part makes it less sensitive to heat than iron. It offers good grip, especially during winter.

Its construction all started with both let and right-hand orientations.  The riser comes with preinstalled threaded brushing that gives a room or different upgrades such as quivers, mechanical rest, bow fishing reels, plungers, stabilizers, and sights, to mention but a few.

Durable limbs

Unlike all the improvements over the Sage, this archery has unique limbs. Its limbs pockets covered with rounded those make them light, sleek, and quite comfortable.  Did you know that these limbs look pleasant and attractive because they are made of matte black fiberglass as well as hard Maple lamination? They are strong and durable; that is why they can withstand continuous shooting.

This bow also comes with phenolic reinforced limb tips making it fast flight as well as Flemish string compatible.

Did you know that the Southwest archery Spyder is a perfect traditional archery bow specifically made for bow fishing, target practice, and hunting deer?

It has many features in the limb, such as the printed spider with the Southwest archer and flush bolts logo/. This is what makes it look and feel like original archery.  An Allen wretch holds the limb and the riser together.

Different draw weights

Bow weight is a must consideration for an archer before purchasing a bow. It is worth mentioning that the Southwest archery comes with different bow weights.  They range from 20 to 60 pounds, thus suitable for both novice and expert archers.  For instance, a beginner hunter can start practicing with low draw weight limbs of 20 pounds, but as time goes by, he/she can interchange the limbs with higher poundage.

Did you know that this takedown bow allows its users to interchange its limbs using varieties of Southwest Archery risers as well as Samick journey? This is what makes it a greater option for hunting and target practice.

Why Southwest Archery Spyder is perfect for shooting

The Southwest Archery has the following features:

  • Noiseless
  • Accurate
  • Vibration-free

It is the best recurve bow for hunting due to the qualities mentioned above. Powered by some string silencer, you will achieve that calming experience in the course of shooting. The ergonomic design of the riser makes sit feel comfortable on the palm.

Other features of Southwest Archery Spyder

  • Seamless combination for all the shooters
  • Easy to handle
  • Suitable and comfortable height for any archer

Is Spyder bowing a perfect platform for all applications?

Spyder bow is a suitable platform for all the archery applications.  It is comfortable in bow fishing, recreational shooting as well as hunting.  Used in any competitive tournament. It is the most recommended archer bow in the Olympic Games under the traditional archery category.

The package comes with the following:

  • A bow with ready t shoot parts
  • All the accessories
  • Handcrafted riser (LH/RH)
  • One 14 strand Dacron string
  • A pair of matching limbs (upper and lower end)
  • Step by step instruction manuals with photos
  • A stick-on adhesive arrow rest

Frequently asked question

For all types of products, some questions usually come out when buying. Therefore, in this review, we answer some of the most frequent from potential customers.

  • Is Southwest archery Spyder suitable for the Olympic competition?

Yes, this takedown recurve bow is an upgraded version of the 2018 award-winning bow. It is accurate, suitable for any archer, and comfortable to use.

  • Can this bow allow accessories such as mechanical rest and quivers?

A preinstalled threaded bushing enables users to set up any archery equipment

  • What is the country of its origin?

South Korea

  • Can this takedown recurve bow used by novice archers?

Yes, it is comfortable for any user.

Why you should consider Southwest Archery Spyder bow

  • Its manufacturer has two decades’ experience in the archery industry
  • The primary mission of the Southwest Archery is to deliver high-quality products that any archer needs
  • Southwest Archery Company offers excellent customer service.


It is clear now that the Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow is the best option for any archer. It is high quality, sturdy, and quite attractive. Its accuracy and compatibility is undeniable. Thanks for reading this comprehensive southwest Archery Spyder Review.

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