Samick Sage Recurve Bow Review in 2021

samick sage review

A Samick Sage recurve is a renowned bow for novice archers.  We recommend this bow for novice archers even though professional archers have continued to use due to its excellence.  It is a good bow in terms of ease to use and it is comfortable on palm. It is suitable for right-handed users and enables you to change the strings. I have used this exceptional bow before and that is why I decided to prepare this Samick Sage Recurve Bow Review.

samick sage review for recurve bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow


Samick Sage is a perfect bow that will equip you with excellent shooting skills as well as archery.  Below are its specifications:

  • Brace height in inches: 7.5-8.25
  • Draw weights in lbs: 25,30,35,40,45,50,55 and 60
  • Weight: 3.4lbs
  • AMOLength: 62 Inches
  • MaxDraw: 29 Inches
  • Limbs: -Laminated Hard Maple              -Fiberglass coating
  • Price: Low
  • R/L Handed: Both available


  • Tool free takedown bow
  • Different draw weights
  • You can upgrade the limbs


  • Heavier than similar bows in the market
  • Experienced archers must upgrade strings

features of samick sage 

The limbs

These limbs are durable, making this bow suitable for its price range. Apart from the fact that they are made from a hard maple, these limbs covered in a matte black fiberglass.  Many people have come to love Samick Sage bows as their bow tips enforced with a plastic. This makes it possible for its users to upgrade the bowstrings. This is unlike other bows of a similar price range.

Samick Sage has gained popularity as recurve bow amongst many archers across the world.  This makes it possible for the users to get rid of its limbs and upgrade them as your heart desires.  Moreover, you can consider varieties of draw weights such as 30lbs, 45lbs and above.

Limbs’ properties

  • Limbs tips are enforced with phenolic plastic, allowing its users to upgrade the strings
  • Laminated with maple as well as black fiberglass
  • These limbs are strong and do not twist

The riser

Samick Sage riser is unique and using it takes you to a fantasy world.  You will feel as if you are competing or opting for target practice.  There is no doubt that this is the most suitable bow for novice archers, as it does not include any extras. Moreover, its design is simple and attractive.

The riser made from a mixture of maple and dymondwood. It is durable and its grip is comfortable.  This takedown bow gives room for a range of arrows to use.  Did you know that compared to others, tuning this bow is quite easy? It has a cut-past center shelf that gives the arrow power when shot.

It is important to emphasize that Samick Sage has a unique riser used by left handed and right handed users. Many people are confused and are unable to select the right bow. That is why they should pay attention to my Samick Sage recurve bow review and gather as much information as possible. Well, archers who pull the bowstring back using their right hand should opt for a right-handed bow.

Properties of the riser

  • Tunable
  • You can use a range of arrows
  • Easy to hold

The string

It is very important to look into the type of string before purchasing a bow. This is a big problem amongst beginner archers. Samick Sage string is durable and ensures money back. It can withstand thousands of shots.  As time goes by and you are now an experienced archer, you can consider upgrading to FF Flemish strings.

How does the Samick Sag Recurve Bow work?

It is worth emphasizing that regardless of its low price, this is still a good bow.  It is one of the best bows of this price range hence suitable for beginners.

When the bow is drawn, you will first recognize its smoothness. It is unlike other bows that vibrate and make a lot of noise. It is accurate with suitable bow length hence great for beginners.  It is forgiving on beginners’ mistakes including posture as well as stance.

Its performance during shooting will depend on the draw weight.  The higher the draw weight the more accurate and quicker will be your shot.  Youths should consider a draw weight of 35lbs.  40lbs allows you to shoot further targets.

How does the bow look?

Samick Sage is a perfect bow or archers who want to experience that traditional archery.  This bow looks exactly like the traditional bows.  It comes with curved limbs made out of wood.

How to assemble the bow

It is important to note that Samick Sage is easy to assemble and dissemble thus suitable for beginners:

  • Slide the limbs into place then tighten those using knobs. Secure the knobs using your fingers. You will definitely realize that this is a seamless process and most archers out there will appreciate about this bow.

frequently asked question

It is normal to receive mails every now and again from people asking about the Samick Sage bows. Well, I decided to add the most common questions and answers in this Review as highlighted below:

Can I upgrade the limbs?

Yes, both novice and professional archers can use Samick takedown bow. Youths and adults can also use it. Moreover, the design suits both left and right handed users hence, upgrading limbs is a necessity.

Is Samick Sage suitable for beginners?

Yes, beginners have mainly used this bow. It is forgiving on posture mistakes. You can use this bow without previous knowledge or specialized skills.

Can I use this bow for hunting?

Well, this bow used for hunting, target practice as well as competitions.  It all depends on draw weight among other factors.

Why you should consider the Samick Sage Recurve bow ?

  • This bow is accurate and ensures excellence
  • It is the cheapest in the market compared to the similar bows under this category
  • It is user-friendly, easy to maintain and control
  • You can upgrade the limbs


Our Samick Sage Recurve Bow Review is a comprehensive buying guide that will definitely equip you with all the important information you would like to know regarding this bow.  This bow is a great investment due to its upgradable limbs and strings. It is durable and you will use it for many years without panic.

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