Recurve or Compound Bow | Which and Why?

Compound Vs Recurve Bow

This is a general question that arises from those people who are a beginner in archery and bowhunting.

What should he buy, compound or recurve?

They are quite different from each other though there is a little bit of friendly enmity in between compound and recurve bow shooter.


Recurve or Compound Bow and why?


Well, most of the time, you are not sure what is a recurve bow? It is what most would imagine being closer to a traditional style of archery. The characteristic feature is the curve limb away from the archer.

It can be made of pure wood to the modern metallic structure. It also includes the attachment that is required for a recent archery competition.


This form of archery is that what you have seen in modern Olympic. The bow function and techniques are straightforward though the attachments are looking complex. On the other hand, a compound bow is a new expansion that uses a stiffer limb, and the pulley cam system on both ends makes it more efficient.

Consider draw weight and draw length

Though draw weight is a little bit harder, when the pulley cam rotates, it becomes lighter.  This is called Let-off. When the archer reaches full draw length, he holds a small percentage of draw weight, and this gives the archer relax and aiming his target more accurately.

Mechanical aspect

Due to the mechanical aspect of bow design, the compound bow is more accurate and has a higher velocity and much flatter trajectory at a distance. Most of the shooter who uses compound bow takes the help of releasing aid which eliminates the inconsistency of


Now lets come to the point whether you should buy a recurve or compound bow?

Let’s take a look at what kind of people use the bow? Purpose of shooting rather than asking which type of bow should buy? Before that, I will say something about longbows, horse bow, and other bows of traditional archery.


I always called these are the happy people, Those have a real love for archery, and those are not diehard to hit bull’s eye, and also can be described as hobbyists and enthusiasts. Longbowmen often find it easier to enjoy their shooting.


Then come to crossbows, which is a different line of archery. This is a shining branch of archery that use much different technology and need a unique set of skill. The critical factor is how they are available based on demand and supply and the local rules of law.


Much local government restricts the use of crossbows as they consider it a powerful weapon and need to take a license from them. For the same reason, they are not allowed by some archery club. And it would be best if you kept in mind that you don’t need to keep a license for a traditional or a compound bow.


In the case of Compound bow, it’s designed seems to be perfect, the accuracy of it is unmatched When the skill is equal And compound will always outshoot a recurve The people who use this bow want the result. And you have acquired decent form, and you should be getting this score.


But, the compound shooter is very tense and stressful because the bow does most of the work. It’s up to the archer to get an arrow into the goal. If anything land in the red or worse, there is much disappointment. Although it can be easier to get these higher scores. Competition can be brutally difficult A dropping a point can make the difference even at the amateur level.


On the other hand, an archer with a recurve bow will find it easier to accept that they will not always hit the goal due to the inherent inconsistency in the recurve area. A recurve archer does not care about how many feet per second they can get from the bow. They also do not pick their bow for a higher score. They enjoy their shot. The simplicity of recurve makes it more appealing.


Technology is not so much important as the bow is less sensitive. It is something like that you can pick up and shot without worrying about the bow being set to correct draw and length.




With fewer things on the bow, they can go wrong. The recurve is also easier to take apart, whereas the compound press to remove the cables. On the competition level, there is a higher skill gap between the recurve bow shooter.


Which means more room is need for an archer to improve. It means that a recurve bow shooter commonly focuses on achieving a personal best, whereas a compound bow shooter archer is more likely to count how many times they go outside the ten circles.


A recurve archer needs more discipline, and frequent practice to maintain their form due to the behavior focus on their physical process.

Hopefully, this discussion has been clarified to you why, when, and where which type of bow you need.

Happy Archery!

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