Martin Archery Recurve Bow Reviews

martin archery reviews

Did you know that Martin Archery is a popular name in the archery industry for 6 decades now?  This company is located in Washington State and boasts pride of a good reputation in building high-quality bows.  This company has been making tireless efforts since 2013, and their efforts are indeed paying off.  The company has built the best website that shortlists all their bows alongside all Martin archery reviews.  This site is user friendly and has a simple interface that allows you to zoom in and out for a better view of all your desired bows.

It is worth mentioning that Martin Archery specializes in building the best recurve bows that are quite popular in the market. Did you know that three of their recurve bows are featuring in top-ten best bows?  These bows are suitable for any archer, such as novice, professional, youth, and adult.

martin archery reviews

Martin Archery recurve bow is made of luxurious materials that have enhanced its impressive performance.  The components of this bow are; Eastern hard maple limbs with Fiberglas accents, Bibinga broad beam, Shedua wood riser, and overlays, among others.

The design is perfect and straightforward, and I think this traditional bow will equip the aspiring archers with the world of conventional shooting and will definitely make them excited and probably opt for this sport and you can use it for best hunting bow of all time. That is why I decided to make this Martin Archery Recurve Bow Review.

Popular features in Martin’s Archery Recurve Bow Reviews

If you got a chance to go through this Martin Archery Recurve Bow Reviews then you will is covering the following features:

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Very lightweight
  • Good vibration dampening
  • Comfortable to hold an shoot
  • It is easy to use
  • Smooth to draw as well as shoot
  • Very accurate

There is no doubt that Martin Archery is the best and high quality recurve bows in the market.  Take this chance to learn quite a several major categories of the recurve bows as discussed below:


These are the specifications that your Bear Grizzly recurve bow will have:

  • Draw weights: 35-65
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Brace height: 6.75-7.75
  • AMO Length: 62
Best for
  • Beginners, professionals, youth, and adult
  • hunting and target practice


  • Very sturdy and lightweight
  • Excellent design and quite comfortable to hold
  • It is accurate and reliable. Compare its accuracy and reliability with other recurve bows that cost three times as much as this.
  • It is easy to store, transport as well as change weight chip


  • The arrows rest is made of plastic or rubber hence easy to wear down. Replacement is costly.

Main categories of Martin Archery Recurve Bows

  • Traditional (one-piece) Bows

Under Martin’s traditional lineup, there are 11 different bows.  Most of them have been use as a work of art; you will realize that there is some fun missing.  You will enjoy that traditional “Old School” experience of bow shooting.  Moreover, you will enjoy the fun with a lot of comfort and excitement.

  • Takedown bows

Martin recurve takedown bow are group into two major categories, namely; wood risers and the metal risers.

Features of metal risers
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Offer aggressive ‘modern’ look
  • They are 8 different bows in this category
Features of wood risers
  • They are 6 bows under this category
  • They are beautiful
  • Bring our much more traditional look

It is worth mentioning that takedown bows offers excellent performance; they are portable, convenient, and ensures that unique enjoyment in users.

  • Youth bows

There are four different bows under this category. They are simple and very cost-effective.  These bows will make your youthful shooting experience amazing. It offers advanced features and easy to use.

Martin Archery Accessories

There are martin archery accessories offered on their website.  They make most of these accessories hence are of good quality. The following are Martin archery accessories used in a single recurve bow:

  • Clothing

Martin offers a nice line of clothing for bow shooting fanatics.  If you really what to show-off your brand, then it is high time you consider these t-shirts, jackets, and caps, among others.

  • Arrows and arrow building

Apart from the primary carbon arrows offered by Martin Archer, you will have a wide selection of other accessories to look into.  These include fletching and nocks, to mention but a few. You will find everything that you require.

  • Quivers

Martin Archery also offers a range of quivers such as those attached to your belt as well as “Little John”. There are varieties of options that will definitely meet your needs.

  • Bowfishing

You will find a wide selection of bowfishing specific equipment that is compatible with your bow.  Most of them are made by Marin, while others are acquired form other authorized archery manufacturers.

  • Gloves

Martin offers a range of gloves as well as tabs specifically made for shooting.  They hold up quite well, and many users have left positive feedback regarding the same.


  • Good finish
  • Shoot smooth
  • Great service/warranty
  • It is a hard package to beat
  • It’s a solid bow

frequently asked question

For all types of products, some questions usually come out when buying. Therefore, in this review, we answer some of the most from potential customers.

  • This bow made in which year?

I believe they were the 2013 model.

  • Does the Blackout version have the carbon fiber finish on the riser?

Just plain black

  • Does this bow offer a good grip?

Yes, it feels comfortable on the palm hence quite comfortable to hold and use for long

  • Can this recurve bow sighted from either hand?

Yes, both left-handed and right-handed people can use this bow.

Wrapping up

Generally, Martin Archery is a renowned company that specializes in the archery industry.  Over the past 60 years, this company has been making efforts to expand and modernize its lineup of bows. There is no doubt that their efforts were fruitful; hence, they have the best lineup of bows that will inspire all the archers to consider target practicing and hunting. Happy Archery! It is a good bow when you are going to hunt from a tree stand .

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