How To Use A Rangefinder For Hunting? – 8 Important Tips That You Should Not Forget


How To Use A Rangefinder

No matter what you are doing, playing golf or hunting down your prey, a rangefinder will make your job a lot easier. When you have the distance measured with certain accuracy, the entire game changes in seconds!

If you know how to use a rangefinder, you are on the lucky team in the game. However, there are some real-life hacks that you need to know to make the most out of the rangefinder you are using. Today, we will share 8 tips that will help you multiply the potential of your rangefinder!

So, let’s get in!


How To Use A Rangefinder Scope

If you are into hunting, the rangefinder scope will make the difference between a successful hit and a failed one. To use a rangefinder scope, you need to follow a two-step procedure. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: You have to assess the size of the target. Say, for example, you are going to hunt down a deer. Now, you have to assume the chest of that dear. If the size is around 16 inches, you need to divide 16 by the MOA count of your scope.

Step 2: If the scope MOA count is 4, then the result will be 16/4 = 4. Then, you have to multiply 4 with 95.55, which is a constant number. The result will be 4 X 95.55 = 382 yards. Now, consider the reference range from the scopes grid lines for the distance. There you have it! That’s how you utilize a rangefinder scope.


8 Important Tips That You Keep In Mind


1.Get Educated

Once you get the rangefinder delivered, do some proper study on it. The device will come with a lot of pieces, and there will be a manual that introduces all of these to you. So go through the manual and gather as much knowledge on the product as you can. This will always put you one step forward.


2.Target Shooting

If you are into bow, rifle, or target shooting with bow, you need to go to a reserved area for it first. Then take the measurement of the area you need to shoot towards. Take the trees and other spots as landmarks and measure the distance. Now use the rangefinder by aligning it with the distance and shoot.


3.Measure The Distance

To measure the distance, do the following.

  • Place the eyepiece to the proper position with your eyes
  • Press the range option and find the crosshair
  • Now point the rangefinder towards your hit and activate the distant target priority mode
  • You need to adjust the modes with the weather condition or the environment you are in for good rangefinder hunting

This is the way you can set and measure the distance.


4.Use Trees To Mark Yardage

You can use ribbons or spray paints to mark yardage using the trees. Trees are actually great landmarks if you can use them. So, you can set up the range with the trees around you in your shooting space. So bear this in mind.


5. Angles Run Target to Ground

If a hunter is standing in a position that is above or below the target that he is about to shoot may not get the proper horizontal distance. If that’s the case with you, you have to range the trunks at the level of your eyes. Then you can use the horizontal distance to have a shot at the target.


6.Tips For Golfing


As for golfing, here are a few tips that you need to follow to benefit from the rangefinder.

  • Before using the device, check the magnification power of the device by focusing on a certain point of the golf field.
  • From one hole to the other, you need to readjust the eyehole of the rangefinder.
  • You can eliminate gray space to dial into the flagstick of the golf field.


7. Advantages of Modern Rangefinder in Course

Rangefinders will make sure that you can shoot properly and accurately at the bunkers. Some of the modern rangefinders come with designs that don’t affect the performance in different weather conditions. If you can manage those types, it’s always going to make it easier for you to hunt and shoot at.


8. A Few Hacks

Here are some general tips and hacks for the best utilization of a rangefinder.

  • Check for diverse weather conditions, as the performance of the device may vary in different temperature and humid conditions
  • Do not try to open up the internal electric components
  • Calibrate the device before every use
  • Twist the eyepiece left and right to get a clear focus
  • If you are activating a certain mode, it will deactivate some other, so keep it checked


How To Use A Rangefinder Camera

Rangefinder Camera

Rangefinder in a camera is also pretty cool and produces, sometimes, better pictures than an SLR. The basics of using a rangefinder camera are simple. Unlike the regular SLR camera, the rangefinder camera has a rangefinder on it. In addition to hunting if you want to pick photos of wild you must know how to use this.

Once you look through the rangefinder of it, you can see a frame over the image you are about to take a photograph of. The frame is either black, white, or ash-color. The image that is seen outside the frame is not going to be captured when you press the shutter. But the image inside the frame will come in the picture.

So, you can get a clear idea of what to capture and when to capture. In the case of an SLR camera, the image outside the frame is totally blacked out.

That’s how you use the rangefinder camera.


Final Words

Apart from getting to know how to use a rangefinder, you must know how it works and how to make the most out of it. Whatever the purpose you are using the rangefinder for, you need to take proper care of the device and use some regular hacks that will give you the best output from it. As we have discussed here, try to follow the tips to make sure you are using the rangefinder efficiently.

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