How To Use A Rangefinder Reticle?



Rangefinder Reticle

Even the most expert gunner in the world is helpless without a rangefinder reticle. You can’t possibly hit the bullseye with just mere eyesight. An assistive device to zoom in on your target is essential, whether you are trying to hunt down or hit a target. You may have heard about reticles but if you haven’t used one yourself, it can be pretty confusing at first.


So in this article, we will be looking at the basics of a rangefinder reticle and explain how to use it. Stay tuned till the end to find out everything you need to know about this device.


What is a Rangefinder Reticle?


If you know what is a rangefinder scope, you will have a clear idea of what a rangefinder reticle is. A rangefinder reticle is a typical crosshair that is placed on the image of the rangefinder. This helps you see the target in a lot of detail. The basic of it is a general Galilean telescope. The telescope comes with an objective lens.


This allows the image of the target to be zoomed in to see in a better and clearer way. You can find the typical crosshair in the middle of the rangefinder. This serves the purpose of aiding you to target.


How Does a Rangefinder Reticle Work?


A rangefinder reticle is a tool to determine the distance of the object you are trying to hit. We all know very well that the perceived size of something can indicate how far is it from us. Like, if you are looking at a deer that appears quite tiny and you hunt it with starter compound bow, you can automatically perceive that the deer is standing far away from you.

That’s the principle a rangefinder reticle works on. There are horizontal and vertical bars on the scope for this purpose. So if you can look at the target through the bars with magnification, you can tell how far the target is right now. You have to calculate the distance first; then you will have to align that distance-reference to the lines on the scope.


The thing is, you must confirm that the calibration of the scope is done before you are using it. Otherwise, the result will not be reliable at all. It will cause you to miss the shot you take. So, make sure you calibrate the scope well before you use it.


What You Will Need?


To get the maximum benefit out of the rangefinder reticle, there are certain things that you need to use. Here’re some of these essential elements.


Rangefinder Reticle Scope: The rangefinder scope reticle comes with a number of marks and bars on the crosshair. The marks are either horizontal or vertical in nature. The marks are there for a reason. These marks represent distances that your bullet will travel.


The Rifle: Obviously, you will need a rifle to set the rangefinder reticle on it. Make sure that the range finding scope reticle is designed to suit the rifle you are using.


Appropriate Range and Target: Using a rangefinder reticle is not going to bring any benefit if you are using it on a short-range. The ideal range should be somewhere around three hundred yards. So make sure you are preparing an ideal range and appropriate target for the shooting.


Determination of Distance:  You can calculate the range with some mathematical formulas. There are equations that you can use to measure the distance perfectly. You need to divide the target size (measured in inches) by the reticle’s MOA. Then the result should be multiplied by a constant figure of 95.5. Although some may also use 100 as the constant figure, you should stick to the 95.5 as a beginner.

The value you will get is the distance of your range. If the chest of a hunt is 20 inches, and the MOA of your reticle can take up to 4 counts, then you will calculate the range like this.


20/4 = 5 X 95.55 = 478 yards.


This is how you will calculate the distance.


Safety Equipment: Now, this goes beyond saying that you need to gear up with safety goggles and earplugs. The bullet shells may sprint towards your eyes, and the sound of the shooting can blow your ear. So, be prepared with appropriate gear.


Ammo: That’s what you need to shoot from your rifle. So make sure you have enough stock of ammo in your ammo pack.


How To Use A Rangefinder Reticle?


Now comes the part where you will learn how exactly to use this rangefinder reticle. If you know how to use archery rangefinder scope, it’s going to be pretty easy for you. Below are a few steps that you need to follow to use the device for your target hunting.


  • Step 1: First of all, you need to determine the size of the target. As we have mentioned earlier, you need to measure the distance. So, if you can’t be a hundred percent sure of the hunt’s size, just measure it by your eyes with the scope.


  • Step 2: Now it’s time to calculate the distance. Determine the MOA of your scope. So if the chest of the target comes up to 3 MOA of your rangefinder reticle, you’ve got the number. Now divide the chest size by the MOA and multiply by 95.55. You can find the distance.


  • Step 3: Now that you have got the distance, you are halfway done. Just find the corresponding hashmark on the rangefinder reticle for the distance that you have measured. Set your hashmark towards the target and put your sharp eye on it. That’s it! Now it’s your turn to pull the trigger and hit the bullseye!


Final Words

As we have understood how to use a rangefinder in binoculars scope with rangefinder reticle, we hope it’s going to be quite helpful for you. The actual use is not that tough if you are familiar with the principle it works on. And of course, a few times of practice will make sure you master it in no time!

Happy shooting!




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