How to Hang a Ladder Stand for Hunting(Safety Guide)

It is not so uncommon question that arises from the side of most of the hunter that how to hang a ladder stand. Setting up a ladder stand for hunting by yourself may not sound like the most dangerous job in the world, but believe us when we claim that there are hundreds of reports of hunters all around the globe receiving life-threatening injuries after falling off from their tree stands accidentally.

Setting up the tree stand is one of the important tips that can make your hunting easy and this is the most demandable bow hunting accessory

how to hang ladder stand

Hanging the ladder stand does not affect the overall condition of the product, but how efficiently and safely you hang that ladder stand for hunting is what everything rides on.

Today in this article we are going to cover a list of tips on how to hang a ladder stand safely for hunting and also provide some advice on how you can do the entire thing without breaking a sweat or ruining your mood in the entire process.

Things you need first

1. Ropes and ratchets

Let us look at safety first because that is initially the most important aspect of hunting that you need to keep in mind.

Ropes, ratchets, carabiners, etc, these are the main essentials that will keep you safely rooted in your position on your ladder stand. Always make sure to buy these essentials and note if they are specifically for climbing.

Another important tip is to ALWAYS wear a harness and good quality helmet while setting up your ladder stand. You do not want to free fall without any safety gear on from a height of 20 feet or more.

2. Climbing sticks for scaling

The taller your choice of tree for setting up the ladder stands on is, the more you need of those climbing sticks. It does not matter if you are a pro in this world of ladder stand hunting or if you are a complete novice. Purchasing climbing sticks provide better assistance for you in general.

how to Hang a Ladder Stand

How to Hang a Ladder Stand for Hunting

Getting to the root of the topic now, let’s get into how you can actually set up your dream ladder stand step by step!

  • Pull your ladder stand against you

Once you got all your climbing sticks, found the perfect location and tree, it is now time to climb it and set the ladder stand up securely.

  • Secure the stand around the tree

While leveraging against the tree with your harnesses on, strap the rope or ratchet of your choice around the very trunk of the tree and your ladder stand.

  • Push down on the stand

Once you have securely tightened your stand in place, gently push down on it to keep it stuck in place. Put appropriate pressure on a solid point of the tree with the stand on it, until there is enough friction and your stand doesn’t move at all.

  • Put the platform out

After you have completely secured the ladder stand in place, pull out the platform of it and voila! There you have your ladder stand for hunting secured on a tree. Stand on it and put pressure to see if it budges or not.

  • Use ladder stand hoist

Slowly climb down the ladder steps with your harness on and enjoy climbing up and start hunting with a bow or rifle from above whenever you want next.

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