How to Hang a Compound Bow – 4 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

How to Hang a Compound Bow


Hanging your compound bow the right way is important. Otherwise, the bow will just become ineffective. For an archer, it’s not the best-case scenario.


So, how to hang a compound bow safely?


For starters, you have to pick a temperature-controlled room. Then just hang the bow on that room’s wall. Instead of keeping it on the floor. Because that’s the safest way to store the bow. Just make sure you hang it horizontally and upside down. However, hanging it by its cams can be another option.


Now, this might not be clear enough for you. That’s why we explained all the important stuff regarding the issue. Furthermore, we’ve also pointed out 4 common mistakes you should avoid.


Therefore, to make your compound bow last longer, please continue reading!

When and Why You Need to Hang the Bow? 

Now, an archer knows how important their bow is to them. It’s a big part of their life, whether they are an expert or a newbie.


That’s why it’s important to take care of it properly. Thus, after using the bow, you need to give it some rest. For that, you have to store it somewhere safe.


Now, there are two methods of storing your bow. One is a bow case and the other one is by hanging the bow on your wall.


Keeping the bow inside a case isn’t always the best idea. For example, your bow can get damaged when the temperature is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


Otherwise, your bow can get damaged. Then you’ll have to say goodbye to it and buy a new one. That’s just a waste of money.


So, it’s best if you lean towards hanging the bow on your wall. You can both show off your bows and keep them safe.

Ways How to Hang a Compound Bow to Keep It Safe

So, now the question is how to hang your bow on the wall. Well, there are few ways to do it-

Use Bike Hooks to Hang the Bow 

Now, firstly, bike hooks are quite useful to hang a compound bow. They’re strong and durable. Therefore, you can hang your bow without the fear of it falling on the ground.

Guitar Hangers Can be Useful

Your second option is guitar hangers. They’re also quite strong and last for a long time.

You can use the guitar hanger to hang your bow by the cams. Just how it can be hung with the bike hooks.

Choose Rifle Rack for a Long-Lasting Option

Now, if you want to hang your bow upside down and horizontally. We suggest getting a rifle rack.


You can easily mount them on your wall. Plus they’re stronger and more long-lasting than the other two. That’s why it cost a bit more.

Pick Deerhorn Hanger for Aesthetics  

Deerhorn hangers are quite aesthetic. Therefore, if you’re up for hanging your bow in a decorative way. This hanger is the best. Plus it’s the common choice for bowhunters.

Surfboard Wall Hanger Is a More Durable Option 

Your last option is a surfboard wall hanger. They’re the most expensive option.


But they’re also the most durable and strongest hangers among the others. Thus, if you’re sensitive about your bow, this is the bow hanger for you.

Why Should You Use Bow Hanger?

You might go for the easiest and cheapest way when hanging your bow. That usually involves regular hooks or nails.


However, it’s best to avoid those. Because those can damage your bow and its strings.


Instead of doing that, we suggest using bow hangers. They’re pretty much available online and at your nearby archery shops. But why should you use bow hangers?


Well, the easiest answer is to keep your compound bow safe. Using a bow hanger doesn’t affect either the strings or limbs.


They might be a little expensive but they’re great for storing your bow. For example, you can buy the HME Products Hard Surface Practice Hanger for $34.99. This hanger will help you hang your bow by its cams.


On the other hand, hangers from Rush Creek Creations can be used to hang the bow horizontally upside down. You’ll have to pay $52.99 for that.


To help you more, we’ve discussed the information from where you can buy them-



Now, just get the bow hanger you prefer and mount them on your wall. So that you can keep your bow safe!


4 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Hanging Your Compound Bow

Now that you know the ways to hang your bow. It’s time to understand what should you should do when hanging the bow.


Therefore, we suggest following our lead. This way you can prevent 5 common mistakes-

Why You Should Not Keep It on Floor?

Now, keeping your bow on the floor isn’t a good idea. Why?


Well, your bow requires an environment that’s not too hot or too cold. For example, the temperature should be between 96 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


But why do you have to be so careful about the temperature?


Because if you didn’t know-


The limbs of the bows can absorb moisture. And putting it someplace where moisture is present is clearly a mistake. That’s why keeping it on your floor needs to be avoided.


Otherwise, the limbs of the bow will warp and soon become useless. Hence, you won’t be able to shoot arrows with the bow.


Therefore, find a place where the temperature is balanced. For that, make a temperature-controlled room by using PID temperature controls.

Is It Okay to Hang a Bow by Its Strings? 

Now, you might want to hang your compound bow by the strings. But that’s an awful attempt.


Because doing so will weaken the strings of your bow. This eventually shortens the life of your precious bow. Sometimes the strings can even tear and break. And absolutely you don’t want to expense for restring.


That’s why it’s a big no.

Is Hanging the Bow by the Limbs Alright?

Another mistake is thinking that hanging the bow by the limbs is a good idea. Because that way only one limb of the bow will carry all of its weight.


For this reason, the limbs can start getting twisted. And lastly, get ineffective sooner than expected.

Can You Hang Your Bow Vertically?

Now, a bow should always be hung horizontally. But also, the position should be upside down. More specifically, the frame of the bow should carry the weight of your bow. That’s the safest way to hang it.


And it’s not just us. Even professional archers think the same. Because this position keeps the strings of the bow protected.


However, it’s safe to hang the bow by the cams on your wall. As there won’t be any pressure on the important parts of the bow.


By the way, you can use the other options we have mentioned before. Such as the bike hooks, rifle racks, deerhorn hanger, etc. They’re more on the cheaper side.


Well, there you have it! We tried providing everything regarding how to hang a compound bow properly.


So, did you understand how you should hang your bow?


Do give us an answer in the comment section. Good luck hanging your compound bow!


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