How to Field Dress a Deer: 11 Steps You Must Know Before Hunting

How to Field Dress a Deer

Just before start hunting, you need to know a few things about deer hunting. Field dress is a very vital part of hunting. This method will give you healthy and tasty meat without having bacterial growth, enzymes, and paunch materials from the meat.  You need to know the different parts of a deer and how to properly skin and prepare it. There are many steps you must take to field dress entirely.

Most of the hunters are confused about how to dress a deer accurately?

We will give you the correct information about doing dress fields a deer entirely after your deer hunting. You need to follow all the instructions, and then you will also be able to dress a deer.

Field Dressing Gears

It would be helpful for you if you have a few things before starting the field dress process.

  • One-time surgical gloves
  • Mini sharp knife
  • Recycle bags

How to Field Dress a Deer First Time?

You will feel happy after hunting your target, but the essential segment isn’t complete yet. You must need to be careful before field dressing the deer. Don’t worry if that is your first attempt. Follow the steps and be calm; you’ll get an excellent result for sure.

Step 1: Prepare your mind

Cutting or dressing a deer is very easy, but first, you have to prepare your mind. Many people are afraid of cutting animals, or they can’t perceive the blood. So they need not do that.

Step 2: Prepare yourself

Before dressing a deer, try to remove all jewellery. Wear those gloves before dressing the deer.

Step 3: Place the broad head

For doing better dressing, you need to place the deer. Place the broadhead, and then you can able to do your work easily.

Step 4: Start with coring ring

Grab your sharp knife with freehand and cut a coring ring that situates around the normal anus. You need to cut deep and be careful while doing this process.

Step 5: Correctly place the deer

Position the deer belly up in an approved manner. Make sure the deer’s body is lying down sprightly. It will make your dressing easier.

Step 6: Spread the deer legs

Spread the deer legs and prepare for your first cut. Between deer’s rear legs grab the skin where it forms a “V”. Cut a shallow just 1-inch slit through the skin.

Step 7: Process from the starting point to the midline

At this time, from the surface, cut straight the midline and stop to the throat. But in this part, you have to be gentler because cutting the midline is very difficult. Hold your knife carefully and try not to miss any internal organs. After reaching the throat, stop clipping.

Step 8:  Time to cut the diaphragm.

Gently cut the diaphragm and remove chest organs from it.

Step 9: Time to remove windpipe

You need to do this step for freehand. Hold the windpipe and pull it towards you so that you can remove the windpipe. Then remove the heart and liver and keep the rest portions in a plastic bag.

Step 10: Remove all internal organs

After cutting the diaphragm and windpipe, it’s time to remove all entrails or guts. You can easily remove them with a strong pull of windpipe. If the cores aren’t removing, then cut some tissues to remove them.

Step 11: Keep the deer separately to drain blood entirely

After removing all the innards, turn the deer body and spread its legs. It will help to drain blood completely. Otherwise, hang the deer for draining all the body fluid.

After doing all these steps, your deer dressing is complete. After draining all the body fluid, wash the deer through running water. Then cut the meat and cook to eat. Make your recipe and make your day.

Can you eat deer meat right after you kill it?

Usually, after killing a deer, its meat would be suitable for at least five to seven days. Even if it’s 50 degrees Celsius, you should still hang it for 24 hours to make the deer meat cool and relax the deer muscles. If you require it, then you can also turn it in for five to seven days. You can also clean it up, cut it into medium pieces and then packaging for freezers. That’s also a good idea.

What happens if you don’t field dress a deer?

Field dressing means removing the animal’s internal organs, which is necessary to sustain the meat. So if you don’t field dress a deer, then it can spoil the heart immediately. If the deer stomach is punctured, its intestinal bacteria and digestive enzymes will break the meat more, and you can’t even get the good taste of it. You will get a gamey flavor which is precisely not its flavor. So dressing a deer is essential to get excellent meat and the like or reasonable version of beef.

How long after killing a deer do you have to gut it?

After killing a deer, you have to gut it for eight to twelve hours. If you wait a long time, then the meat will be spoil at the moment. If you want to stay at 50-degree Celsius, your objectives may be right, but you can lose the meat’s excellence. Because if you gut it for hours, it will relax the deer’s body and cool the flesh and its muscles. You can enjoy a good heart; Keep it in your mind that you have to gut it within several hours; only then you can cut it, skin it, package it etc.

How long can a deer hang in 45-degree weather?

In 45 degree weather, you can hang a deer for five to seven days or even 24 hours. It would help if you turned it in long enough to have a good meat version of it. But when the weather is hotter, then you can’t hang it longer. If you do that, then you might lose the tasty meat of deer. Usually, people turn it longer for having a good taste of its flesh. So it will be right for you as well to hanging it for a long time.


  • You need to place the deer carefully.
  • Have to be careful while cutting
  • Use Sharpe knife for a smooth cut
  • Try not to puncture any internal organs
  • avoid keeping the deer at high temperature
  • Try to keep the meat fresh and avoid contacting the core from dirt or debris.

Final words

Field dressing a deer can be complicated and messy, but you can do it quite easily if you follow the correct procedure. The first thing you want to do is catch the deer and place it on its side. That process will prevent you from accidentally cutting the deer’s intestines and making the whole process much more difficult.

After a while, you should not wash or clean the deer’s body into the pond or under the stream. You need to hang the meat for hours or days to be relaxed and calm. Also, fillet out the backstraps, tenderloins, neck meat and cut them in quarters.

You cannot be proficient at one time; you will gain skills by doing that job over and over again.

I think now you are clear about field dressing.

So why are you late yet? Hunt a deer, dress it and collect a few pounds of meat and throw a big party. Enjoy your party.

If you follow all the steps correctly, we think you can easily dress a deer. Try to avoid all avoiding thing and follow all tips as they should be.

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