How to Carry A Bow While Hunting in The Woodland

How to Carry A Bow

When you first saw the title “how to carry a bow while hunting in the woodland.” what was the first picture that popped up in your mind? Perhaps, something like Jenifer Lawrence running furiously with her bow in the woods.

Well, going in the woods with your bow is certainly a daredevil experience. But before going there, you need to know some basic things, so you don’t end up becoming lunch for the wild bear. Wait a second! Don’t get all stressed-out already. We are here to guide you along your adventure.


Several Ways (How to Carry A Bow In The Woods)

Carrying a bow with you is not a killer. You have tons of options for carrying the bow. But the way you need to do it depends on your purpose. As a hunter, you also must know what makes a compound bow different from recurve bow. When it comes to hunting, you need a compound or crossbow. So we will elaborate here about these two.

Compound bow comes with slight with delicate pins. Also, you will have precision-adjusted rests boosting your overall accuracy and brilliant machined cams working as the heart of the compound bow.

You need to ensure the well-protection of these parts especially. Now, you might be wondering.” how do I carry the bow when I’m not using it. We have some excellent options in our suggestion for you and you have to know pros and cons of each options.

1.Carrying a Bow with Your Hand

The easiest way you can carry the bow is by using a bare hand. This method has proven to be quite effective as your bow is always locked and loaded so you can shoot your target at first sight.

It also has another great advantage of not having to carry any other types of equipment during the hunt. So, you can explore more areas without getting exhausted. When I go hunting usually, I carry the bow by my hand. It makes everything much easier for me.

However, using your hand to carry the bow comes with some cons too. The most notable one is when a long hike is ahead, this method turns out to be quite impractical. After walking for hours, your hand will start to cramp from holding that bow for such a long period.

When carrying your bow by hand, you may also feel cumbersome when you have extra gears to pack, as only one hand will be available to bear extra-equipment with.

2.How to sling a bow over your shoulder

A shoulder sling could come quite when handy when you have to go hunting long distances. The main advantage of having this is your hands will remain free, and you can also carry other gears. Your journey will become a lot more comfortable, so; you will be able to focus more on your hunting.

Bows generally come with a lightweight design so, when carrying your bow and arrow on the back using a shoulder sling, you won’t have spent much energy. This method comes with a few cons such, as you need to be laser-focused on your surroundings.

The reason is you are carrying a precision piece of material dropping from your shoulder. At times unconsciously, you could get squeezed between two trees and end up damaging the bow.

Besides that, when you are carrying the bow with the sling added, you are going to have another extra piece of the component to keep pace with when you reach your stop.

3.Carrying a Bow in a Case

If you want to keep your bow and additional equipment fully protected then, putting it into a case is a wise choice. As long as your bow remains inside the case, you have no worries about its protection. It’s somewhat like a bulletproof jacket around it.

Besides, you will get a built-in handle with it, allowing you to get the point of contact for controlling. And if you have been wondering whether it has any disadvantages or not, then the answer is yes. The most notable drawback is carrying excessive weight throughout your hunting.

It’s quite amazing to have something that will ensure the safety of your gears. Unfortunately, if somehow your bows get broken during the hunt, you will have no choice left but to cancel the plan. So, having your essential components inside the case would be a wise choice, well, if you don’t mind the extra weight.

4.How to Carry A Compund Bow on Your Back ?

To ensure more comfort and flexibility in your hunting, you could make use of a specialty sling to carry the bow on your back. You have a ton of options available out there in the market if you choose this style of carrying.

The process is quite easy-going. All you have to do is wrap the sling attached to the bow over your shoulder and chest. It’s quite alike, a rifle sling; trust me, you will feel like a true-hunter.

The most amazing thing about this method is that your hands are free, so you can comfortably do other tasks. Besides that, following this method, you can carry your compound bow sling pretty conveniently no matter how far you have to go.

When carrying the bow on your back, you may find it tough to keep your bow safe while hiking in an unfriendly environment. Your bow might get damaged by crushing with trees while moving through a narrow place.

5.Carrying a Bow on an ATV

Taking an ATV in hunting makes a lot of things easier for you. But when you have to carry the bow in your ATV, it could get a little bit tricky. Truth be told, using an ATV to carry the bow can keep it safe from any impact that can happen when speeding through rough paths.

You would want to keep the bow case tightly attached to the ATV using a bungee strap or any other rope that can do the job well. You can also make use of a gun rack.

 6. how to carry a bow on a backpack

Carrying your bow on a backpack is a great way to keep it safe and handy. Here are a few tips on how to do it correctly.


First, make sure that your backpack is big enough to fit the bow comfortably. You don’t want it to be too tight or too loose.


Next, place the bow in the middle of the pack, with the limbs facing outwards. This will help keep it stable during transport.


If you have any extra gear, like arrows or quivers, put them next to the bow in the pack. This will help keep everything together and organized.


Finally, make sure that the backpack’s straps are secure around the bow.


Another way to carry a bow is that some backpacks like the Eberlestock pack have a built-in design of having a strap for the bow. So, just strap it and go.


7.Carry a Bow with Bow Holders

By using a bow holder, you can keep your hands free while carrying your bow. This is especially useful when hunting in the woods, as you will need both hands to climb over fallen trees or navigate through the underbrush.

There are many different types of bow holders on the market, so it is important to choose one that is comfortable for you to use and securely hold your bow. You may also want to consider a holder with additional features, such as a built-in quiver or arrow rest.

Special Advice:

When you are out there hunting, the first thing you would like to keep safe is your bow. Because you can’t just imagine hunting without it, can you? Well, here we have some additional advice for you about keeping your bow safe throughout the hunting.

1.Should you Carry Your Bow by the String?

Though someone can suggest but we would highly advise you not to carry your bow by the String. As you would want to avoid any unwanted string stretch also, string wear by excessive sweat and your hand’s natural oil.

Besides that, you can’t say for sure that whether you will encounter any negative side-effects in carrying habits specifically, in your case, like the String, is the heart of your bow. Why do you have to take any unnecessary risk?

2.What Are the Safety Measures of Carrying A Bow?

You have to follow some safety guidelines when carrying a bow to avoid getting injured or injuring someone else. Here are they?

  • Be careful with pointing the bow. Point only in a safe direction.
  • Knock your arrow only when it’s safe to release.
  • Have a close look at your target before shooting the bow. See if there’s anyone else in your range excluding the target or not.
  • Never shoot your arrow up in the air; you may end up even killing someone.
  • Avoid shooting over any ridge.
  • Never drink alcohol or mood-lifting drugs before going hunting.


  1. How to Carry A Bow and Arrow on Your Back?

First and foremost, you got to place the sling properly on the back. You need to ensure the adjustment of the bow sling to the configuration for your body. If you don’t your, bow won’t fit well in your body and feel uncomfortable while carrying.

You could manage to get a velcro, its a strong equipment and well-known for keeping the bow safe from any damage. If you want to carry the bow and arrow comfortably, then you could use a shoulder sling.

  1. How to Carry A Bow When Not in Use?

When you are just strolling or walking through the surrounding, you can carry the bow in your hand. And when you are going for a long-distance the using a shoulder sling would be a good idea.

  1. What is the Best Bow for Hunting in the Woodland?

A compound bow is an ideal choice for hunting. You will have a great mechanical advantage with its pulley/cam system. Compare to recurve-bow; the compound bow is stiffer. And the rigidity of this bow makes it more energy-efficient compared to the others.



Final Words:

Going for a hunt into the woodland with your bow is a timeless experience you can ever have. But if you don’t have previous experience and you go hunting by yourself without doing enough resources, it could turn out to be a recipe for disaster.

Most importantly, when going for a hunt into the woods, you need to know how to carry a bow while hunting in the woodland. We hope after reading our article now, it’s quite clear to you.

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