How Much Does It Cost To Restring a Compound Bow?

how much does it cost to restring a compound bow


Looking to restring your compound bow? It is one of the most important factors for bow maintenance. This is really required for better and consistent performance.

It’s fine to not know the amount needed to restring your compound bow. However, you should start looking for answers soon. Otherwise, you might not get the result you were expecting.


 how much does it cost to restring a compound bow professionally



The total average cost for restringing a compound bow is $100-150. This depends on two factors. The first one is the different types of string and their cost. The second is the labor expense behind restringing the bow. Depending on these two, the cost can increase or decrease. However, the process is cheaper if you do it yourself.



To be fully satisfied with the string replacement, you need more information. That’s why we’ve not only explained the two factors. But also how you can restring the bow yourself. 


Therefore, to understand which way is best for you, stick till the end! 

Difference Types of Bowstrings

Before anything, you should be aware there are two different types of strings for most powerful compound bow. And they’re-

  • Custom Strings

These strings are mostly for professionals. Because these types of strings are made to meet an archer’s preferences. Therefore, it’ll deliver better accuracy and performance. 

  • Stock Strings

Stock strings come preinstalled. These strings are mass-produced and don’t carry any special features. Thus, they don’t meet the expectations of a professional archer. However, they’re alright for casual archers.   


We’ve discussed more on how to restring these for a compound bow. Therefore, do keep reading! 

When Do You Need to Restring a Bow? 

Now, let’s confirm if your bow needs to be restrung or not. you can figure that out pretty easily. 


Firstly, you have to restring your compound bow if you’ve used it for three years. Because it’s best to replace the strings before they tear apart. 


Then restringing is also necessary if you see frays and broken strands on the strings. Because not getting the bow replaced will make it tear and useless soon.

How Much Does It Cost to Restring a Bow yourself?

Now, we assume you have figured out whether to restring your compound bow or not. So, now your main concern is how much money you have to pay. 


Well, you can search for the numbers and you’ll get your answers. However, there’s a possible chance that the amount might not be the same for you. 


For example, the Excalibur micro string doesn’t cost the same as Ravin R190 Crossbow String or BCY X99 Bowstring. The first one is a bit cheaper than the other two.


The Excalibur micro string costs almost $40. While Ravin R190 Crossbow String is about $90. However, that comes with a cable set for exclusive use. Lastly, for a BCY X99 Bowstring, you have to pay almost $70. 


But why?  


Well, you see, some factors can be responsible for influencing the cost. And you have to know those to avoid facing loss. 

What Are the Factors Influencing the Bow-Restringing Cost?

Now, there are mainly two factors that change the cost of the bow-restringing process. So, what are they? 

The Quality of the Bow Strings & Their Different Prices 

The first cause behind the change in the cost is the kind of string you’ll buy. How? 


Well, as you know there are two kinds of bowstrings. Hence, their quality isn’t the same either. Thus, the price range for them varies. 


For example, custom strings always have the upper hand when it comes to quality. On the contrary, the quality of stock strings can differ from brand to brand. That’s why custom strings are expensive while stock strings are cheap. 


But how much do these two strings cost?


Oftentimes, these strings range from $50 to $200. And sometimes even more in the case of custom strings. 


Now, if the strings are homemade, they cost much less. They’re typically found within $35-$70. But going for those can be a mistake. Because they aren’t long-lasting and can be risky to use. 


Therefore, if you want a bowstring that lasts a long time. It’s best to spend some extra cash and go for recognized brands. 


Now, a string from local brands can start from $50. But there’s a high probability of the product being fake. 


On the other hand, for popular brands, you’ve to spend about $70-$200. 


However, from these brands, you’ll get the real strings that are worth your money. Furthermore, you can even find better quality stock strings from them. 


Our advice is to always go for better quality strings. Whether it be custom or stock. 


Because better quality compound bow strings have more strands. This increases the accuracy and performance of that string. Furthermore, your bow will also have better stability. 


In reverse, low-quality strings won’t last long. And you’ll have to get it replaced sooner than expected. Thus, don’t hesitate to spend a little more than your budget. 

Cost of the Needed Labor or Service 

After getting yourself the new bowstring, you have to fit it into the bow. For which you have to go to a bow shop and it’ll surely cost you some money. 


But how much? 


Well, that depends on the type of labor you need. For example, if you need someone who’s an expert to fit the string. You have to pay $30-$50, which isn’t that much, to be honest. 


Then again, you might want a high-class service along with some customizations. In that case, the cost will be more than $50. 


So, it’s safe to say-


The average amount of restringing your compound bow will be about $100-$150. However, it can cost more if you want an excellent bowstring with higher-class service. 

How Do You Restring a Compound Bow by Hand?

Restringing your own compound bow is a great alternative. To replace the string, just follow our instructions. 


And you’ll restring your compound bow quickly, no matter which type it is.

Tools You’ll Need to restrung a compound bow by yourself

There are three things you’ll have to grab. And they are-


  • Your new bowstring 
  • Allen wrench 
  • Gloves 


Now, get the equipment and prepare yourself for the work! 

Step-1: Insert Allen Wrench into the Limb Bolts

Firstly, put on your gloves and start looking for the bow’s limb bolts. Because you have to insert your Allen wrench into those.


Now, move on to your bow’s limbs and connect to the riser at the bolts of the limb. Thus, the limb bolts anti-clockwise one at a time. Then create three full or complete revolutions to take some of the pressure off the limbs. 


Step-2: Step on the Bow String & Pull up on the Bow’s Riser

It’s time to use your feet. So, you can step with them on top of your bowstring. Then pull up on the bow’s riser with your hands. 


Furthermore, for the full draw position, you’ve to keep pulling the riser. 

Step-3: Keep Working on the Riser 

Now, hold the bow’s riser with one hand. Then move on to the end loops of the replacement bowstring by using the other hand. 


Put them on the teardrop fittings of your new bow string’s open sides. You can find the teardrop fittings on the ends of your bow’s cable. 


Next, start lowering the compound bow. While doing so you’ll see the bow’s limbs getting back to the default position. 

Step-4: Check the Loops to Make Sure They’re Seated Properly

Now, go through the loops of the bowstring. This way you’ll be able to check whether the loops are seated properly on the grooves or not. 


By the way, if you didn’t know- 


Grooves are related to your bowstring fittings as a part of them. 

Step-5: Work on the Replacement Bow String

It’s time to use your feet again. Step on your replacement bowstring and attempt to pull on your bow’s riser. Keep pulling the riser till the bow takes the fully drawn position. 


Then take the bowstring you wanted to replace out from the string fittings. Next, you have to lower the compound bows. Lastly, grab the Allen wrench and tighten up your limb bolts. 


There you have it! These are our 5 easy steps to restring your compound bow. 


You don’t even have to use a Bow press for this!

How Often to Restring Bow?

Now, your last concern might be regarding how often you can restring a bow. The most common answer for this is after every 3 years. 


But that’s not entirely correct. Because your bowstring can need replacement before that. That relies on how you’re using the bow, how often you’re using it, and how you maintain the bow. 


Plus you’ll know when to replace by observing your string. Because frays and breaks are two obvious signs. 


Therefore, to prevent those, we suggest replacing your string twice a year. Or thrice if you feel like it. By doing so, you’ll get the most satisfying journey with your compound bow!

Final Words 

Well, there you go! We tried covering everything regarding how much does it cost to restring a compound bow.


By the way, if you’re a beginner, we don’t suggest restringing the bow yourself. Because you can damage your precious bow that way. 


Now, do let us know your thoughts by commenting. Lastly, best of luck replacing your string!! 

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