Compound Bow Maintenance Kit (You Need To Know)

Compound Bow Maintenance Kit


A compound bow is a pretty modern standard for the bow. It is known for its levering system that consists of pulleys, and cables that are used to bend and contract the limbs in order to make the shot. In most games nowadays, it is the one that is in use, being useful for target practice and recreational hunting. The pulley cam system grants the user a mechanical advantage, and so the limbs of a compound bow are much stiffer than those of a recurve bow or longbow. This rigidity makes the compound bow more energy-efficient than other bows, as less energy is dissipated in limb movement.

Compound Bow Maintenance Kit

  • The higher-rigidity, higher-technology construction also improves accuracy by reducing the bow’s sensitivity to changes in temperature and humidity. There are other advantages such as let off that allows you to create different stroke profiles, and self lock very easily.


  • With such an eccentric yet advantageous instrument, it is crucial to learn how to properly take care of it. A bow like this is prone to falling into disrepair so follow these steps to keep your beloved bow in tip-top shape!


  • There are a few things to keep in mind when you are taking care of your tools.  The first thing you need is the proper maintenance equipment. These would include a variety of waxes and brushes like Wax for coating the strings, car wax or something similar for polishing the limbs, string servings that you tie over the top of your strings, soft brush for removing dust, soft cloth for getting rid of smudges and a bow case.


  • Make sure you wax your bow strings every sessions of use. You can do this after every single session. Wax in balance eases wear and tear and thus prevents any future breakage or injury. Take care not to apply wax directly onto the strings. You should use your fingers instead to do this. Run your fingers up and down the strings to spread the wax out evenly.


  • Bow String wax also provides the added lubrication you need while also provide a layer of protection against water and other elements you might encounter in the outdoors or in harsher environments. Buy quality bowstring wax, and wax your bowstring every 2 to 4 weeks, and your bowstring will last much longer and you’ll be able to shoot with more speed, swing and accuracy.


  • Next, for polishing the limbs and levers of your fine instrument, you will need car wax or something similar. Apply the wax with a cloth in a circular rhythmic motion to keep it all even in texture. Wax will help prevent delamination and will also give your compound bow an aesthetically-pleasing look. Additionally, it’ll help keep soft pieces of debris from making their way into smaller gaps of your bow. Again you probably don’t need to wax daily, just some regular upkeep should make it all dandy.


  • String servings are thin cables wrapped around the strings. Servings help prevent unprecedented snapping. That’s why you need to check them daily and check for signs of unraveling. You may do a quick fix by wrapping the servings further. In severe cases, you should change the servings altogether.


  • A new batch of servings will make your strings last longer and you won’t have to do any frequent replacement. To reinforce the servings by wrapping a bunch of them at once. However, take note that this may affect the flexibility of the strings


  • Use any soft-bristled brush to remove the dirt and grime. Don’t brush too hard, just enough to loosen all the dust away. Blow away some of the loose dust and debris first before you start brushing away.


  • This is to prevent any scratches and unnecessary damage. Use a microfiber cloth to get the dirt and smudges out. Micro-fiber will help prevent unintentional scratcher as the fiber is much softer and so is safer for your bow. Make sure is that the micro-fiber cloth you’re using is free from any traces of chemicals or small debris. Rub the surface with a circular motion to prevent the smudges from spreading throughout.


Remember to keep your basic compound bow or crossbow away from any heat source that could damage it severely. Invest in a bow case for storage and easy transport of your tools and it helps if you get it checked every year by an expert to ensure complete and healthy conditions for your bows and they will last forever!


You may also need a bow stabilizer and archery sight

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