Can You Hunt Geese with a Bow and Arrow

Geese hunting with bows can give you the taste of adventure, fun, and duck roast. It can motivate you to go hunting geese with bows. But, you could be in some trouble finding the answer to the question, “Can you hunt with a bow?” This content will help you find your answer taking you to the next step.


Yes, you can hunt geese with a bow and arrow as it is legal in USA. However, maintaining a sporting manner is mandatory, otherwise it will be illegal. Using bow and arrow is the most effective and common way of hunting geese.  You will get an original wild taste of nature when hunting geese with the bow.


There are many factors you must need to know before going hunting geese. Our content will guide you to understand all the facts that can help you get better experiences.

Can You Hunt Geese with a Bow and arrow?

Hunting is always more challenging and requires traditional skills to be a genuine hunter. Bowhunting is more complicated than you imagine. It needs a lot of dedication and passion for hunting.


When you hunt geese with bows, you will understand the actual scenario of realistic wildlife. You know it is difficult, but not impossible. So, we assure you, we are ready to make you a successful hunter through our words and experience.


If you are a newbie passionate about successful hunting, you must learn more skills. You also require to be more equipped with hunting materials to get fast and good results. If you are a more experienced campaigner, you need profound observation and a relationship with hunting.


You have to understand how to choose the perfect bow and arrow, hide from your target geese, and use animal calls and decoys. When you are ready to hit your target geese, you will be confused about where to shoot a goose with a bow. You can cleanly hunt geese within a short time if you understand the techniques. So, you can hunt geese, but you need to scale up your skills, ideas, and techniques with us.

Where to Shoot Goose with a Bow?

Geese hunting with a bow is comparatively more challenging than any other equipment. Before chasing a goose, you have to know where to shoot with a bow.


If you use a broadhead of a large diameter like Gobbler Guillotine, you have to target neck shots to hunt. If you use a little broadhead, shoot for the body’s center.

Perfect Target Points to Shoot Fast

As you will shoot the geese with bows, you have to keep your attack in the right place to hunt them fast. So, if you want to hit the right place, you have to do it when geese are in a stable position, not when flying. One of your perfect shots can pierce the internal organs of the geese and hunt them fast.


You have to hit with a large broadhead diameter for neck shots when geese are on the ground.


Guillotine broadheads are powerful for targeting the neck to hunt quickly. It has a more extended blade system to hunt geese within a short time but at a short range of 20-30 yards. We suggest hitting the neck instead of the head as they often move it when alert.


When geese are near your ground, and the decoy is also in a good position, you must consider a neck shot to get instant results.


But, if you prefer broadheads with small diameter, you have to target the body, the center of mass. Don’t target the lower part of the body with smaller broadheads. If you do, it can cut the breast.


So, it is a great time to start your practice session. If you try hard before your opening day of hunting, there are more chances to see more geese efficiently.


Practice from long distances, different angles, and targeting the lower place as geese are lower. We hope you will find your target points well.

How to Hunt Geese with a Crossbow?

A crossbow is an archery weapon that looks like a firearm but uses the arrow to shoot the target. It is a kind of bow with a stock similar to guns and can ideally hit short-range targets. Hunting geese with a crossbow during the regular seasons are legal but must follow the landowner’s permission.


The crossbow is silent and effective for short-range hunting, but it has many restrictions and conditions. There are many tactics behind the successful bowhunting, which we will know in short.

Choose the Right Arrow

Geese hunting with bows can give you an incredible experience if you do everything perfectly. The beginning step you have to make is choosing your arrow for geese hunting. There is many hunting equipment available in the market. But you have to select the best one according to your local law, personal preferences, budget, tool size, and weight.


You can choose large diameter broadheads for easy neck shots hunting and mechanical for long-range targets. There are also fixed broadheads targeting the lower body and internet broadheads ideal for a lower budget.

Hide Yourself from the Target

Considering how to hide yourself from the target can be the most influential factor.

You may start your tactics by wearing a camouflage coat, black hat, and gloves. You have to be attentive to hide and allure your target to come close to take perfect shots.


When you see a goose at your first approach, you have to stay still without movement. You will drop dead, considering you won’t see anything. If you see geese at their first approach, you will lose them at a glance.

Don’t Forget about the Animal Call

Making animals call is effective for geese hunting, but it is more important not to make it too loud. Otherwise, it will not be like noise. Before making calls, you first understand the goose’s nature and select the right calls according to your experience.


Before going to the hunting field, you should spend your time with geese at any farm to understand them better. When calling, ensure you are alluring them with your message, not noise. You must control your overcalling.

Make Sure about Decoy Using

If you go for suggestions from experienced hunters about geese hunting, they will advise you to spread your decoys. Using decoys can help bowhunters to make geese fall into traps and shoot them from the near. You should try to set up large decoys to make it more alluring. It will draw the goose’s attention to stop them.

How to Hunt Geese with the Traditional Bow?

The longbow and the recurve bow have a single string, and no sight is considered for these two traditional bow designs. Hunting with a conventional bow can give you an original wild hunting taste. But you must improve and remember some points to hunt with a bow.

Practice Shooting

Bowhunting is enjoyable when you can shoot ideally. In the beginning, you are not a perfect shooter. But practice will help you to gain proper execution of your archery skill.

Successful traditional hunting comes down to regularly practicing your archery game plan and continuing your shooting style throughout the hunting season.

Practice is the most influential factor in finding your target accuracy with a traditional bow.

Find the “X”

You should Keep an eye on your target as you hunt a Goose, and always make sure to keep yourself just in front of the bird, not to its side. It will be much better if you focus on one goose. If you find your target goose, you should notice its eye, not the body.


After concentrating on the eyes, you will understand the goose movement. It will be easy for you to decide where to hit. When you are from the front side of the goose, use a broadhead with a large diameter to hunt a neck shot. Use a smaller broadhead to target the body’s center.

Get Low in Small Spreads

When you hunt in the small spreads, you should follow the strategy of getting lower to hide from the geese.


This strategy will help to bring geese near you and not move away. It will create more chances to shoot them efficiently.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Generally, most hunters go for hunting in the late hunting season with decoys. As all are spreading decoys, you have to find out an exceptional strategy.


This strategy will make you unique from others, bringing more geese closer with better results.

Decoy Motion is the Key

Geese hunters use motion decoys to appear as living ducks in their natural environment to lure other geese into catching them. Decoy motion attracts the attention of geese by creating water movements and helps the hunters hit the geese.


Using motion decoys is crucial, but you have to understand how to control your decoy movement. You have to minimize it when necessary.

What Are the Suitable Broadheads for Geese?

Without the right equipment, geese hunting will never be successful. Braodheads are such equipment that lets you enjoy geese hunting session. We have listed some pros and cons of broadhead types for geese to let you choose the right equipment.

Large diameter broadheads

Who doesn’t love to get meat without damage? The large diameter broadheads are an ideal choice if you want clean meat. Moreover, when your target is flying, hunting is much easier with these broadheads.



  • Offers cleanest kill
  • Perfect choice for shooting from close range
  • Features cut-on-impact tip



  • Not usable for long-range attacks

Mechanical broadheads

Mechanical broadheads are made with flexible blades that stay hidden until they strike the object’s point. When they hit the target, blades spread, making the more significant cuts.



  • It has the accuracy to hit the object
  • The cutting diameters are more significant
  • Blades expand the larger wound


  • There is a chance of mechanical failure and not working accurately

Standard fixed broadheads

Fixed broadheads are strong broadheads in which no mechanical or moving parts are needed to produce the bowhunting performance. It’s a solid piece of sharpening metal to cut anything in its way.



  • No mechanical, so no tension for sudden failure
  • Fixed blades can be sharp for re-used
  • Creates extreme penetration and incredible flight


  • The cutting diameter is smaller


Budget Internet broadheads

Budget Internet broadheads are Sharp and cheap but effective broadheads in the market.

They are made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy compatible with crossbows and compound bows.



  • Lower price than others
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Easy to install



  • Poor quality; can break anytime



Can you shoot waterfowl with a bow?

Yes, you can shoot waterfowl with a bow, but you need to be skilled enough to hunt.

Is It Illegal to Hunt Geese with a Bow?

No, it is not illegal in most states and countries. But, there are many rules and conditions which you should check before arriving at the hunting field.

Is it possible to shoot geese on water?

Yes, it is possible to shoot geese on water, but it’s ineffective. There are many chances of moving geese while hitting. If you make a mistake, you will lose your arrow.

Can I shoot geese while it is flying?

Yes, you can shoot geese while it is flying. But there are a lot of risks of wasting your arrows if you shoot while flying—the easiest way to hunt geese when on the ground.

How Do You Hide Goose Hunting?

There are many options to hide while hunting geese. By spreading your decoys, using natural things to build brush blinds, digging a hole, and using a camo net to blind will help you hide. Kayaks and boat blind techniques can also be effective for geese hunting.

Final Words

Hunting geese with a bow is always tricky and adventurous for hunters. But it is intensively difficult for new hunters. Sometimes, this question may arise in their mind, “can you hunt geese with a bow?” So, this comprehensive gives them authentic guidelines to make them successful goose hunters with a bow and arrow.

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