The Best Rangefinder for Bow Hunting | Our Top 10 List for 2020

In today's review, we are going to reveal our experts' experience and a chunk of feedback from hundreds of real users. More specifically, we are going to learn how some of the top-notch quality rangefinders have benefited them, and as a hunter, why you should go for one as well.

Undoubtedly, the rangefinder is a blessing for hunters and sportspeople. With the best rangefinder for bow hunting, you can get an accurate location of your target near to one yard. From the amateur to the pros, there is no alternative to a rangefinder.

The most astonishing fact about rangefinder is it can deliver the measurement even from 1300 yards of distance. So, when you are on a hunting mission, you can ensure sufficient distance from ferocious animals.

You can measure the speed of moving objects alongside their surroundings with it.

Without the hunting, specialized rangefinders also help you to get those sorts of data in the golf field. But today we are going to stick with only hunting rangefinders.

So, like before, we are going to be transparent about the below ten products. Let's begin the forensic without any further ado.

Reviews of 10 Best Rangefinder for Bow Hunting

It seems like you are quite excited to learn more about today's top pick. Our experts emphasize on some traits before getting a rangefinder. For instance, these are modes, distance reading ability, magnification, accuracy level, and safety measures.

And by having average users in mind, we are also bringing in some efficient and budget options today. Yes, without compromising any significant value. So, let's start with your hunting.

1. bushnell the truth arc rangefinder :best for bowhunting

Are you looking to make a deadly combo with Team Primos's favorite one? If yes, then you can bet on this Bushnell rangefinder.

Bushnell is probably the perfect pick to start with today's best archery rangefinder review. In the hunting field, we found the Arc technology it has, is quite supportive to get you the perfect shot. Nonetheless, within the first few of your shots, you can quickly seize the bow mode.

Since the range finder can identify compensated distance by following shot's angle, you can easily select the pin you should use. Just make sure to keep your range between 7 yards to 199 yards.

A single-button mechanism is engineered in this range finder. As a result, this contender is real ease at the shooting range. It is needless to talk about its 4x magnification's visualization measures since Team Primos approves it. Now, you just need to take the turn to hunt with this once. Surely, you will get a positive experience.

Without all of that, this rangefinder has a built-in ClearShot laser technology to give you instant insights into every shot you take. After setting up the calibration process, you can have the chance to correspond to your sight with speed and shows you an indicator dot. Therefore, you get an idea about the traveling height of the arrow.


  • Rain and bulletproof
  • 7-850 yards of range
  • Bow mode
  • Angle range compensation feature
  •  4x magnification


  • 100% money-back guarantee on frame
  • Featured with a maximum range
  • One-button system makes it easier to operate
  • Approved by Team Primos
  • Indicator dot to get an accurate idea about the route


  • Take a bit time to settle the target spot
  • Target should be reflective after 260 yards to get a better view

2. Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders - maximum feature

If you have some more bucks to invest in getting more accuracy about distance data and rich features, then our second preference is the one you should try.

Indeed, Ranger RRF-181 can find a range up to 1800 yards. The Illuminated display gives your eye comfort and battlefield enjoyment while playing with it on your gun.

With its surprisingly intuitive menu, you are going to make every shot with more comfort. You can read the range data with its HCD mode that determines the horizontal distance of the target quite easily. Because of that, you can make more accurate shots.

Despite the easy to operate trait, this Ranger rangefinder is highly performing as well. There is another mode called LOS or Line of Sight. If it is a rifle and the target is 500 yards away in 15-degree, this will work like a charm. It shows you a better accuracy degree than the other mode. But we do not recommend using this mode for archers.

We really appreciate the multi-coat engineering that can avoid slipping issues and enhance durability. Besides, the rangefinder is ultimately fog and waterproof to survive in those extreme situations.

Lastly, you are going to fall in love with the scan feature, which is rare in regular rangefinders. With that feature, you can range small and moving objects easily. So, shots go straight to the target.


  • LOS and HCD mode
  • Object scan feature
  • Multicoated lenses
  • Up to 1800 yards of range detection


  • Higher range detection ability than average
  • Can survive in a punishing environment
  • Can detect more top angle shots
  • Helpful while targeting moving or tiny targets
  • Supportive with light transformation feature


  • Works in a compromising manner in nights
  • Consumes more time to get your reading

3. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder - Best for price

With this TecTecTec hunting rangefinder, you can measure distance and speediness data at the same time. By all means, now you can get a better sight of your target without getting one step forward.

Unlike regular rangefinders, there is a multilayer lens, which lets you get an all-inclusive clue of the target surroundings as well. As a result, you can understand what obstacles are standing between you and the target before taking shots.

We never thought we could get 540 yards range, finding support in a budget attachment. Alongside this, there is a continuous scan mode to improve the aiming experience. We similarly found the advanced speed technology that delivers fast reading results.

There is no question mark on durability. Thanks to the dust and water-resistant body. It is evident to have an insubstantial rangefinder since your gun is already a bit of weighty. That is where this 185-gram rangefinder seems to be handy.

Despite its very competitive price, you get stock CR2 battery and wrist strap. Besides, there is microfiber made rag for cleaning purposes. Lastly, you are getting two years of guarantee on your investment with this ProWild rangefinder.


  • Up to 540 yards of range-finding capability
  • Fast measurement technology
  • +/-1-yard accuracy level
  • CR2 battery
  • Water and dust resistant body


  • The best option in the budget class
  • Delivers convenient measurements
  • Handy frame with pure camouflage design
  • Meets durability and safety standards
  • Investment security for two years


  • Not for those who are seeking for more extended range finding solution
  • Lens quality is slightly compromised due to the low budget offer

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