Best Rangefinder for Bow Hunting (2021)

Best Rangefinder for Bow Hunting


Today we are going to share our experts’ experience and a chunk of feedback from hundreds of real users. More specifically, we are going to learn how some of the top-notch quality rangefinders have benefited them, and as a hunter or archer, why you should go for these invaluable assets as well.

Undoubtedly, the rangefinder is a blessing for hunters and in 3D archery. With the best rangefinder for bow hunting, you can get an accurate distance of your target from where you can take the shot and measure angle calculation if you are on a tree stand.

The most astonishing fact about the rangefinder is it can deliver the measurement even from 1300 yards of distance. So, when you are on a hunting mission, you can ensure sufficient distance from ferocious animals. Nowadays it is handy to get your prey. You can also measure the speed of moving objects alongside their surroundings.

Without hunting, specialized rangefinders also help you get those sorts of data in a tournament with or without angle compensation. But today, we are going to stick with only some budget rangefinders for bow hunting where we are going to discuss and compare angle calculation, zoom range, durability.

Let’s begin the forensic without any further ado.

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Top Rated Best Rangefinder for Bow and rifle Hunting


It seems like you are quite excited to learn more about today’s top pick. Our experts emphasize on some traits before getting a rangefinder. For instance, these are modes, distance reading ability, magnification, accuracy level, and safety measures.

And by having average users in mind, we are also bringing in some efficient and budget options today. Yes, without compromising any significant value. So, let’s start with your hunting.

1. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting rangefinder 


With this TecTecTec hunting rangefinder, you can measure distance and speediness data at the same time. By all means, now you can get a better sight of your target without getting one step forward.

Unlike regular rangefinders, there is a multilayer lens, which lets you get an all-inclusive clue of the target surroundings as well. As a result, you can understand what obstacles are standing between you and the target before taking shots.

We never thought we could get 540 yards range, finding support in a budget attachment. Alongside this, there is a continuous scan mode to improve the aiming experience. We similarly found the advanced speed technology that delivers fast reading results.

There is no question mark on durability. Thanks to the dust and water-resistant body. It is evident to have an insubstantial rangefinder since your gun is already a bit of weighty. That is where this 185-gram rangefinder seems to be handy.

Despite its very competitive price, you get stock CR2 battery and wrist strap. Besides, there is microfiber made rag for cleaning purposes. Lastly, you are getting two years of guarantee on your investment with this ProWild rangefinder.

  • Up to 540 yards of range-finding capability
  • Fast measurement technology
  • +/-1-yard accuracy level
  • Get 6x magnifications
  • Water and dust resistant body


  • The best option in the budget class
  • Delivers convenient measurements and  Investment security for two years
  • Handy frame with pure camouflage design cover makes it cool to look at and gives protection for hunter.
  • Meets durability, safety standards and simple in maintenance.
  • Black letters display for better visualization
  • In low light conditions, the marking is very easy to read at.


  • Not for those who are seeking for more extended range finding solution and not possesses features other than measuring distance.
  • Lens quality is slightly compromised due to the low budget offer
  • For longer trip CR2 battery may not be durable. To save battery you should keep switch off the device.

2. AOFAR HX-1200T Range Finder for Hunting Archery 


AOFAR has already got recognition for its first-class products in the industry. The intense R&D they do in every invention let them introduce products with maximum features. HX-1200T is also not different.

It has modern Artificial Intelligence technology. With that, you can switch between bow and range modes easily. You can get both angle and horizontal data that ensure 100% accurate reading about the target. It is advantageous while your aim is in the straight-line distance.

Another reason you should jump into this right now is the revolutionized pin sensor technology. It allows you to get both plus and minus accuracy state if the range is between 5 to 300 yards.

On the flip side, for supporting longer distances, it results in the +/-1 yard. Not only that, but you can further measure up to 1200 yards with this ultimate range finder.

All the necessary attachments like CR2 battery, rope, and karabiner are coming in with the unit as well. Besides, this one is backed by two years of free customer support. Comparing to the price points, the stuff, and the quality you get, it is indeed a great value proposition.

Unlike typical 4x combinations in range finders, you get 6x magnification support with 121 * 72 * 43 mm. Combining the higher scope with its lightweight, it can be a great range finder for your archery.

  • This range finder Featured with AI technology
  • Automatic power-off after 8 seconds of no action
  • Hunting and shooting modes
  • Horizontal and angle compensation data
  • 5 to 1200 yards of range analysis
  • 6x magnification


  • Aofar range finder comes with Great value for money
  • Higher accuracy chances
  • Perfect for reading straight-line distance
  • Adaptive AI-driven technology
  • Though it has different modes for versatile purposes but is easy to use


  • Doesn’t protect the lens from fog completely
  • A bit darker reading number would be better

3.  vortex rangefinder for bow hunting 


If you have some more bucks to invest in getting more accuracy about distance data and rich features, then our third preference is the one you should try.

Indeed, Ranger RRF-181 can find a range up to 1800 yards. The Illuminated display gives your eye comfort and battlefield enjoyment while playing with it on your gun.

With its surprisingly intuitive menu, you are going to make every shot with more comfort. You can read the range data with its HCD mode that determines the horizontal distance of the target quite easily. Because of that, you can make more accurate shots.

Despite the easy to operate trait, this Ranger rangefinder is highly performing as well. There is another mode called LOS or Line of Sight. If it is a rifle and the target is 500 yards away in 15-degree, this will work like a charm. It shows you a better accuracy degree than the other mode. But we do not recommend using this mode for archers.

We really appreciate the multi-coat engineering that can avoid slipping issues and enhance durability. Besides, the rangefinder is ultimately fog and waterproof to survive in those extreme situations.

Lastly, you are going to fall in love with the scan feature, which is rare in regular rangefinders. With that feature, you can range small and moving objects easily. So, shots go straight to the target.

  • Vortex Optics Ranger comes with LOS and HCD mode
  • Object scan feature
  • Display Type: LED/Red
  • Magnification : 6x 22mm
  • 9 to 1800 yards of range detection


  • Higher range detection ability than average
  • Can survive in a punishing environment
  • Excellent rangefinder with angle compensation
  • Helpful while targeting moving or tiny targets
  • Supportive with light transformation feature with 3 reticle brightness settings.


  • Works in a compromising manner in nights
  • Consumes more time to get your reading
  • Doesn’t provide so much improvement in their last model; this may disappoint some hunters.

4.  AOFAR HX-700N Hunting  


In the second last position of today’s best rangefinder for bow hunting, it is again another AOFAR ranger finder. If you are desperately seeking the best rangefinder under 100, perhaps, this is the alternative to get now.

You can get measurement about the target distance up to 700 yards. The 6x magnification appeared to be very supportive while providing an accuracy level of ±1 yard.

In those cloudy and wet weathers, the fog mode is going to make your shooting experience mistake-free as well. Just make sure to read instructions before adjustments.

Without that, there are three more modes – scan, speed, and range. But among them all, we are fond of and surprised to see the scan mode in a budget rangefinder.

The rangefinder comes with a manageable dimension of 110 * 75 * 45 mm with only 180 grams of weight. So, you can fill up your backpack with other equipment. And, you don’t need to compromise your adventure while carrying it in exciting weather. It is water and dust resistant.

Without the unit, you also get the battery (CR2), rope (portable), cloth for cleaning, and carabiner. And lastly, like always, this AOFAR rangefinder is also backed by two years of warranty.

  • 6x magnification
  • Up to 700 yards of range-finding competence
  • Pin sensor technology
  • Scan, Fog, Range, and Speed mode
  • Powered with a CR2 battery


  • Can survive in uncertain weather
  • Lightweight engineering
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Comes at very reasonable price
  • Higher accuracy of reading target data


  • Display quality should be improved
  • It takes time to adapt the technology

5. Leupold RX-1600i TBR Laser Rangefinder


Right at next, we have Leupold rangefinder for bow hunting in today’s top pick. Those looking for plenty of power with more accurate distance data are not hesitant to compensate a little more buck.

The 6x magnification with the integrated system allows you to maintain a wide range of views. As a result, even if your target is moving too much, you understand where to shoot.

Targeting any object from close to 1000 yards is possible in field view, On trees 1400 yards. The reflective range is 1600 yards, on the other hand.

Moreover, there is a revolutionary faster-focus lens for quick adjustment. Also, the lens system is multicoated with high brightness support that delivers pristine sight of the target.

We found that the OLED display delivers high contrast so that you can get a better view of the reading and avoid sunlight reflections. The rubber-coated aluminum body makes sure you are not slipping it in the way of an adventure in any situation.

One negative factor that disappointed us that it comes with only 2 years warranty time is too little compared to its competitors.

Suppose you can avoid getting this one just because of 7.8 ounces of weight. In that case, we suggest thinking about this good rangefinder for bow hunting again?

  • 1600 yards of Maximum range and 1000-yard on big game
  • ABC ballistic technology
  • 6x magnification
  • OLCD spectacle
  • Water and fog-resistant


  • Very comfortable to get the picture with proper reading numbers
  • Compact and weather-resistant body- easily usable in rough weather.
  • Precisely manage sunlight reflections
  • Comes with GX and RX series. GX for golfing and RX series for hunting


  • Some User experienced poor quality customer service support.
  • Though A bit weighty, the quality and brand overcome it.
  • lack of back target priority.

6. Simmons Laser Rangefinder


Simmons is in the game with a few lines in hand. In our thought, it is the best time to spend on their rangefinders since they are quite desperate to grab the market with affordable but quality products.

If talking about this Volt 600 laser rangefinder, there is some lucrative feature that deserves your attention. Firstly, the liquid crystal display ensures you can see the exact target location anywhere from 10 yards to 600 yards.

There is a comprehensive and bright enough 4-time magnification option to make the viewing experience up to the mark.

The compact design is appealing and makes it easy to carry in shooting range, forest. Because of the necessary resistant housing, the laser rangefinder seems to be durable and can survive unusual scenes.

Lastly, the solo-button adjustment system makes it the perfect candidate for beginners to intermediate players. There are a carrying case and a 9-volt of battery with the unit. We highly recommend getting it in your collection fast since the stock is limited according to our findings.

  • 10 to 600 yards range notation
  • 4x visual magnification
  • In-view crystal display
  • Carrying case with battery
  • Operates with one button


  • Easy to grab the using process
  • Affordable with comparable excellent features
  • Liquid crystal display ensures accurate visual
  • The smart and handy design
  • Tilt version helps the user to better evaluate the true horizontal distance


  • Battery life is considerably less
  • Not for long-range data findings

7. Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Bone Collector


Thanks for sticking with us till the last pick. Congratulations, it is because if you had skipped this one, you would have missed one of the bests. We have mentioned earlier about another Bushnell rangefinder. If you have any budget concern, but still want to get Bushnell rangefinder, catch this one online now.

But before getting the order done, keep in mind that this Bone Collector is not going to deliver up 1300 yards of reading like the pricier one. Instead, it is suitable for tackling range data if the target is within 600 yards. But yeah, you will get +/-1 accuracy level here.

In the meantime, there is a four times magnification lens, which is a little compromise that you have to do because of the low-budget. But hunting is still not so bad with the 21m bright lens: no sunlight reflection, no irritating mistakes.

As it has a high-class laser sight as well, you can gamble on shots with a blindfold. The laser is capable of delivering less than 1mW power result.

This rangefinder is suitable for those who are in love with the Camo pattern. Besides, the body is rugged to survive against falling impact. Also, it is entirely rainproof. The single button operation avoids complexities and makes the lens and focus easily to adjust.

  • Rainproof housing
  • 10 to 600 yards range reading
  • +/-1 accuracy level
  • Camo design
  • 4x magnification


  • Very high-quality materials
  • HD clarity for longer shots
  • Price-friendly pick
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use


  • Not for quite long-distance reading
  • Not dust proof

8. Bushnell Trophy Xtreme


If you are in the shooting game for years, you are supposed to be familiar with the title, Bushnell. The brand is always bringing unrivaled precision in the market, for instance, this Trophy xtreme with arc. It is well tolerated for all kinds of hunters because It has an integrated angle compensation, allowing you to calculate the angle when shoot from a tree stands.

After digging more into this rangefinder, We found It affords full Spectrum target for the acquisition of dark and non-reflective objects, cleaning away the surrounding color allows you to concentrate on the target in extreme weather conditions.

This comes with a single button design that allows you to focuses on the target, not on the different buttons to push on.

Its 20 mm coated lens and four times magnification ability can grab insights from 7 yards to 850 yards. The range depends on how reflecting the object is. For deer it is 200yards, and for trees it is 600yeards.

The bow mode was a true queen from 7 to 199 yards of range when delivering horizontal distance data. All accuracy ranges within+/- 1 yard. This displays all data in both meters and yards for target shooting.

This is very light weighted(5.2 ounces), the rugged and ergonomic design prevents slip and wiggle around, thus no chance of accidental push on the power button.

The rangefinder is similarly operated through a CR2 battery, and you get one inside the package. We would recommend this if you are looking for the best hunting rangefinder for the money.


  • Comes with integrated elevation compensation.
  • Equipped with compact and robust Materials
  • Efficiently to operate with a single button.


  • A little blurry
  • Difficult to focus eyepiece more than 100 yds.
  • Not water resistant or rainproof

9. bushnell the truth arc rangefinder 


Are you looking to make a deadly combo with Team Primos’s favorite one? If yes, then you can bet on this Bushnell rangefinder.

Bushnell is probably the perfect pick to start with today’s best rangefinders for bow review. In the hunting field, we found the Arc technology it has, is quite supportive to get you the perfect shot. Nonetheless, within the first few of your shots, you can quickly seize the bow mode.

Since this bow hunting range finder can identify compensated distance by following shot’s angle, you can easily select the pin you should use. Just make sure to keep your range between 7 yards to 199 yards.

A single-button mechanism is engineered in this range finder. As a result, this contender is real ease at the shooting range. It is needless to talk about its 4x magnification’s visualization measures since Team Primos approves it. Now, you just need to take the turn to hunt with this once. Surely, you will get a positive experience.

Without all of that, this rangefinder has a built-in Clear Shot laser technology to give you instant insights into every shot you take. After setting up the calibration process, you can have the chance to correspond to your sight with speed and shows you an indicator dot. Therefore, you get an idea about the traveling height of the arrow.

Bushnell produces another rangefinder named Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC which is better for angle compensation.

  • Rain and bulletproof
  • 7-850 yards of range
  • Bow mode
  • Angle compensation feature
  •  4x magnification


  • 100% money-back guarantee on frame
  • Featured with a maximum range
  • One-button system makes it easier to operate
  • Approved by Team Primos
  • Indicator dot to get an accurate idea about the route


  • Take a bit time to settle the target spot
  • Target should be reflective after 260 yards to get a better view

How Rangefinders for bow hunting can help you In Hunting Field


Getting accurate measurements of your target from a long distance was not easy before the innovation of rangefinders. With a single click, the data about the horizontal distance and angle compensation is possible and make your hunting adventure more confident.

With a rangefinder, you can get range data of your target from 600 to 1300 yards. Not only that, but the device also helps you too to distinguish other objects in the target surroundings, which might cause a mistake.

The high performing rangefinders provide you data near to one yard of the target through an LCD screen even in low light conditions. 

Depending on the type of rangefinder you have, you can get the result in both meters and yards. 

If talking more about the positives, a rangefinder allows you to grab the extreme environment measurements and pistol hunting. Thanks to the latest technology like fog mode that works like a Charm where human eyes might fail to see.

what features for bow hunting rangefinder look for (Buying Guide)


You might be a professional hunter or just want to start digging the hole for the first time. Whatever states you are in right now, it is not an easy decision to make when it comes to picking the best rangefinder for bow hunting.

One must have the experience of using versatile rangefinders practically. Alongside, knowing top brands and their line of products is also necessary. You are probably thinking, “that’s a lot of research,” overwhelming, right?! Well, apparently, it’s not! We have summarized all the checkpoints below done by our authorities.

Specify Your Requirement


First of all, you have to be settled with the situation you are going to use the rangefinder before getting one. Is it for golfing, hunting, or just for regular shooting range practice? The answer is compulsory because, depending on your use, you should choose a specialized rangefinder.



Indeed, there are different types of rangefinders you can find in online and offline stores. These are –


Hunting Rangefinder

These rangefinders are blessings and just unable to ignore. There are different types of hunting rangefinders, such as bow hunting and rifle hunting rangefinders. We have already revealed the best rangefinder for bow hunting above.

Golf Rangefinder

As the name suggests, this one is primly invented for golfers. In golfing, getting precise measurements of the pot, wind, and others is very helpful.

Forestry Rangefinder

If you are working as a forest department official, then most probably, the best suit is a forestry rangefinder. Usually, you get lots of features in those that make it easier to differentiate messy sight.

Ballistics Rangefinder

Finally, you can choose ballistic rangefinders if your intention is to pursue a very long distance. Indeed, this sort of rangefinders can be connected with your weapon. In general, these have the laser sight that shows you an indicator dot after detecting the subject.


As we have just shared, deciding the range you are going to play also essential to get the perfect match. The best hunting rangefinder must have a good range of data reading facilities. In general cases, rangefinders do have the ability to read 600 to 1000 yards, More than that is rarely necessary.

If your need is more, you can grab something that ranges up to 1300 yards, such as Bushnell G-Force DX ARC Laser Rangefinder.

As a general rule, you should select a double range rangefinder than you need. A 1000 yards rangefinder can measure preciously an object 300 yards than a 500 yards rangefinder.


Who wants to invest in an unknown brand, right? What does a reliable brand can offer a newbie never can? Besides, you want money safety. Make sure to invest in a rangefinder that comes from a veteran manufacturer. The top brands are –

  • Vortex (Ranger)
  • TecTecTec
  • Leica
  • Sig Sauer
  • Simmons 801600 Volt 600
  • Leupold RX 

Quality and Money

Frankly speaking, optical hunting gear is priced according to the money that you want to spend. Your options will be narrower if you are deciding to limit your spending. Your budget is one of the detrimental factors for the features, range and quality.Don’t forget about the weapon you are using for hunting, as bow and rifle need a different rangefinder. The bow hunting rangefinder can measure horizontal distance, and you need to compensate for the gravity when you are shooting from uphill or downhill.On the other hand, a rifle hunting rangefinder can measure more than 1000 yards, so you need to pay a little more than a bow hunting rangefinder.

Since you are going to use the rangefinder in extreme weather sometimes, it is evident to have robust housing and proper safety assurance. You can find water, dust, fog proof laser rangefinders easily in the market. But the trick is here to get an idea about how much protective these are.

On the other hand, having a carbon fibre coated or fully multi-coated body and coated lens is also highly recommended.

Although a good quality rangefinder is going to cost you enough, therefore, having a bit higher budget is always preferable. Don’t lose hope. There are some efficient budget rangefinders like AOFAR HX-700N, Bushnell G-Force DX ARC, TecTecTec ProWild.


If talking about other essential features, the best rangefinder definitely comes with a different target mode to support multipurpose. More specifically, your rangefinder should have a scan mode that can detect the continuous movement of the target.

Nonetheless, if it has a fog mode, you are going to be benefited in foggy weather where getting distance is tough.

You can also search for the speed mode to get more detailed data on the pace of the target.

Some premium rangefinders are also coming in with facilities like autofocus. Unless you are in the professional phase, we would not recommend this. It is because having more features is also going to make the device complex to operate.


The laser range finder  has drawn the reliability of most of the hunters for measuring the distance of the target. You will also find out about Ultrasonic and optical models in the current market.

A laser rangefinder is the one that measures the distance of the target by calculating the time for the infrared beam to reach the target and come back. It is almost perfect as the speed of infrared is constant.

You need a rangefinder that displays distance on the dial, measured by using a lens, and acts by using the principle parallax, a triangulation form. This is an optical rangefinder where the objective lens is fitted in a rangefinder at the opposite end. Two images are superimposed on each other by a focusing knob calibrated by the scale and converted from reading to distance. It is less expensive though It possesses a little drawback that it takes a bit of time to merge the image and display the time. Whatever it is, it increases the chances of hitting the stationary target, and for this, you need only patience.

And the last one is an ultrasonic rangefinder, which generates an ultrasonic sound wave by a transducer and picks up the target’s bounce of sound. Then the handheld device receives the signals and measures the distance. Outdoor noise can interfere with the sound wave, So inappropriate results may produce rain, wind, and birds.


One of the significant traits you should study is magnification which determines how clearly you can see the object. typically, maximum rangefinders have 4x magnification support. Yes, some also come with the 6x and 7x magnifications which are used for rifle. This will give you Eagle Eye vision to shoot accurately. When checking out the magnification, also hover on the accuracy level. If it is ±1 or +/-1, don’t hesitate. Just count it in your collection. As a bowhunter, you do not need to target far distance, So more magnification will lose some of your visual fields and misuse your time to focus on increasing prices.

Target Priority

Target priority is when multiple objects are in view, screen the rangefinder’s ability to determine the object you are focusing on. The target priority mode includes both the first target and last priority targets. The former one is the closest target, used in golf, and the last priority is the distant target usually used in hunting where the target lies behind the woodland. But those are better to avoid if some of them show you cycle through the target.

Close Target Sensitivity

Bowhunters need such a rangefinder that can read a close target. For small prey a rangefinder should provide the capacity to calculate within one yard of the target.

Side screen/view screen


The view screen is another critical factor while choosing a rangefinder. It will give you all the information at a glance without any struggle even in low light. Eye relief is one of the vital components of the view screen. The distance between eyepiece and eye to view the image entity is the eye relief and measured in millimeters.

Water Resistance

It will not be justified to overlook these criteria before choosing one. It should be water-resistant to protect sensitive electronics from seldom perfect weather, dew, and doddles.


Be sure about the artistry and quality of the construction that can give you something more and easily grasp the threat of hunting. It should be durable than a golf rangefinder.


Target your prey


If you are going to deal with small prey, the rangefinder usually locked the target. Some top-rated laser rangefinders come without having such features to fix a tiny target. A few are shorter range among the above mention model. When you are going to target distance prey you have to know about rangefinder reticle of scope.

Hunting time

Rangefinders are giving you measuring the distance and angle, but some are not so good for eye relief. Evening hunting might demand a laser scope and needs a coated lens and is free of reflection. Then as well, hunting in luminous light rangefinder lens should be free of glow. This should keep the hunter in mind if he wants to spend a long time in the woodland.

FAQs for bow hunting rangefinders

do you need a rangefinder for bow hunting?

If you ask me, I will say obviously. why and how it can help you hunting has been described in another section.

What is The Best Rangefinder?

Anything that has top-notch durability, proper safety measurement, more extended range distance reading capability, and a right lens, can be counted as the best one. You can find the top 10 best rangefinders among hundreds above this page. If you don’t have enough time, check out AOFAR HX-700N, Bushnell G-Force DX ARC, TecTecTec ProWild, Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC, Sig Sauer KILO850.

How Does An Optical Rangefinder Work?

Actually, optical rangefinders calculate the target dimensions, distance at the same time. The calculation is made on a preloaded scale. There is a pin on the lens, which is going to be measured as well. Afterward, the numbers get converted according to the preloaded chart. That is how an optical rangefinder works in brief.

Why Do You Need Angle Compensation Rangefinder?

Built-in angle compensation mode is another remarkable feature which is also called bow mode. This mode is designed to automatically calculate the distance of target shooting from an angle by using optics and hardware. If you have a few chances to deal with a hill or fire from a tree stand, you can not avoid this feature.

Distance and angle of shots are the crucial factors that you must keep in the account. Otherwise, the arrow will drop off due to gravity. You can manually adjust the angle, which is time-consuming, and may lose the sight.

Final Verdict

Well, we are finally done this comprehensive guide regarding the best rangefinder for bow hunting. In those top-class hunting rangefinder reviews, we have tried to discuss as much as possible in summary to let you understand effortlessly. Similarly, we have shared what you should consider while getting the final pick. Like always, our motto is to help you out by delivering the best value proposition for the bow as well as rifle hunting.

Hopefully, this is all about the archery rangefinder that you need. So, which one are you going to add to your collection? Is it one from Bushnell, AOFAR, or something else? don’t hesitate to share!

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