5 Best Ghillie Suit for Bowhunting | Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Ghillie Suit for Bowhunting

Bowhunting could be a lot of fun if you have the preparation needed. That means you must have the proper equipment, skills, and plenty of time should the activity prolong longer than expected.The best ghillie suit for bowhunting is definitely an essential gear you’ll need for this activity. In the market, you may find plenty of suits available, but only a few of them are worth your money.

Since we trust you’re already a skilled person, and you’re willing to invest the time, we’ll help you find the right equipment.

In the next section, we’ll discuss why having a ghillie suit is a wise decision.

Why Ghillie Suit?

A ghillie suit is a combination of trousers and jackets with leaves often stuck to a mesh base. While wearing it, you can camouflage your body in heavily wooded areas, forests, and outside locations. These products are ideal for activities such as bowhunting.(SHOOTING A BOW for hunting)

However, there’s more the ghillie suits offer. Here’s why you should consider getting one.

  • Better Hunting Results

Wearing a ghillie suit allows you to get better results out of your activities. With any other gear, your targets will notice you quickly, which gives them time to react and escape out of range.

Use a ghillie suit, and the target won’t notice you until it’s too late.

  • Comfortable

Bowhunting may require you to stay put in a single position for a long time. If that’s the case, the ghillie suit helps to reduce the fatigue caused by either wet or hot weather conditions. Most of the time, this gear is lightweight, which is even more comfortable.

  • Multi-Purpose

Besides bowhunting, you can use the ghillie suit for many other outdoor activities. Some of those activities are paintball, airsoft, and hunting, to name a few. You can fix your target by using archery sight and bow stabilizer, but when there is a question hide, you must need a ghillie suite.

  • More Fun

Spending time in nature is a lot of fun already, but a ghillie suit makes it even better by allowing you to blend well with your surroundings.

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5 Best Ghillie Suit for Bowhunting

The following are the ghillie suits that proved to be excellent for bowhunting, airsoft, and many other outdoor activities.

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1. Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit Breathable Camouflage For Hunting

Since it weighs slightly less than two pounds, this ghillie suit is among the most comfortable out there. It features a mesh as the base, which makes the 3D leaf suit a breathable pick if you intend to use it under hot weather. Since it comes with its drawstring bag, you can take the suit with you.

Arcturus, the brand responsible for this equipment, truly did an incredible job. It has added more than a thousand 3D leaves for the ghillie suit, which allows a better immersion in nature. Even if there are strong winds, the leaves sway properly, providing a more dynamic camouflage.

The 3D leaves also allow you to move freely in the wild. If you’ve had trouble with old ghillie suits getting caught in branches, that’s something that shouldn’t worry you anymore with this one. You can use this suit from Arcturus in heavily wooded areas without any problems.

What do you get from this purchase? The items included are a hooded, zippered jacket, and pants with an elastic waist. Additionally, you get a bag to carry this suit for each one of your outdoor activities.

Other than the Autumn design, the brand offers three more models: Dark Woodland, Fall Forest, and Summer Green. Hunters have the option to pick the one suit that fits the most in their respective environments.

After months of using it, the suit has performed well. It feels lightweight, comfortable, and it interacts well with the environment around you. One small nitpick would be the mesh used as the base because it feels too thin.


  • Super lightweight suit is comfortable for long use
  • Mesh base supports more than 1,000 laser-cut leaves
  • The breathable fabric comes handy in hot weather
  • Doesn’t get stuck with branches
  • Includes a carrying bag


  • The mesh used as base feels too thin

2. Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit 3D Leafy Camouflage

The main material used to design this suit is polyester. As you may know, polyester clothing provides a ton of benefits for everyone. It’s a breathable fabric that feels comfortable to the skin, and even after a considerably long time wearing it, its lightweight continues to feel pleasant.

Another benefit of the polyester material is that it works well under different climate conditions. If the suit gets wet, it won’t take much time to dry. Because of those reasons, you can use this ghillie for many activities such as hunting, airsoft, or paintball.

This particular ghillie suit is available in different sizes, fitting people as small as 3.3ft or as tall as 6.2ft. Whether you intend to get it for yourself or a young person, there’s one suit for everyone.

While wearing the suit out there, you’ll be able to walk through branches without getting stuck into anything. The 3D Leafy design guarantees fun times hunting or playing.

The purchase includes a hooded 3D leafy top and a single 3D leafy pant. With an adjustable waist, you shouldn’t have any issues securing the clothing pieces.

Despite being an outstanding ghillie suit, the lack of pockets on the jacket is a bit disappointing. As a hunter, you always want to have that extra space to carry essential items with you all the time. Surely enough, this product would be a remarkable pick for everyone if it had a pair of pockets.


  • Polyester material provides many benefits such as lightweight and breathability
  • Different models available for small and tall people
  • 3D Leafy design keeps branches away
  • Adjustable waist for a better fit
  • Dries quickly


  • This ghillie suit doesn’t have pockets

3. North Mountain Gear Super Natural Camouflage Leafy Hunting Suit

This ghillie suit is particularly good if your purpose is to go bowhunting in tricky locations. The green and brown colors make it blend well in areas that have rocky surfaces with some level of grass.

Even if you wear it under tough weather conditions, the suit withstands hot temperatures and humidity.

Both pieces included in this purchase are great. We have an incredible jacket with full front zip, a couple of pockets, and a zipper for closure. The cuffs are elastic, just like the waist. Also, there’s an attached hood featuring adjustable drawstrings.

As for the pants, it’s equally as convenient as the jacket. It features an elastic waist with drawstring and elastic ankles.

The jacket and pants allow you to adjust both pieces comfortably to your body. If you’re not happy with the size, you could check out the alternatives. Considering that this ghillie suit is available in Large, X-Large, and XX-Large sizes, there’s one for everyone.

Regardless of the size, the weight of these suits remains comfortable and bearable under rough weather conditions. While wearing it, you should be able to move through the woods silently, which is what you want to do as you chase your target.

Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect product. You have to move carefully in this suit because the fabric isn’t that resistant. If there’s a sudden bump or a lot of friction, it’s quite likely that it could rip the fabric. This issue is one of the reasons that customers bring up as a disadvantage.

In all honesty, that’s the only issue that you may encounter with this product. As long as you’re careful, the suit will last a long time.


  • Available in L, XL, and XXL sizes
  • Well-designed jacket and trousers
  • Allows you to move silently
  • Lightweight


  • The ghillie suit could tear easily

4. VIVO Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland Camouflage 4-Piece Plus Bag

Besides offering the jacket and trousers, this ghillie suit comes with a hood. This hood features a mesh that opens for both eyes and nose while covering your head and shoulders. The chin strap is adjustable, just like the forehead strap.

Something interesting about the jacket and pants of this ghillie suit is that they’re not your normal size. For example, if you usually wear medium shirts, you’ll need an M/L suit instead. If your shirts are XL, the suit must be XL/XXL.

Luckily, the sizing options available for this ghillie suits are many, from L to XXL. The manufacturer does a good job of explaining the dimensions of each piece, so there’s little to no chance you could buy the wrong set.

Either way, the polyester material used to create this suit is outstanding. At all times, it feels lightweight, allowing you to move around freely. Under rough weather conditions, you won’t feel a burden, and the hot temperatures or rain won’t bother you that much.

You’ll also love the woodland gun cover. It measures four feet long, and the elastic band and strings located on both ends allow you to do the simple attachment. As you can see, not only does the suit cover you, but it also camouflages your accessories for a more successful hunting experience.

Finally, when you get home after a long day outside, washing the suit won’t be a hassle. You can do it by hand, using warm water and line dry. The manufacturer recommends not using bleach, so that’s something you’d want to avoid at all costs.

Washing the suit is a task you want to do regularly. You’ll notice that it sheds a lot, which means that you’ll be picking up threads around the house constantly.


  • Available in different sizes, from L to XXL
  • Includes a hood with openings for eyes and nose
  • Comes with a woodland gun cover
  • Easy to wash


  • This suit leaves a lot of loose threads behind

5. Kryptek Ghillie Suit Set for hunting

Even though this product is the most expensive out of the five reviewed, the advantages of wearing it could make it a worthy investment for you. As seen while reviewing, this ghillie suit looks incredible. After testing it, it’s quite obvious that it feels great too.

Ideally, the most convenient environment to wear this suit would be warm to mild conditions. It’s a versatile equipment for outdoor activities that’ll serve you well in many tasks. If you have to spend a lot of time outside tracking your target, this suit is definitely one of the best to do it.

The most impressive thing about this product is its design. It uses micro and macro layers, which gets inspiration from artillery camouflage netting. Thanks to its incredible construction, the suit has an outstanding 3D look over 2D surfaces to make you almost invisible.

Of course, the suit is lightweight and durable. The zippers are strong, and the bonded seams are used to create a long-lasting ghillie to back you up during plenty of outdoor activities.

In reality, the quality of this ghillie suit is one of the reasons why it’d be a good pick for both amateurs and professionals. It camouflages in different scenarios, which is an advantage that allows you to use the suit in many areas.

As stated at the beginning, this product is expensive. In some cases, it doubles the price of the other ghillie suits reviewed here. Before purchasing, make sure it’s the one suit that camouflages you in your desired bowhunting place. Otherwise, it’d be a waste of money.


  • Versatile suit for different outdoor activities
  • Works well under hot climate conditions
  • Micro and macro layering design
  • Durable zippers and high-quality bonded seams


  • Out of the products reviewed here, this suit is far more expensive than the others

What to Look for Before Buying ghillie suit?

What are some considerations to keep in mind before purchasing one of these products? Let’s talk about it.

This is one of the very first things that you are expected to do. So you have to be very mindful while going for getting yourself a recurve bow for hunting. You will find many manufacturers that boast about their bows in their product lineup.

However, it actually does not mean that all of the bows will give you a great time. Even you will find the best bows in lesser known brands. So branding is not a very important factor.

However, you will just need to check that the bow you wish to buy has a comfortable grip, flexible limbs, understanding resistance when the atmosphere changes and most importantly great quality string.

Target weight of the bow:

  • Material

The material used to produce the ghillie suit does make a noticeable difference in its performance. Considering that you may expose yourself to rain or hot temperatures, you wouldn’t want to have your gear clinging to your skin as soon as it gets wet.

If you want high-quality gear, you may want to go for a ghillie made with polyester. Of course, that’s only one of the different materials used to create them. Truly, it depends on the brand.

  • Design

According to how the environment looks, you may need a specific type of ghillie suit. For green areas, a bright green ghillie would be the best choice. Keep in mind that there are some other versions suitable for autumn, or dark forest areas.

  • Leaves

There’s a big difference between sticking leaves to a suit, and a proper ghillie suit. The latter features modern technology such as 3D Leafy, which guarantees the suits retain hundreds of leaves without falling or getting stuck in branches.

  • Lightweight

Bowhunting requires plenty of agility to move. A heavy ghillie suit may keep you from moving that fast, which naturally leads to you losing your target.

As you consider your options, make sure the ghillie doesn’t weigh a ton. Arcturus’ suit, for example, weighs less than two pounds.

  • Measurements

The measurements of these suits vary depending on who’s wearing it. Zicac, the brand, does an incredible job of offering different options for small and tall people. As you saw on the reviews, the ghillie suits produced by this brand fit people between 3 and 6 feet tall.

  • Adjustable Waist

Your ghillie equipment doesn’t need to fit too tight to your body. However, an adjustable waist helps you keep the trousers on if you have to run chasing your target.

  • Accessories

Although ghillie suits don’t come with many accessories, most of them do include a carrying bag at the very least. Having a bag to keep your suit is necessary. The last thing you want to do is to walk around the streets wearing this particular type of gear.

  • Price

Fortunately, ghillie suits aren’t that expensive at all. It does depend on the brand and its quality, but these suits are often available in less than a hundred dollars. Of course, you may find more expensive options that deliver more benefits, but the suits within that price range are great.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can you do with a ghillie suit?

You’ll be able to camouflage yourself with your surroundings. The suits are great for outdoor activities such as airsoft, paintball, and the purpose of this article, bowhunting. You can also hide by using a ladder stand .

  • How to wash a ghillie suit?

Washing the ghillie suit is a pretty simple process. You want to do handwashing with warm water and line dry. Don’t bleach or iron, or the fabric may get ruined.

  • What ghillie suit does the military use?

It’s quite common for the military to use what we know as heavy-duty BDUs, which stands for Battle Dress Uniform and it’s a set of jacket and pants. These suits are available in Jute or Ultralight versions.

  • How effective are ghillie suits?

These suits are quite effective. By allowing you to camouflage with your surroundings, you can track your targets better. Of course, your success depends a lot on your skills and patience too.

  • Which ghillie suit is the best?

It depends on many factors. First, you want to know what the hunting environment looks like, as it’ll allow you to choose a ghillie suit with matching colors. Then, make sure the suit fits you.

Final Words

With the best ghillie suit for hunting with a compound bow, you’ll quickly start noticing an improvement in your outdoor activities. Whether you use it for bowhunting, paintball, or airsoft, the suits reviewed here are capable of making the whole experience even better.

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