Best Compound Bow for Beginners Male In 2022

Best Compound Bow for Beginners

For archers, nothing can clear a disturbed mind better than shooting an arrow from the bow can. And if you happen to be very new to the world of archery,

you will surely need the mate bow that can help you clear all your troubles.

Getting a good compound bow for beginners is somewhat a tough task because you will be needing to note down a lot of stuff. But if your aim is strong enough and spots on focus, it will no more be a difficult job.

However, to ease up your labor, I still have made a list of the 10 best compound bows so that you can learn about the compound bow for beginners. So, here you go.

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We Round-Up 10 Best Compound Bow For The Money – Which One Is best For You ?

So just before going into details review here, we get into a brisk essence of what should make these best beginner compound bow. We Have reached out to few experts and picked up those following getting their sentiment.

Best target compound bow for beginners

  • Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro – The crucial criteria a beginner looks at is the pull weight or the bow’s draw. Initially, an archer wants to start a bow that can draw in ease as they want to learn some fundamentals of archery. As One’s knowledge, skill, and strength increase, he needs a more powerful bow. Infinite Edge Pro comes with a long-range draw weight from 5 to 70, which covers beginner to pro.
  • SAS Siege compound bow – Cheapest bow with 29″ draw length along with 70% let-off that would be fine for freshers who don’t want to spend a lot before basic posture, sighting, anchor, and make sure of the smooth draw. And who had never use a mechanical release yet?

1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Probest compound bow for Target shooting

Archery is just not a sport. It has a lot of life lessons to learn and understand about focus. And if you don’t want to lose focus then this diamond archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow by Diamond Archery can be a great buy if you are ready to shoot at.

It is a compound bow that comes with adjustable draw weight from 5 to 70 pounds and draw length from 13 to 31 inches. It is such a compound bow that has an excellent cam system and gives smooth draw with a near to be an effortless force.

You will also love its smoothness, quietness, and accuracy of the shots that it makes. If you are someone who is longer in height, then this diamond archery Infinite Edge would be a great compound bow for you since it has extended draw length.

Besides, you will find infinite draw settings that make it a very ideal pick for the best hunting bow of all time if you maintain proper compound bow care.

Your family members and friends would be able to share it just after a simple change of setting and adjustment and you need not  buy another for other members.

It is easy to handle and breezy to adjust with just the spin of the hex bolts’ pair. And it’s the title that says it all. However, you will also find the back wall of diamond Archery Infinite Edge to be quite solid, powerful, durable, smart, sturdy but lightweight. So you can use it for target shooting as well as bow hunting a very long time which will be really helpful for you to be a pro.

Not only that, even the legends have given it a green signal for its performance as it can accelerate an arrow maximum of 310 FPS. However, you will also get extra accessories that make it the best beginners compound bow.

These extras include 5 inches ultra-lite octane stabilizer, a comfort wrist sling, 3-Pin tundra sight, tube peep sight, a BCY string loop, a deadlock lite octane quiver, and a hostage XL arrow rest.


  • Diamond Archery Infinite Edge pro is Ideal for both experienced and beginners.
  • Able to make an accurate shot.
  • Easy to use and handle.
  • Features lines for setting poundage.
  • You will find it smooth and quiet.
  • Two different variations to pick from.


  • The sight is plastic so it might feel like low quality.
  • The string might not be durable and You may need restring frequently.


2. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 – Best versatile Compound Bow

Get yourself a bow that will never make you feel amateur even when you hold it the first time, rather get the one that will make you feel like a legend. And speaking of the new members, this Bear Archery Cruzer G2 can be the best starter compound bow.

It’s no new that beginners tend to require a lot of adjustabilities to understand their skill level both in draw length and weight. And for this, the Cruzer G2 Bear Bow seems to satisfy in both terms.

It comes with a comfortable draw length ranging from 12 inches to 30 inches. And speaking of this draw weight, that is adjustable too with the range of 5 pounds to 70 pounds.

You will not find it tough either to make the adjustments since all you will be needing is an Allen wrench to do that. So, no requirement for a bow press to double the effort. With a great amount of smooth in draw cycle, you will find the bow offering 70 percent let off.

However, to talk more about the bow, you will find this dude very lightweight with just 3 pounds. Its advanced design helps to eliminate hand torque and its limbs provide lethal controlled power. Additionally,

it features RockStops offset string suppressor that helps in eliminating vibration and noise.

This Cruzer G2 bow has also been equipped with 6 trophy ridge accessories including a peep sight, a 4-pin sight, a stabilizer with a sling, a whisker biscuit arrow rest, an arrow quiver and a nock loop for the trigger.

Moreover, you will also find about 7 different colors and style, quality parts, high shooting speed(315 feet per second) too so you can pick your favorite one.

If you want to know more about this product just go through our more review



  • Very lightweight to handle and use.
  • Great for beginners, especially for young shooters.
  • Adjustments can be done using an Allen wrench only.
  • Different accessories are included


  • Peep sight might have a plastic ring in the string.
  • The limbs pop out while drawing the bow.

3. genesis original Bow kit – best compound bow for teenager girl

Being an archer, just like you are expected to love the arrow that flies with confidence, you are expected to surely love the compound bow that will remain constant in your hands. For this, no option will give you a better vibe as this Genesis original bow will, which is considered the best beginner compound bow.

This dude happens to be the official bow of the National Archery in the School’s Program. So it’s somewhat the coolest compound bow that you can have yourself. Besides this reason, there is a lot to get it.

Firstly, it is the best compound bow for hunting so archers of different diversity starting from youth to legend to the ones of all sizes will be able to use it with ease.

If you are one of the young shooters, you won’t be able to outgrow this compound bow since it requires no specific draw lengths.

However, since the title says it all, you will for sure get some accessories with this compound bow including high strength bowstrings, strong composite limbs, idler wheel, aluminum cam, and a machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser.

To add more, you will also get belt tube quiver, 3/16 inch hex wrench, 5 aluminum arrows, and adjustable arm guard. All of them have been included in a kit to get you the best experience in archery.

To talk about its cam, this compound bow has been composed with single cam system so you will not be having any tuning problems. Moreover, you will also have 12 different color options to pick from and get yourself ready for fine hunting. So, if you are looking for a complete set to make yourself a pro archer, you can have this one compound bow.


  • Great for beginners.
  • Different accessories included making it a complete archery set.
  • Draw weight is very adjustable for easy use.
  • There are no tuning issues.
  • Helps you get quite an accurate shooting.
  • Different color options for different people.
  • This compound bow is very durable so can be used for a longer period.


  • The string might rip off easily.
  • There is a little plastic part that feels cheap.
  • There is no length adjustability.
  • Might take time to learn to adjust it properly.

4. bear archery cruzer lite – Best Youth Compound Bows

You might have never seen a sad person shooting an arrow because this is something that takes you to a different world of hunting.

And to have a perfect shot, you will indeed need a perfect compound bow for yourself.

So, getting the compound bow is indeed an important task if you want to be a pro in archery. However, when it comes to the learners, Bear Compound Bow especially Bear archery Cruzer Lite can make a great choice.

For the young shooters who are new to this world, they would need a lot of adjustability in draw weight and length and this bear archery Cruzer compound bow absolutely provides both.

It features an changeable draw weight that ranges from 5lbs to 45lbs. As for its draw length, well that’s adjustable too with 12 inches to 27 inches.

And you will not even find it tough to make the adjustments as it can be done with an Allen wrench only. So there is no requirement for a bow press here.

However, speaking more about this compound bow, you will find the guy very lightweight with just 3.2 pounds. Moreover, this ready to hunt bow is also equipped with 5 trophy ridge accessories including bow sight, a peep sight, a nock loop for the trigger, a whisker biscuit, quiver, and a bow stabilizer.

Moreover, you will also find about 8 different colors as well so you can pick your favorite one to suit your personality in archery.

So, as you will get a collection of accessories with a different color ranged option to have your shoot, it definitely makes a great choice.

If you are looking for the best youth compound bow or for your children, go through our detailed reviews on Bear Archery Cruzer.


  • Adjustments can be done using an Allen wrench only.
  • Different accessories are included to make it a complete set.
  • Great for beginners, especially for young shooters.
  • Very lightweight to handle and use.


  • The cam has a stripped screw that might cause your problem.
  • Draw cycle can be changed due to long range of adjustment.
  • Some of you might find the draw weight to be too low.

5. Gen-X Bow RH/LH best compound bow for women

Archery is one of the sports that does not make archers stand against each other but makes them stand beside the others.

So, if you want to experience these coolest sports then this Gen-X Bow RH/LH can be your mate.

This compound bow happens to be ready for both range and field. It presents all the beginners a smoother and easier draw cycle that can provide speed without giving up your comfort.

The bow weighs so light and compact that it will never thwart a trip to the tree stand nor it will hinder your sport at the field.

The bow comes with a 35.5 inches axle to axle that helps in enhancing accuracy and stability for long distance hunting. So even if you want to hunt whitetail deer which is legal in most states, you can hunt with confidence.

It has a progressive let off a design featuring draw lengths ranging between 21 inches to 30 inches. As for its draw weight, it comes with a range of 25 pounds to 40 pounds.

The great thing about this bow is that you will get some more stuff with it including high-strength bowstrings, strong composite limbs, a machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser and aluminum cam with an idler wheel.

You will also get a 3/16 inch hex wrench so that you can adjust the weight. Moreover, you will also find 8 different colored versions of the bow that even gives you a choice to pick your favorite color one.

Your target practice also would be excellent by using this cheap compound bow.

So, if you have just entered into the world of archery and wants a bow to be your loyal friend, you can think of getting this one. Since archers have pointed it to be the best compound for beginners, it will not disappoint you in the sport.


  • Comes with extra accessories that make the archery set complete.
  • Ideal for the beginners.
  • Able to make an accurate shot.
  • Easy to use and handle & Shoots quietly
  • Very lightweight to hold.
  • 8 different variations to pick from.
  • Comes with changeable draw length and weight.



  • Might not be ideal for experienced.

6. Siege SAS 55 lb 29” Compound Bow w/ 5-Spot Paper Target

Best Compound Bow For Beginners

And if you are a beginner, then you will surely need something that will help you be a stronger archer. For this, you can think of taking this best compound bow for target shooting from SAS.

This Siege comes with 41.5 inches axle to axle to launch an amazing arrow shot with a speed of 206 feet per second just after you release the string though it is friendly looking and very simple.

With its 29 inches draw length, and 70% let-off you will find it perfect for beginners. And its draw weights ranging from 40 pounds to 55 pounds feels quite adjustable and flexible.

But you must remember that although the bow happens to be for beginners it is meant to be used by adults only. However, it comes with a compressed ABS limb that promotes strength, weight, and balance so that it can last the life of the bow.

Its compound features a sturdy piece layered limb for which you can use the draw weight up to 55 pounds. So if you tighten the bolt, it will add the weight by 5 pounds and if you loosen it, the weight will get reduced.

For its enriched precision, the bow happens to be equipped with a strong connection and firm tolerance by the limbs that have been accommodated in place by the back hinging limb-pockets.

However, for using the arrow, the brand has suggested using 30-inch carbon and aluminum one so that you can have the best shot in archery.



  • Ideal for adult beginners as it has an adjustable draw weight. So, the archer can change draw weight with the improvement of skill.
  • Very lightweight to handle and use – reasonable desire for a beginner.
  • Different color option is available- choosy people like it
  • It comes with a package that includes peep sight, paper target, bow sight, Sight light.
  • Effortlessly upgradeable with the mounting location for sight, stabilizer, and arrow rest.


  • The string is wrapped with thread at the arrow nock point which makes it too thick for arrow nocks. You can widen the nock with a coin and that can be helped.
  • The draw weight might be too high for females.
  • According to some users Set up might need a little research since its instructions don’t cover much.

7. predator archery raptor – best entry level bow

An arrow should be shot like there is no tomorrow. And to get the best shot, you need the best beginner bow and arrow. Speaking of the best, there is one bow that has earned tremendous love from its archers. And that is Raptor bow from Predator Archery.

This dude is not only well built but also comes with a striking quality of materials for learners.

With its fully machined cam system made of aluminum and its fiberglass limbs also, you will be able to experience the best of archery. The bow is available in 2 different colors where you can pick any one you like.

Speaking of its flexibility, you will find the bow to accommodate a broader range of body sizes. So any archer be it youth or female can use it with ease.

Just like most of the compound bows, it too comes with an adjustable draw length ranging from 24.5 inches to 31 inches and draw weight range from 30 pounds to 70 pounds. There is no requirement of a bow press either for such adjustments.

With its 75 percent let off and a greater speed of 315 feet per second, you will find the bow smooth, sturdy, and speedy to show its precise performance and consistency.

However, you will find it pretty light and easy to tune and sight in. The Raptor also owns a split yoke tuning system for accuracy and fast alteration.

You will also get a stabilizer, a whisker biscuit style rest, a 5-pin sight, pre-installed peep sight, and loop with the bow.



  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Smooth, sturdy and quick.
  • Easy to tune with the tuning system.
  • Easy to make accurate shots.
  • Lightweight to carry.


  • The cable guard might keep sliding loose.
  • Quiver needs improvement.
  • The quality of the stabilizer might not be great.

8. southland archery SAS Outrage

Confidence: one of the most essential traits you will be needing to shoot an arrow like a pro even if you are a beginner. And for such a trait, you will need a bow that will give you all the boost.

So, if you are looking for the best compound bow for the money, this Rage bow from Southland Archery Supply can be a great choice.

Rage comprises of 35 inches axle to the axle so that it can launch the greatest arrow shot with a speed of 270 feet per second just after releasing the string.

With this bow, you will get an adjustable draw length that ranges from 26 inches to 30 inches.

And not only that, but it also has an adjustable draw weight ranging from 55 pounds to 70 pounds. So you will find it pretty flexible and adjustable for the beginners.

Moreover, it features a compressed ABS limb to make the life of the bow durable by boosting strength, weight, and balance. The compound comes incorporates a robust piece layered limb.

With this, you can use the draw weight up to 70 pounds. So if you loosen the bolt, it will deduct the weight by 5 pounds and if you tighten it, the weight will get added.

For its enhanced accuracy, the bow has been equipped with a firm tolerance and a strong connection by the limbs that have been fitted in place by the back hinging limb-pockets.

However, the brand has recommended using 30-inch carbon and aluminum arrow for this bow so you can get the best shot. Moreover, the rage is available in 7 different colors so you can get the one you like.



  • Effortlessly upgradeable with the mounting location for sight, stabilizer and arrow rest.
  • Very lightweight to handle and use.
  • Adjustable draw weight.
  • It is not hard to install the majority of the accessories.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Different color options are available.
  • Capable of precise shots.



  • Does not come with accessories.
  • No quiver with the bow.
  • The bow does not come with a list of instruction.

9.  Barnett 1108 Vortex

This Youth Archery from Barnett can be the best pick if you want a bow as a beginner.

This Barnett Vortex is adjustable, smooth, and really sexy to be your mate in archery.

It features an adjustable draw weight that ranges between 31 pounds to 45 pounds. Besides, you will also be able to adjust its draw length which is suitable for bow fishing.

Not only that, but the young archer will also love to use it since it looks just like the adult version from the same brand.

So they will get the legend like vibe from this compound bow. However, to talk more about the adjustments, the best part about it is that you will not need a bow press to alter the weight.

And since you can tune it easily, you will find it perfect for yourself. However, the bow comes with 60 to 70 percent let off so shooting an arrow with it will give you great satisfaction.

But there is one thing that you will need to keep in mind and that is, this bow is meant to be for right-handed archers only.

So, if you are someone left-handed, you won’t be able to have it for yourself. However, with the bow, you will get a set of three arrows with a bow holder so that you can prepare yourself for the sport right after you get it.

Hope Our Top Pick for best beginners compound bow gives you enough details to choose yours. If you want to master some important facts of the ideal Compound Bow.



  • Excellent and awesome features Bow fisher
  • Easy to adjust without the need of bow press.
  • Can shoot with precision.
  • Ideal for right-handed beginners.
  • Comes with three arrows and a bow holder.
  • Comes with a bow case.
  • Very lightweight to handle.
  • Very easy to use and shoot.


  • A simple drawback is the arrow guide propped off and glued it back.
  • Arrows are a little bit heavy.
  • Might give you a hard time in tuning.
  • Does not come with a peep sight or an arrow nock.

10. quest radical right hand – best compound bow for Hunting

Whenever you think your life is dragging you back with obstacles, assume that it could be for launching you into something great. Because you can shoot an arrow only when you pull it back.

So, if you want your bow to hit the arrow with strength, you can think of taking this Quest radical bow into account.

We enlisted this for the best compound bow because this will give you quite a longer service and will make you a pro right from the learning stage. The Quest Radical can also act as an adjustable bow to show its flexibility in a lot of ways.

You can adjust its weight from a light 40lbs to a heavy 70lbs in a snap. So, you can consider it to be a great pick for both experienced and young shooters.

And you don’t even have to worry about its heavyweight as it can be easily handled by children. And if you tune it to its heaviest weight, you will easily be able to hunt hogs and even deer with it. However, speaking more about its adjustability, there are more to experience.

The bow comes with an adjustable draw length as well that ranges from 17.5 inches to 30 inches. And it will accommodate a variety of several height shooters.

With the bow, that only weighs about 4 lbs, you can have the best shooting moments even being a beginner.

Moreover, you will get some more stuff with the package that includes a string suppressor, a G5 tool free 4 pin sight, 1/4-inch GS meta peep, 6 arrow G5 headlock quiver, G5 wrist sling, G5 stabilizer and a halo rest.

So, this is definitely the best starting compound bow to make them a pro archer.



  • Adjustable weight from 40lbs to 70lbs.
  • Modifiable draw length ranging from 17.5 inches to 30 inches.
  • Ideal bow for beginners.
  • It is great for experienced person
  • Lightweight with only about 4 pounds, that can carry easily
  • Comes with extra add-ons with the package


  • Cables and string might not be durable
  • Might take a little time to get used to it.
  • Tuning it could be a difficult task.

Beginner compound bows Buying Guide in 2021

Before going to purchase one should keep in mind the some special factors that will help to make a proper decision to get entry this noble sport . so, let’s look what are they..

Adjustable Draw Length

Basically, a compound bow draws a particular distance prior to the string stops. This is known as the draw length. You will find many bows that come with a range of draw length.

With such a feature, it helps you in adjusting the draw length to accommodate the archer for a comfier form while shooting. So it is important that the archer gets the correct draw length range for a smoother shot.

If you get the bow with shorter draw length, it will affect your precision negatively. It’s because you will find it too hard to maintain a reference point for your target.

While the bow is at a full draw, you will get a point of anchor. And a shorter draw will give you a floating point of anchor that might lead to an inconsistent shot. It will also cause increased torque affecting shooting precision.

If you get the bow with longer draw length, you will end up leaning back naturally while trying to see through the peep sight properly. This will cause many issues like poor shooting form or poor posture.

And if the form of shooting gets wrong, it will end up adding tension and torque to your bow, that will yet again lead to shooting imprecision.

Another worst thing that will happen is, it will cause your bow arm to stretch out too far placing the interior elbow at the string.

So, for the beginners, it is important for you to get measured so you can get an ideal draw length range. It will not only improve your posture but also improve your form, precision, shot consistency and safety.

Draw Length


Focus On Draw Weight

It is very crucial that you match your strength to the draw weight of the bow. The bow having heavyweight tends to form quicker speed.

However, it is more essential that you get yourself a weight range through which you can hold at a full draw steadily without the need of giving too much pressure on yourself.

The draw weight includes the top amount of weight that you will be pulling as you draw back the string prior to releasing it.

When you are taking draw weight of the bow into consideration, you should also think of the percentage of the let-off to get the appropriate one.

You must also think of the potential of the bow to be drawn back for a longer period of time as you will wait for the perfect shot.

However, if you shoot in poor condition such as in heavier draw weight that will be too hard to hold, it will cause a great problem.

And for this, you are required to match your strength to the draw weight. It will be better if you try to draw the bow for 30 seconds to test yourself. If you think you managed it without shaking, then you can definitely go for it.

Another essential factor is precision. Using the appropriate range of draw weight will greatly help you in getting a more precision and more stable shot.

Don’t forget about Let Off

Let off happens to be one of the greatest perks of compound bows. If you have noticed the gear-like stuff at the compound bow’s end, then that is exactly what they are for.

And basically, we call them cams where they make the let-off happen. If you get yourself a 75 percent let off on a 70 pounds draw weight, you’re technically holding about 17.5 pounds at a maximum draw.

So, it basically lets you hold the string at a much lesser weight than the max. You will still be needing to pull at that weight.

Once the cam moves beyond a particular point, it will take lots of the stress off. So the higher the let off, the better way the bows will release.


This is another important factor in the world of archery as your shot depends a lot on the way you will shoot the arrow.

Just like you will not be kicking with your weak foot or throwing a pass with your weak arm, you will definitely not be shooting with it. And there is a definite reason for this as well.

And that is, you cannot simply draw at maximum weight, because it will lead you to be quite unstable while you make an attempt on a heavyweight.

Another reason is that such bows are not forthright. So, your placement of gears, your handles, adjustable archery sights, all are dependent on what hand your bow is on.

Hence, it is very essential that you get such a compound bow that you think you can use with ease depending on your ‘handedness’

Brace Height

The brace height has been named counter intuitively. It is basically the overall distance between the back of the handle and the string.

A brace height that is shorter in length will lead to a quicker arrow speed. However, it will be less forgiving if counted as a mistake, which means that your form has to be dead right if you want to shoot at its best.

Perfect Bow Length

You should grab the bow right according to your comfort and suitability. Bow length is usually measured from cam to cam in axle to axle length.

The bows having a longer axle to axle help in getting long distance shoot better. You will get some bows that come with great draw weight and longer axle to axle.

This does not only help you get an accurate bow but also gives a more stable shot. However, longer bows can also give you a hard time. Because, If you are going for a hunt, you might not be able to maneuver a longer bow for its heaviness.

Weight of a compound bow

Although this factor is usually positioned in the least important one, you cannot actually eliminate it out of the list. Being a beginner, it is essential you get the compound bow with lighter weight as it will be easier for you to carry it on longer period hunting.

Compound Bow Accessories

Although many of the brands do not provide accessories with the bow, still if you get one with extras, you will get all the benefit of archery.

There are many brands that still deliver a lot of accessories including stabilizers, sights, whisker biscuit and a nock loop for the trigger. And you must keep in your mind what the purpose you deserve from your bow.

We guess these details and buying guide is enough to know for what is the best bow for a beginner and to compare with your choices.

Important Parts of Compound Bow 

There are some parts of the bow that you really need to know as a responsible buyer. For your convenience and to pick wisely, we have listed all the parts’ names and small descriptions below.


The center part of any bow is considered as the riser. The other parts of the bow are grounded in the center part. It is mainly made of either aluminum or carbon fibers.

Some compound bows are also made of aluminum-carbon compound material. The riser part carries the almost weight of the entire bow when you are aiming it.

As it carries maximum weight, it should be strong and sturdy enough. It helps to balance the given force and keep it straight and steady even under maximum pressure.


If you notice the area where the riser part is arched slightly and there you will find extensions on both sides. Those extensions are known as limbs. Limbs are mainly for distributing the entire force that is created from the riser. And it happens when the bowstring is stretched.

Experts always recommend choosing those compound bows that have D-shaped limbs. As they are more supportive of producing more recoil, they are the perfect match for the beginners. For hunting, limbs are the most important fact that shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Cams are the part that makes the bow a compound bow. Without cams, no bow is considered as the compound bow. It is mainly a pulley system for aiding bowstring movement which is dependent on the two wheels that are placed at the end area of the limbs.

It is one of the major parts of the compound bow that allows the users to pull the arrows back and shoot with fervor. There are plenty of options for cams that do different sorts of archery goals. If you are looking for a compound bow for hunting then we will suggest having wheel cams because the round-shaped cams work more accurately.

However, if you want to shoot faster, then we will suggest oval shape cams. So choosing the shape of cams is completely up to you. If you want accuracy then go for the round shape. On the other hand, if you want fast shooting then go for oval cams.

3 Different Types of Cams with Distinctive Features.

  • Single Cam System

As this system is low-maintenance, it is the best feature for beginner bow hunting. Moreover, it is effortless to set up, so it is user friendly. It consists of both round and oval-shaped idle. A round shape cam idle is at the top end and the oval-shaped idle is at the opposite end.

  • Twin Cam System

We will not suggest a twin-cam system to beginners for its complex settings. The manufacturer needs to be synchronized so it is not easy to set up. At the time of tuning, the technicians need to check the synchronization of idlers.

Moreover, it comprises identical and symmetrical idlers from both sides of the compound bow. You might be confused that if it is not for a beginner then what the use of it is. The twin-cam system is mainly ensuring high speed and more accuracy. So the professional hunters always prefer a twin-cam system.

  • The Hybrid Cam System

These cams are mainly designed for adding speed to the arrow. They come with elliptical shapes where the bottom cam supports the top cam. It makes an outstanding pair of supporters and doers.

There are some other come systems like a quad, binary and Hinged. However, they are too complex for beginners. And they are easily available in any best compound bow under $500.


Cables are mainly helping to stretch the strings and turn the cams during pulling the bowstring. It is necessary to check the cables before buying a compound bow. Make sure that the cables don’t come close to the arrow. And also make sure that the stretch between cams creates a force that converts into speed while realizing the arrow. Cables are the back supporter to provide you with the ultimate shooting experience.

Cable guard

The cable guard works as a holder for cables. The tiny rod that comes out from the rider is mainly known as the cable guard. It protects the cables from not getting between the arrow and bowstring.

Furthermore, there is a small plastic piece to keep the cables in their right place, which is known as a cable slide. This smaller part is no less important than the other parts of the compound bow. Without it, the bow may fit wrong which can become a challenge for you in the shooting.

Arrow rest

Arrow rest is the place where your arrow will set its position and will be ready for shooting. In the compound bow, it is the centre of the riser. This resting place is not only for your arrow but also gives direction for shooting.

It channelizes the speed and target of the arrow more precisely.

Moreover, it is also for stabilizing the better way for the arrow towards its aim. There is another rests known as containment rests or capture rests. These are also the arrow rest with a ring for passing the arrow more swiftly.

These rest to ensure the accurate shooting to the target. Nowadays, expert bow hunters like to look for the best compound bow 2020 that has these sorts of popular rests.

Different parts of compound bow

Frequently Asked Questions (beginner bow)

Q: What range of draw length will be ideal for beginners?

A: The draw length of the compound bows determines how far away you can pull the string backward. To get an ideal measurement, at first you will be needing to hold your arm at shoulder-distant away from the body thinking that you are hugging a large tree. Keep your arms as much straight as possible.

Get your friend so that he can measure you from one fingertip to another. Just be comfortable and don’t stretch that much. Note down the number in inches and then divide it by 2.5. The number you will get will be the estimated draw length for your body size.

Q: What speed of bow is ideal for the beginners?

A: Bow speed happens to be measured in Feet Per Second or FPS. The arrow will travel faster to the aim if the bow speed is higher in number. The bows speed is determined by the draw weight. And if you get a higher ranged draw weight, you will find the bow traveling quicker. However, as beginners happen to go for lighter draw weight, so a slower FPS will be useful.

Q: Should the bow make noise?

A: No, the best bows are the ones that do its job quietly. It’s because they don’t disturb when you are focusing on your aim to hit. So, avoid getting such bows that make noise.

Q: what is draw weight on a bow?

A: Draw weight is the amount of force that is required to bring the string of a bow to a point that was predetermined. usually it depends on draw length. It measures on pounds. Suppose draw length of a compound bow is 28″ and draw weight is 50 lbs. This means the bow reaches its 50lbs draw weight when draw length is 28″ of a compound bow.

Q: What is the quietest compound bow?

The noise a compound bow creates depends on some factors like the string vibration time, amplitude of limbs, and string noise. Be conscious that if any of the three issues occur in your bow, it will cause an impact on your accuracy. Therefore choosing a quiet bow is compulsory. MATHEWS Vertix is the best bet to avoid those issues.

Q: Which is better for beginners? compound bows or recurve?

It depends on why are you going to buy a bow, either compound bow or the best recurve bow .

we have details about this. you can check it out.

Q: How to Measure the Precise Draw Length

It is necessary to measure the correct draw length according to your posture. For measuring this, stand straight with opened arms that should be extended on two sides, like a, T.

Then measure your opened arm’s length from the left-hand middle finger to the right one along with chest and arm.

Now it’s calculation time. You need to divide the entire measurement by 2.5. The calculation result will be your preferable draw length for your best compound bow.

Draw length mainly supports the extension level that how much you can stretch your hands. So it is very important to be accurate. Otherwise, you will not be able to do bow hunting comfortably.

For example, if your bow length is longer than your actual posture length, you will not be able to have a clear focus on your aiming. Moreover, you will not be able to take a perfect shot as well.

Arm Span

Wrap up

Best Compound Bow For Beginners come with a lot of adjustabilities since they accommodate a variety of archers. So, if you are a beginner, these compound bows in the list will definitely help you be a pro. All you will just need to do is follow the guide and check the measurement to match your size and skill. With this, you will be able to get the perfect one for yourself.