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Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves

The best cold weather hunting gloves are essential for keeping your hands protected in cold weather when out on the field. As a huntsman, you face the potential for prolonged exposure to extreme cold and harsh conditions that will take their toll on your hands if they are not properly protected.

The best cold weather hunting gloves are a sound investment as they will provide a reliable barrier from cold meaning that your joints, tendons, and tissues are protected.

These hunting gloves are typically specialist outerwear designed for an outdoor environment. Modern designs also have great utility with padding, zips, and pouches for heat packs for some extra relief.

If you are now hunting, designs that allow you to handle your bow with gloved hands are especially desirable. Here, we round up  2020’s best cold weather hunting gloves so you can find a hard-wearing pair that will prepare you to see out the winter hunting season fully insulated.

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Read on for our top picks for the best cold weather hunting gloves!

We’ve searched high and low to look for good quality gloves that will make a worthwhile purchase. Value is key so our picks for the best cold weather hunting gloves pack in as many additional features as possible. All designs are suitably camouflaged to sure that you remain as undetectable as possible. Also , read our quick and handy guide on what you should be looking for in your ideal pair.

1. hot shot camouflage pop top mitten for Men

Your hands will be truly wrapped up warm with these smart camo mittens that boast integrated 3M Thinsulate fabric. We rate the solid pop-top design that allows you to lift off the mitten to reveal gloved fingers. This means that not only are your hands snug and cozy but you also retain the dexterity you need out on the trail. The Realtree camo is one of the world’s best and literally merges you into your environment. The outer camo fabric mitten top is made from water-resistant polyester and has a silent magnetic closure.


  • Realtree camouflage polyester fabric
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Antibacterial protection
  • Touch screen compatible fingertips on the glove
  • Why the Hot Shot Camouflage Pop Top Mittens for Men are a top pick!

Why the Hot Shot Camouflage Pop Top Mittens for Men are a top pick!

The  2in1 insulated glove/mitten feature keeps your hands extremely warm, which is vital when temperatures drop. Sweaty hands? Don’t worry about odor control as these cold weather gloves for hunting come with an antimicrobial, odor-x lining.


  • If you are a small or big pawed hunter, you will be pleased to know that these gloves come in 3 sizes.
  • The zippered back heater pocket accommodates a head pad for extra comfort in ice and snow!


  • Some buyers find that these gloves are not as warm in extremely cold weather.
  • Some mittens came apart at the seams.

2. stika fanatic elevated II hunting gloves

Sitka has made a great name for itself as a go-to brand for high-quality hunting apparel. These thin gloves look a little sci-fi with their pixelated appearance but trust us, there is a method in the madness. This unique camo pattern has been scientifically developed to confuse the vision of white-tailed deer, making you imperceptible to them when hunting from an elevated position. These smart gloves also coordinate with the rest of the Sika accessories range.


  • The 4-way stretch polyester fabric that provides flexibility
  • The half-finger does on the forefinger and thumb
  • Leather pull gets these gloves on and off easily
  • Water repellent and durable finish

Why the Sitka Fanatic Elevated II Hunting Gloves are a top pick!

These are lightweight hunting gloves that are designed to give the hunter the maximum utility and flexibility of their hands while on the move. The half thumb and forefinger are great for using electronics or drawing your bow in the field and the polyester fabric keeps you warm and dry. These gloves come in three sizes for a good fit.


  • Cool pixelated design
  • Part of a smart coordinated range of hunting apparel


  • Can come up small
  • Some buyers reported that the seams burst

3. glacier glove alaska pro glove

This is a great outdoor cold-weather glove that makes it an excellent choice for bowhunters who spend a prolonged period in damp, cold, and snowy weather. It has a high-quality polyester exterior with a great camo pattern for concealment. In addition, a breathable well-insulated interior keeps the warmth on your hands. They are designed to provide the dexterity you need when hunting and the genuine leather palm gives a vital grip.


  • 60g Thinsulate insulation
  • Leather palm
  • Water and windproof
  • Camouflage fabric finish

Why the Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Gloves are a top pick!

These outdoor gloves offer a considered design that ticks all the essential boxes for a cold-weather glove. The design is popular with outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds and it is available in 4 sizes from small to extra-large.


  • Insulation included holding warmth even better
  • Leather palm gives these gloves excellent grip


  • Fabrication has been reported to be poor by some purchasers
  • Some buyers find that the gloves do not perform well in the prolonged cold.

4. glacier glove aleutian neoprene glove

Glacier Glove has switched things up with this futuristic glove design which features fleece-lined neoprene for superb grip and insulation. Its shark’s skin grip is just what you need for handling gear in extreme cold and the back of your hands are suitably camouflaged with a high quality patterned fabric.


  • Low friction fingertips
  • Waterproof
  • Futuristic sharks skin neoprene technology
  • Seamless palm

Why the Glacier Glove Aleutian Neoprene Gloves are a top pick!

These gloves are weatherproofed and blind stocked and glued for maximum comfort on the trail. The seamless palm design locks in warmth and the fingered design afford some movement.


  • Neoprene is an insulating and high grip material


  • Water seepage at the seams
  • Poor dexterity has been reported by some purchasers

5.  hot shot predator mittens

Hot Shot continue their range of hardy outdoor wear with these sound men’s hunting gloves that are well made and very versatile. These Realtree extra gloves have been designed with the bowhunter in mind and deliver great flexibility and dexterity. They come in a range of sizes and stand out due to their pop-top mitten attachments that have a quiet magnetic closure.


  • Camo Brushed Tricot outer shell
  • Thinsulate 80g insulation
  • Odor-X lining
  • Machine washable
  • Touch screen compatible

Why the Hot Shot Predator Mittens are a top pick!

Thoughtful details are in this design including the touch screen compatible forefinger, palm grip, and zipped heat pack holder. Warmth is fully retained with a generous Thinsulate insulation layer.


  • Smart utility design
  • Heat pouch for those extra cold days
  • High quality Realtree camo finish


  • Not easy to use a bow with these gloves

6. under armour sc primer gloves for men

Under Armour is a reputable brand for well-designed exercise and outdoor gear. They have hit the mark with these rugged cold weather hunting gloves which have been carefully designed for extreme weather. These gloves feature a thermal lining that actively retains and uses your body heat to keep your hands warm. A tough camo coveted outer layer is weatherproofed yet breathable. Comfort is assured with the knuckles of the glove reinforced and padded.


  • Silicone coating on the palms for extra grip
  • Adjustable cuff
  • Tags to assist in pulling on or off
  • Machine washable

Why the Under Armour SC Primer Gloves are a top pick!

If stealth is a priority this high-quality camo with Realtree design will keep you low key. Under Armour also has developed a proprietary scent control technology that not only traps but suppresses odor to make you less perceptible in the field. Using tech is no hassle with Tech Touch coating on the fingertips.


  • Smart ergonomic design
  • Odor control for stealth
  • Padded knuckles to protect your joints


  • The only complaint about these gloves is their bulk

7. handworth men’s stealth hunting gloves

These polyester Spandex blend gloves get our vote for best cold weather gloves for hunting as the bow archer will have all the flexibility and dexterity needed. This simple lightweight design is sleek and the stretch fabric has a bonded fleece layer to retain the heat you need. Two way stretch on the palm and a printed silicone grip makes this ideal for the archer. The glove is finished off with a neoprene cuff for excellent hold.


  • Stretch woven fabric
  • Silicone printed palm and fingers
  • Touch screen compatible forefinger and thumb
  • Digital camo print

Why the Huntworth Men’s Stealth Hunting Gloves are a top pick!

These gloves look cool and the pixelated camo print is known to be especially imperceptible to white-tailed deer. In addition, odor control technology will reduce your scent giving you the upper hand in the field.


  • Machine washable
  • Insulated neoprene cuff
  • Highly flexible


  • Not suitable for extreme cold weather, these are not the thinnest warmest gloves
  • Some buyer find these gloves come up small

8. primos realtree stretch gloves

These are a cost-effective option for a lightweight hunting glove for the cooler months. The back of the glove has a Realtree print and the palm side is made from a relatively thin stretch fabric with rubber dots for grip.


  • Lightweight
  • Camo design
  • Inch dots for grip
  • Extended Cuff

Why the Primos Realtree Stretch Hunting Gloves are a top pick!

These one size fits all gloves are not for seriously cold weather but probably do the job for autumn days. They are popular with both men and women as a lightweight glove with a decent grip.


  • These are a quick and cheap option.
  • Thin design allows you to move and use your hands.


  • One size
  • Very thin and unsuitable for very cold weather

Key factors to consider when choosing the  best cold weather hunting gloves

To ensure that your gloves are ideal for the type and duration of your hunting activity you will need to evaluate what you need in your cold-weather gloves. There are so many types available so you need to be a little more specific about what will actually work for your hunting. As a bowhunter, your gloves will have to allow you to use your bow unhampered and there is no point fiddling around with gloves while the deer you have been tracking for hours gets away! Here are the key factors and features to look out for in the best cold weather hunting gloves for you.

1. Types of hunting gloves

  • Full gloves are warm waterproof gloves with a full-fingered design that will fully enclose your fingers and thumb down to your wrists. Some full gloves allow the top of the thumb and forefinger to pop off.
  • Fingerless gloves lack sheathing for your fingers meaning that you benefit from the flexibility and dexterity of your digits. They are sometimes coupled with mittens or other coverings for the extremities.
  • Gauntlets are fingerless gloves with one large opening through which the fingers protrude.
  • Hunting mittens have a separate opening for the thumb and a single covered opening for all four fingers. Some mitten designs have a pop-top that covers fingered gloves for extra warmth.
  • Liner gloves are a base layer covering for the hands made from a thin layer of flexible insulating material. They can be paired with other gloves or used alone if the weather is not very cold.
  • Shooting gloves not only keep your hand warm but allow dexterity and protect your hands from the heat and force of a discharged weapon
  • Archery cold weather gloves provide insulation to the hands, which need to be warm and supple to shoot. in winter conditions. They should also carry a good palm grip so you can hold your bow securely.

2. Materials Used In Hunting Gloves

There is a range of traditional and modern materials used in the fabrication of the best gloves for cold weather. They are usually made from a combination of layers. Look for materials for waterproof gloves like polyester or neoprene. Insulation can be provided by fleece or microfleece linings of varying pile, or even short pile fur. Alternatively, you may favor classic durable natural materials like wool or leather.

3. Hunting glove warmth

Many of the best cold weather gloves use Thinsulate linings that come in a variety of weights for good heat holding with minimal bulk. A weather-resistant outer layer such as Gore-Tex will keep cold air out of the glove meaning that the fleece linings work more efficiently. Some winter hunting gloves have an integrated zipped pouch for inserting self-warming heating pads to add additional warmth to your hands in the field.

4. Grip for your cold-weather gloves

This is vital for a safe glove while hunting as you will need your grip for hiding your bow, scrambling across rocks, and other obstacles or dragging prey. A good grip also helps to protect your palms from injury. Leather palms are the most rugged and durable. Other materials include neoprene which can be etched with a pattern or digitally designed printed silicone grip patterns that extend to the fingertips. In addition, contemporary hunting glove designs usually feature a special coating on the thumb and fingertips that will work with touchscreen devices.

5. Scent reduction in your heated hunting gloves

Remaining imperceptible will give you the edge when out hunting and sweaty hands can produce an odor that is easily picked up by sensitive prey like deer. Good quality gloves will be breathable to prevent sweaty hands while many include proprietary antibacterial odor control layers that wick away moisture and stop scent being released into your environment.

6. Cold weather camouflage gloves

A great pair of gloves is of no use if you stick out like a sore thumb. Camouflage is vital for the good concealment a hunter will need to be successful. Look for camouflage patterns that cover the majority of your hand and ideally coordinate with your other hunting gear and apparel for a seamless presentation. Realtree proprietary camouflage patterns are very effective and widely used. Some specialist hunting apparel manufacturers use newer digitally generated multi-scale pixelated camo patterns which have been scientifically proven to be concealing at a range of distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves?

For us, a fingered glove with mitten cover provides the best cold protection. Take a look at some of the examples by Hot Shot above. These gloves protect the fingers and provide dexterity as and when you need it by popping off the mitten top. Look for designs that have a pouch for heat holders too. Your hands need to be able to move so avoid excessive bulk.

What are the warmest gloves?

There are so many man made materials that do a great job but for us, nature knows best and the warmest gloves you will find are likely to be fur-lined or sheepskin.  Alternatives like the Under Armour hunting gloves shared here have lots of insulating layers, good enclosure of the hand, and protect your extremities well.

Where can I buy camouflage clothing?

If you are passionate about bow hunting investing in a full layered wardrobe of camp apparel will keep you warm and concealed. Many hunting accessory manufacturers also specialize in clothing such as coats, trousers, bibs, and base layers. Purchasing your clothing and accessories like hunting day pack from reputable suppliers like Sitka, Badlands, or  KUIU will keep everything coordinated and you will benefit from their expertise and quality.

How else can I keep my hands warm while hunting?

Keeping your hands warm is absolutely necessary when spending a long time outside in winter. Cold ingress into your joints is damaging and can cause long term problems, so it will always be important to protect your hand with gloves. Of course, comfort matters too and people vary in their perception of cold. In these situations a layering approach to keeping warm works well as there are many thin warm gloves that can be layered with mittens for extra warmth. The best liner gloves are often warm enough for use alone in fall or early winter too.

If you undertake bow fishing or duck hunting you are probably spending hours in a Jon boat on the water so waterproof gloves with a base layer or fleece lining will be key.

Hand warmers are also a useful option for getting your hands warmed up quickly and can be inserted into your gloves or mittens for prolonged heat. They rely on an exothermic reaction to produce the heat needed while on the go.

Of course, keeping your core body temperature up will also help your hands. Ensure that you are wearing a suitable number of layers for the outdoor temperature you will be in. Even if only on a day excursion, be sure to pack a thermos with hot drinks or soup to keep your temperature up. If you become too cold or conditions are adverse, it is probably best to return home.

Rounding up

Keeping your hands warm is a basic for winter hunting excursions and is well worth the investment in a good quality pair of hunting gloves. There is a range of options available meaning it should not be difficult to track down your ideal pair. With hunting gloves, price is a good indicator of quality and cheaper gloves are thinner and fewer of the features you can expect from a more expensive pair. Good hunting gloves should provide warmth, flexibility, and grip and allow your hands to move so you can handle your bow as and when you need it. Sizing also matters so be sure to get the correct fit for maximum comfort and performance.

Do you have a great pair of cold weather hunting gloves you want to share? We would love to know your thoughts and comments which you can leave in the section below.

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