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The Best bowfishing bow lets archers broaden their range and develop their abilities in target shooting. Generally, the bowfishing game is also recognized as archery fishing. A blend of shooting, archery, and fishing expertise is here the main trait of this game. Only then will it make the game more enjoyable.

While choosing the right bow fishing bow, you have to keep in mind some vital considerations. Will your bow friendly for both salt and fresh water? Is it capable enough to catch big fish or just small ones? Also, make sure to understand whether it is for competition or just for a hobby.

By ensuring all of the necessary features, you can get the ultimate fishing to drive you a real and satisfying result.

We have listed a few of the coolest and top-selling fishing bows in today's article. Hopefully, this will ensure you are getting great value for the money you are spending.

Archery Equipment Needed For Bowfishing

Bowfishing package is not always costly. Required products involve a bow, a string reel, a bowhunting arrow and tips, and a catching permit. Extra gear involves gloves, towels, reflective shades, and even a gaff to protect fish.

Fishing Bows

Traditional hunting gear can be quickly turned into fish bows. You may even purchase a cheap used bow.

However, make sure it suits your draw size and scales at least 25 lbs to enable more action and less physical exhaustion. When you purchase a used bow, ask the bow professional at the archery store to test this before your first shot.

Reels And Rods

One may purchase reels, rods, arrows, including tips individually or in a bow fishing kit. Most of the other bundles do have a bow. A lot of newcomers begin with bottle-style reel and turn to spin cast one.

The reel allows you to bring the fish in by hand, while spin-cast reels enable one to catch the bait much like you might do with a fishing rod.


The particular arrows should be heavy and hard to enter the water and survive collisions with rocks, logs, or other aquatic items. They are mostly constructed of fiberglass to be severely exploited.

One is still going to need screw-in barbed tips for the bows. Such tips prevent the fishes from falling off the dart when they are fired. You may purchase customized tips for particular types of fish or reusable tips.


Fish can dart, duck, and travel rapidly, so there is no need for sight and release help. They are just going to slow down the response speed, and they will cost you more. Learn how to use your impulses and techniques to make fast, deadly strikes. Use gloves or fingertip to cover them for safety.

Top 7 Bowfishing Bows Reviews

You might be just wondering about getting into the bowfishing sport. Or else, you might be thinking about upgrading your gig for the upcoming season. Whether you are a rooking fisherman or a pro, the following seven fishing bows are really the best deal you can hardly find elsewhere.

Before selecting these, we have gone through a thorough investigation. We have based the list after checking out the feedback of hundreds of real users also. The key features that we have prioritized are reel, draw weight, draw length, framework, arrow material, etc.  

1. Muzzy Vice Bowfishing Bow–Best For Rookie Fishermen

Recently, a specialized bowfishing package is laucned by Muzzy. The latest Vice bowfishing kit contains all specs that a bow fisherman requires to begin punching fishes.

The flexible 30-inch side to side bow is specially engineered to lastthe prolonged and extreme situation.

The Vice set weighs 45 lbs and has a draw size of 29-inch. However, the onboard draw modules include half-inch intervals for draw-length change between 24.5 to 30 inches. So, it can accommodate all heights and ability levels.

An archery arrowof fiberglass is equipped with a Quick-Release Carp Head in this Muzzy fisherman bow. The precisely crafted Carp Tip allows getting an outstanding soft-fleshed bait penetration.

The bow set also provides a robust stainless-steel ferrule. With it, a user merely twists the tip twice to free a fish, enabling the barbs to roll back with a fast and straightforward release.

Lastly, the super convenient and finger-saving green rubber finger safeguards are included in the Vice pack. You can ensure precise firing even if your hands are wet.


  • Axle to Axle length of 30 inches
  • Flexible Draw Length 24.5 to 31 inches
  • Weighs 3.8lbs
  • Brace Height of 7.5 inches
  • Up to 320 fpsArrow Speed
  • AdaptableDraw Weight of 30 to 60 lbs
  • Up to 75%Let-Off
  • Both for left and right-handed

What did We like?

  • It comes from a renowned brand
  • It fits perfectly for professional usage
  • Delivers more adjustability to users
  • Easy to adapt by rookie bow fishermen
  • Ensure finger safety

What We didn’t Like?

  • Requires regular maintenance
  • You need to change the string often

2. Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Kit–Strongest Body

In fall 2012, Bear Archery purchased Cajun Archery. It was continuing a fine job of bringing the brand very well, building the ultimate gears for bow fishers. A good example would be this edition of the Cajun Sucker Punch. This fishing bow is made by keeping in mind the wild bow angler.

The Cajun bowfishing Sucker Punchbow comes with wide grooves in the cams is developed to stop derailing when you are struggling on the river. The Punch bow is only 3.2 lbs and has a decent brace length of 7.25 inches. It helps to pull arrows more patient and more relaxed.

The bow has an axle-to-axle of just around 32 inches. Thus, whenever you need to wait for the right moment to strike, it is indeed lightweight enough to fire in close ranges while ensuring safety.

It has ample strength for a challenging game with 50 lbs of pull weight, yet it can also be turned back to about 30 lbs if need.


  • 50 lbspeak draw weight
  • Let Off: up to 60%
  • 7.25-inch of Brace Height
  • Axle-to-Axle distance 32.25 inches
  • Fishing biscuit arrow rest
  • 17-31inches of draw length

What did We like?

  • Rigid framework for enabling a decent deal of action
  • There are deeper cam units to avoid malfunction
  • Superb adaptability for every user
  • One hand-operated compact reel that incorporates the benefits of free-spool
  • Line of 25 yards carrying 250 lbs

What We didn’t Like?

  • When using in salty environments, it must be more waxed
  • Performance of let-off cam systems decreases with Quick shooting

3. Cajun Fish Stick Bowfishing Bow Set –Best Durable Fishing Bow

In the next rank of our Best bowfishing bow review, we have a Cajun edition. The Cajun Bowfishstick is a compact fishing bow that can quickly be mounted.

A customized and distinct specification is developed with the high-end aluminum riser and reinforced limbs. The craftsmanship has made the bow to last longer than usual.

This kit contains a reel, arrow, Piranha finger protector, and blister buster finger pads. The base version is offered with a red marble color.

The above takedown bow by the United States manufacturer Cajun Bowfishing is yet another sample of a decent starting kit for those new to the game. The dimension is 56 inches long with a top draw of 45 pounds.

It can reliably survive the kind of violence that regular bow fishing inflicts. This unique collection contains a drum reel, fishing string, a fishing arrow, and fish hook rest.

The handle's key advantage is the antislip rubber and "Blister-Buster" fingerpads, which let you have a great shooting experience. The Fish Stick is designed to be highly adaptable and can fit almost every range of marine fishing accessories.


  • Aluminum riser: 5 inches
  • Composite body
  • Length: 58 inches
  • Draw weight: 45 pounds
  • Built with a roller system
  • Axle to axle distance: 28-inch

What did We like?

  • An aluminum-made riser beam and concrete frame for maximum durability
  • Best for professional bow fishing
  • It keeps longer shoots easier than average by providing a better view
  • Simple to change and monitor the drawing motion
  • Strong-hold reels

What We didn’t Like?

  • Not made for left-handed anglers
  • Comparably high in price

4. PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit–Best Pro Fishing Bow

The PSE Kingfisher Bowling Package has multiple features for bowling and shooting. The bow has a total length of 62 inches and weighs just around 5.5lbs, delivering more strength in a lighter box. The bowfishing arrow is constructed of sturdy fiberglass, and its tip is already connected.

Its front mount reel offers an extra 50 feet of line for further comfort. So, this can be used for several different sports without only fishing.

A Snap Shot arrow brace is included, which provides a more precise degree of assistance and better accuracy advantage.

The PSE Kingfisher Bow Catching Kit was built for the right-handed bowman, so it would not be convenient for the left-handed bow angler.

Notwithstanding, the all-season Gilliepolish on the body gives it a wild and involved presence, just as a pro wants. The product is robust enough for usage in cloudy or sunny climates.


  • Right-handed design
  • Weighs 2.5 lbs
  • Length 56-inch
  • Draw weight 40lbs
  • Arrow size: 32 inches

What did We like?

  • Delivers more accurate shots
  • Draw weight choosing options available
  • Compared to the specs, it is price efficient
  • All the components included
  • Quite appealing design

What We didn’t Like?

  • Only for right-handed users
  • Not preferable for beginners

5. PSE ARCHERY Kingfisher Recurve Bow Set –Best Budget Fishing Bow

If you are searching for a multi-purpose fishing bow, then Kingfisher Recurve Bow is the suit. When the seasons are over, this bow may be used to hunt rabbits or practice shooting targets. It can be a great deal of money.

It is a compact recurve bow that is easy for the novice to use. Even professionals can utilize the bow in their way due to its upgraded design and features.

The draw weight of the longbow can be switched between 30 to 45 lbs. Its heavier draw weight guarantees incredibly extended-range shooting ability.

Plus, it is a 60-inch archery bow, making it a perfect option for beginners as longer bows are more reliable.

The bow fishing set has a fiberglass arrow. It is 32 inches long, and it can be added to the fishing reel to maximize the capture. The arrow points let you a higher rate of penetration in bow fishing.


  • The pull weight is 35 to 45 pounds
  • Bow diameter is 56 inches.
  • Right-handed
  • The bow weighs 2.5 lbs.
  • Riser material Fiberglass
  • Arrow size is 32 inches

What did We like?

  • Adjustable draw length and weight
  • Standard cam design
  • Built for various sports without fishing
  • Perfect for long-distance shooting
  • It comes at a reasonable price

What We didn’t Like?

  • We found the factory string a bit buzzy
  • Yet it would be better if the weight is less

6. PSE ARCHERY D3 Bowfishing Compound Bow–Best Multi-purpose Fishing Bow

One of the most widely known bows at the time is D3. There are specialist bows for competition and hunting in this sector. But it is a versatile solid performer that suits both in the areas of tournaments and on numerous rivers, can show outstanding performances.

Everybody's fish bow is finally now at an insane amount. This PSE D3 is the bow; either one is starting up or practicing for progress.

For easing tension, the unit represents an exciting strategy. Not only a stairway, but there are three built-in points.

It can tackle 30 inches of draw duration and 29 inches to 40 inches of top weight, fabulous gear for the snapshooter.

The bow extends gently and quickly, yet the arrow's distance is shortened somewhat. It is excellent for learning the form of firing. Even perfect for short-distance arena shooting where there is no impact of environmental variables.


  • 27-40 lbs of draw weight
  • For right-handed archers
  • Color: Blue DK'd
  • Axel to axel distance 30 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs

What did We like?

  • Very lightweight designs, friendly for beginners
  • Let you adjust draw weight within an extensive range
  • High-end durability for long-lasting performance
  • Perfect for snapshots
  • Adequate brace height

What We didn’t Like?

  • Arrow quality should be improved
  • Reel excellence is not up to the mark

7. CenterPoint AVCT40KT Typhon Compound Bow Fishing Kit –League Fishing Bow

At the very last of our Best bowfishing bow reviews, we have the CenterPoint Typhon fishing kit. No doubt, bow fishing is not like other bow hunting sports.

Instead, the fact that it blends both hunting trips and fishing excitement. And for that, the Center Point bowfishing kit is the perfect suit.

For both newbies and veterans, the bow packagefeatures some trilling specs.  It has a flexible draw weight of 15 lbs, which can be extended up to 55 lbs.

It ensures you can take quick shots. The draw distance is between 19 to 29 inches.

With the 28 inches of the axle to axle size, it becomes easy to maneuver. Keeping the same thought in mind, the manufacturer equipped it with 7 inches of brace height.

Unlike other bow fishing kits, this one is suitable for both right and left-handed archers. The spin-cast reel design and added in a way to ease of usability. Besides, the position is adjustable.

Most importantly, the bow has quick-release tip features, including a slide system. It makes your snapshot and let-off experience easier.


  • Dynamo line: 100 lbs
  • Adjustable draw weightfrom 15 to 55 lbs
  • Arrow: fiberglass 33 inches
  • Draw length: 19 to 29 inches
  • Bow weight: 3.30 lbs

What did We like?

  • Suited for both handed archers
  • High-end manufacturing touch
  • All the bow fishing components are included
  • No bow press functionality makes it easy to handle
  • Rubber made finger protector

What We didn’t Like?

  • A bit weighty
  • Premium quality will cost you more

Techniques For Bowfishing

With preparation and a few simple strategies, you will be as successful as anybody. The seven critical things that you must remember are provided below.

Have A Nice Glass

If you are bowfishing often in the daylight, ensure having your polarized shades. Before you buy a new pair, test it.

Choose The Best Tip

Be certain that you are using a good tip for the fish types you're pursuing. Tiny-prong tips do not even fit nicely on big. Besides, soft-bodied carp might tear it down.

Keep On Sharp

Retain the tips of the bowfishing clean. If you practice in rough, shallow places, you can gradually dull the tips.

When the tip dampens, it makes a much wider damage hole, making it more straightforward for the dart to pop out and the creature to slide off.

Don't Stay Steel

Don't ever be scared to deal with difficult situations and get out of your ride. When you are bowfishing from a vessel, you could skip a lot of nice shots in narrow inlets and creeks, which are too close for a ride.

Dial-In The Reel

You should have a reel for high-volume firing, which helps you get off a series of short shots.

You should clean and polish your spinner reel often. Try changing the string in the bottle coil before the playoffs begin.

Know The Scout

Discover new regions in bowfishing. And do not be scared to go out and bring up the charts.

The state's DNR web page may include charts of the state waterways and a description of each river or freshwater species.

Snap Shooting

This tip would raise a little outrage from the archery fans out there. However, a snapping shot is indeed a very effective bow-fishing technique. Snap aiming only results when you fire with a recurve or a weapon without any let off.

How To Pick The Right Bow Fishing Bow

You might be confused about how you should choose the right one among the 7 Best bowfishing bow reviews above. Well, anyone would be since all of these are equally popular and reliable fishing bows. Let us help you guide you on how you should choose the right gig for your next session.

The Bow Type

If you want to pursue a more conventional bowhunting experience, maybe the recurve/takedown bows are the ones you should look for.

These are solid, manageable to newcomers, lightweight and straightforward, perfect for snap shooting.

Although these are difficult to draw and target, the grander scale can cause visibility and mobility issues.

With the wheel and lever mechanisms, compound bows could look and sound more complicated. Well, that means that these are far simpler to pull than recurves, maintaining high strength while wasting less force on the draw.

Draw Weight

When it is about bowfishing, weight is critical. Well, not the weapon's actual weight and the sum of pull weight used to move backward the thread.

Remember, compound bows can be more accommodating, and these can be the best option for younger shooters and newcomers.


Bowfishing wheels are available in 3 different styles, much like the bows.

Drum reels are perhaps the most common, provided that, for obvious purposes, they are often called "hand" reels. You have to physically bring it in after striking a fish by winding the rope around the drum.

In conventional catching, spin reels are quite similar to spin-cast reels that are common. ⠀

Finally, retriever/bottle reels are another option that has been used by many pro catchers. Simple to locate, instead of against a spool, the thread is hauled into a bottle.

Bow Length

It is vital since you won't be able to aim if you're not using the correct bow size. You would still be endangering yourself and losing precision. So, according to some comfort zone, pick these.


Bowfishing arrows have essential distinctions from standard archery equivalents, as many of you would assume.

They are meant to be heavier and are often made of fiberglass. Arrows of sturdy aluminum and carbon fiber also are visible out there.


Who Makes The Best Bowfishing Bow?

There are many promising, both new and old brands that are manufacturing commercial bowfishing bow. Among them below companies have the most selling and acknowledged fishing bows –

  • Barnett
  • Cajun
  • AMS
  • Muzzy
  • D&Q
  • PSE
Do You Need A Special Bow For Bowfishing?

Not essentially. Any recurve or compound fishing bows are good enough to handle soft to a wild fishing situation. Besides, these are sufficient for competitive sports as well.

But you can always customize the reel, tip, or any other parts of the bow according to your need.

What Is The Best Draw Weight For Bowfishing?

For bowfishing, the optimal draw weight is usually about 30 to 40 lbs. Don't get panic. Even if the weight is a bit less or higher than that, you can kill underwater species with it. The draw weight would be a suitable measure if talking about adult or pro archers.

But the young hunters may not be willing to fire with a 40 lb draw weight. Yet, depending on age, muscular strength, and expertise, your draw weight preference might vary.

Can You Bowfish With Any Bow?

For bowfishing, you can easily choose any compound, recurve bowfishing bow, or maybe even a crossbow. All boils down to own interest. For novice to professionals, muzzy bowfishing bows are specifically designed for bowfishing and have a fantastic addition that we have discussed above.

Some fishing compound bows are specially constructed for bowfishing to be fired with fingertips. For quick-firing, they even have a steady draw weight, just like a takedown/recurve.

A deer hunting bow may even be upgraded to a bowfishing set. It is indeed better to devote a bow to bowfishing, though.

Final Thoughts

Well, anyone can find a bow for fishing. But to get the Best bowfishing bow, you would surely need expertise and real-life experience of using it. That is how you can justify the durability and performance.

You can also identify whether the bow is suitable for the competitive league or just gear to set with for hours and then break a wild limb.

However, it is not possible to thoroughly examine each of the options available out there for you. You need to cost that much money to do so.

We have listed the top-performing and deal-breaker bowfishing bow above, therefore. Each of these is appreciated by both our experts and hundreds of real-users. Your money will be on the right side.

Whatever you have decided to pick for this season of bow fishing, let us know your experience afterward. Till then, have a nice day out while getting back home with a bucket full of fish. Take care.

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