Best Bow Stabilizer For Target shooting And Hunting In 2021

Best Bow Stabilizer

Those days are gone when archers had to count on their abilities and talents with the old-school bow and arrow for archery. Now, you will find an innovated modern add-on that eases up your burden even if you are a novice to the sports. There were times when it used to take the number of shots and practices to get your arrow right to the target. But now, there is one thing through which you can get your aim right and on point even from the beginning of your archery.

It’s the stabilizer. And if you think you lack this coolest attachment, then it’s high time to get one for your compound bow to win the sport of archery.

And since you will find a lot of options while looking for the best, here I have made a list of the 10 best bow stabilizer, so your quest for the dominant stabilizer ends with this article. Thus, here you go.

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 Best bow stabilizer For Perfect Shots 

Best for hunting

  • pro hunter maxx
  • stinger sport hunter xtreme stabilizer
  • bee stinger sport hunter
  • trophy ridge hitman stabilizer

Best For Target practice

  • apache stabilizer
  • nap apache
  • Trophy ridge static

1.  Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

Trophy Ridge appears to be one of the most reliable manufacturers for offering the best bow stabilizer for hunting. As for this Static Stabilizer model, you can state the same.

It comes in 2 sizes: 6 inches and 9 inches. As for the weight, it has been constructed for the archers to feel its comfort in its weightlessness. So, this stabilizer will give you the perk of customization depending on your suitability and preference.

It entirely relies on the purpose of your archery, as for selecting the length of a stabilizer. If you are hunting, it will be amazing if you try out a smaller sized which is the 6-inch one. The reason is that it will not be coming in your way while you hunt since you will be constantly moving with a moving aim. If you try out a length that will be shorter than that range, it will offer you bigger benefit with the great decrease of torque, noise, vibration, and shock. So your target and your focus will never get disrupted.

If you go for the 9-inch version, it will be more suitable for target shooting since its emphasis will be on stable static objects. It helps offer maximum accuracy by keeping the pins from fluctuating that leads to giving you a steadier feel.

The stabilizer, unfortunately, comes in two typical colors. One is in pink and the other is in camo. Although, many of the archers love the later one, so if you think you want a camo stabilizer you can go for it.

With the holes sandwiched by the construction of the model, the flow of air is not a concern anymore. The air can flow across the stabilizer and the bow smoothly, that makes it steady and well balanced.


  • A very lightweight stabilizer
  • Solid construction and well built.
  • Comes in2 distinct colors
  • Comes in 2 different length
  • Give you a feeling of stability


  • The shorter one does not give as much satisfaction as the longer one can give.
  • Might not be perfect for shorter bows.

2.  SAS Archery  – Aluminum Bow Stabilizer

The Southland Archery Supply Aluminum Stabilizer happens to be one of the best bow stabilizers for accuracy you can get for your starter bow.

It has been constructed with aluminium materials. It means you will find it very lightweight to use. Aluminium tends to be one of the ideal materials because it features rust-resistant properties.

However, there are some forces that come along while you use a bow and an arrow. And these forces end up impacting the torque. In such cases, increasing the weight of the bow will not be a great solution. The best thing you can do is to stabilize the bow so that you can make sure that your arrow flight is steady and confident.

For this, the weight of the stabilizer is more efficient after you move it away from the mid of the rotation.

As for the construction, the stabilizer comes in great aluminium design. With its extreme vibration dampening technology, the stabilizer is capable of dampening the vibration so that you can shoot your arrows in a much smoother and comfier way.

However, you can get the stabilizer in three different lengths. It comes in 5 inches, 8 inches and 11 inches in length. So you can pick depending on your preference. Although you will find the 5 inches and 3 inches ones lighter than the 8 inches one

Speaking more of the preference, you can also pick your favourite one among the Black and Camo colour.


  • Easy to mount to the bow.
  • Comes with vibration dampening technology.
  • Aluminum makes the stabilizer lightweight.
  • Well-built and durable.
  • You can pick your favorite one among Camo and Black.
  • Able to make your arrow shot easy and stable.
  • The color can give your bow a good look.
  • Easy to carry the bow with it
  • Ideal for any archer.


  • The logo emblem at the front of the model is white that seems to be quite visible.
  • The 8 inches model is a bit heavier than the other version.
  • Might not be scratch resistant.

3.  NAP apache – compound bow stabilizer

This Apache stabilizer by New Archery Products that is NAP can be flawless for both hunting and target shooting. Because, with this, you will be able to customize the stabilizer all on your own.

Coming in 8 inches long, the stabilizer is mainly ideal for target shooting. However, with a slight tweak, you can use it for hunting as well. The stabilizer features extra element with dissembling the bar. A detachable attachment coming in 3 inches long helps a lot to get you a much smaller and lighter stabilizer once you remove it.

When archers think of getting a stabilizer, the most important factor they consider is the weigh since they will need to feel the stability. This Apache comes with a weight of 1 pound. So, as it has been mentioned already, it is ideal for all the archers.

Apache original damps down materials to remove and throw out vibration. It also hushes your bow down after you release the arrow.

It comes with a robust stuff, rubber with aluminum fibers which decrease in bow noise and vibration lets you have the shot without the target distracted.

The model comes in two different colors just like the most. So you can go for the back one or pick the camo one.

With Apache, firing an arrow past 30 yards will no longer be impossible. Not only that, but you will also be able to achieve that with high precision.

In addition, you will find it pretty durable since even strong wind condition will not be able to harm the item.


  • Available in two different colors to pick one from
  • Offers great stability for long distance target.
  • Ideal for target shooting and even for hunting.
  • You will be able to make it shorter and lighter by the 3 inch removable attachment.
  •  Quick to install.
  • Does not weigh much.


  • Pulling it to pieces is not very easy since they are linked by screws and the screws are pretty small.
  • You might not find it user-friendly.
  • There might be a balance issue after dismantling the detachable part
  • You might find it slightly heavy on the front end.

4. Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme – archery Stabilizers

All the way through research and testing integrated into stabilizers, the Bee Stinger brand offers shooters a top-notch collection of stabilizers that do not only meet the requirements of an experienced archer but also stabilize their confidence.

Such a model like the Sport Hunter Xtreme is well-known only for its vibration reduction and most importantly bow stabilization. So, if you want to own a stabilizer, this is one of the best bow stabilizers you can own.

This bow stabilizer has been made up of super light carbon fiber rod. So it is going to make your stabilizer firm and stable while you release your arrow.

Its design has incorporated the combination of SIMS De-Resonator and SIMS Internal Harmonic Dampener element which helps disregard the reverberation.

However, the weight of the stabilizer has been placed to the furthermost point from the bow. Not only that, but it is also capable of gleaning the utmost moment of inertia. The stabilizer can offer such stability to your bow that it will make your pin stable to aim.

The weight of the Sport Hunter Xtreme is surely customizable. So, you will be able to add or minus 3 aluminum caps weights at 1 ounce each.

You will also be able to choose the length ranging from 6 inches to 10 inches. Not only that you can boost 0.5 inch for each of the lengths with the incorporated weight. However, the weight for each of the lengths will differ. The Sport Hunter Xtreme comes within five different colors to satiate your preference more. Although, the Camo one can be a little disappointing since its pattern will not match with your other accessories. However, it can still be a great buy.


  • Offers superior stabilization.
  • Able to defeat shot-induced vibrations.
  • Great stabilizer for hunting.
  • The minimal vibration for the combination of SIMS De-Resonator and SIMS Internal Harmonic Dampener element.
  • You cancustomize extra weight
  • Can choose the length ranging from 6 inches to 10 inches.
  • Available in 3 different colors to pick from.


  • The Camo color of the stabilizer might get faded and it might also not match with the other pattern.
  • Very pricey to get

5. Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxxhunting Stabilizer

Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer by Bee Stinger has been greatly fabricated with supreme quality Smart Carbon technology with black or camo design. It guarantees the target archers to offer great performance so that it can impress you.

The manufacturer has embraced a captivating concept and reformed it so as to produce the greatest line of high performing stabilizers. The formulas used in the stabilizer combine a lighter carbon bar that you will find tremendously firm.

So, while taking a shot, it will make sure you get the trophy of a lifetime. And it’s the wandering pin that will matter the most.

Coming in 8 inches, the Pro Hunter Stabilizer has been engineered for keeping you stable all the way under pressure. It also helps in dampening vibration so that you can refine your precision.

These longer stabilizers has used smart carbon fiber extension technology for ensuring great performance. Such technology is popular for having light and sturdy elements. And for this, it has been chosen for building such a product.

To add more, this material also helps ensure resilience so that what you get, you get the best of it. So, you can expect it to stay with you for long term once you own this stabilizer.

The stabilizer incorporates DE resonator that has been designed to fine-tune and reduce harmony of the bow. With this, you will be able to enrich the precision of the flight of the arrow. It has been built with noise and vibration control material through which you can do the tuning job.


  • Has been well-fabricated with Smart Carbon technology to guarantee a great quality stabilizer for durability and resilience.
  • It is fitted with 3 independently detachable end weights for customizable balance and performance.
  • NOVCOM technology for offering noise-dampening.
  • Reduce vibration to enhance shot consistency.
  • Able to use it even in all cruel weather conditions especially in windy condition.
  • Comes with an interior harmony dampener to offer firm construction.
  • The DE resonator helps lessen vibration enriching the flight path of your arrow.
  • The stabilizer has been engineered a solid construction.
  • Comes in 3 different colors and patterns.


  • You might find it pretty heavy for beginners.
  • Some of the archers’ arm might tire off fast as a result of the weight.

6. LimbSaver S-Coil bow stabilizers

It comes in several colors, like black, red, blue, the most famous ever- camo, and many more other options to pick one from.

However, if you want it for hunting, its better you go for lesser distinctive color. Like the colors that will blend well with nature. Because obviously, you don’t want the animal to get alerted out of nowhere.

It comes in 4.5 inches long and weighs only 4.5 ounces. So you will find it weigh very light and its tiny small size makes it the best for hunters.

For its sturdy design, you will be able to utilize it in very severe weather conditions, specifically when it is windy. The stabilizer can make you ensure the bow is stable and you can shoot your arrow with ease.

With NAVCOM technology which is short for Noise and Vibration Control Material, the design of these attachments upsurges the surface area intensely so that it can produce nodes to cancel shock independently. Hence, it gives the stabilizer a much silent approach through controlling the vibration and the noise.

With the unique continuous spiral design, this one of the stabilizers happens to give you a unique experience in arrow shooting. While many have praised it to be well balanced, many have loved its dampening technology to offer great performance.

You will not only find it easy to install but a lot easier to use with confidence.


  • Made up of aluminum for strength and durability
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • NOVCOM technology for offering noise-dampening.
  • Reduce vibration to enhance shot consistency.
  • Able to use it even in all cruel weather conditions especially in windy condition.
  • Available in 10 different colors to pick one from.
  • The unique coil design gives you a unique experience.
  • Great for hunting


  • It might not suit all type of bow.
  • Might not be suitable for long distance target for its short length.
  • Might not be ideal for target shooting.

7.  limbsaver windjammer – Best Bow Stabilizers

WindJammer Bow Stabilizer has a lot of features to offer that makes it the best of all of its rivals. Starting from its construction to its performance, all it gives it perfection.

However, as for the construction, this clever stuff has been made up of 6061 aluminum that appears to be machined aircraft. The stabilizer has been incorporated with brand’s proprietary NAVCOM material. And for its material, it just weighs 13 ounce that makes it a very lightweight stabilizer to own.

Coming in 7 inches long, WindJammer has the ability to be a great stabilizer for you as it blocks sorrounding winds.

However, talking more about the Netcom end node, it basically helps reduce the vibration. It comes with threads for attachment. You will find WindJammer Balance System with the product available for stabilizing but that is sold separately. With this system, you will be able to add extra stability as well as customization. So, design wise, you will find it a very robust model that has been constructed to last longer than ever.

Additionally, the LimbSaver WindJammer is stress-free to mount to the bows, particularly the compound one. And the price is so reasonable that any of the archers will be able to buy it.

What makes the best for compound bows is that the design chosen for the stabilizer is resilient and simple. So, you can pair it with any kind of bows you want. Its elegance and performance indeed grant satisfying surprises that meet all the archers’ expectations.


  • Machined aircraft aluminum for durability and strength.
  • NOVCOM technology for noise-dampening.
  • Netcom end Node for extra control in vibrations
  • Reduce vibration to enhance shot consistency.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Able to use it even in all cruel weather conditions.
  • Comes in a simple color that can be paired up in any kind of compound bows.


  • The red O rings might get popped out of place occasionally.
  • You might find it quite long for bows.

8.  Axion Archery GLZ Gridlock Stabilizer, Lost XD, 5″

To be stable in archery, the most important thing is that you get a perfect stabilizer. And for this, Axion can be a great brand to be added to your list. You might wonder what could the abbreviation SSG stand for. Well, it means Silence Second Generation. It’s a term used to define the functioning of the EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer.

It has proven to be a harmonic silencer and dampener by being the bow stabilizers for target shooting. This stabilizer has been fabricated as a 4-inch attachment that you can split to 3 pieces. It appears as one of the coolest designs that makes it an ideal stabilizer. So no matter who you are, a hunter or archer, you can think of investing it if you want to achieve high-precision in the world of archery.

The stabilizer features CNC or Computer Numeric Control. It is basically the process of fabrication which lets you use the machined auto tools to prove its durability and performance. Not only that, but it has also been designed for offering 80% lesser wind resistance so that it can offer more convenience. Besides it also helps in reducing the effect of hand torque while you aim at your shot.

However, the stabilizer features Mathews proven harmonic stabilizer and damper technology so mounting it to your bow will make a positive difference.

The EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer comes in only one color which is in Camo. Although, there is a high chance that you might not like the pattern of the color as it can come different than advertised. Other than that, this stabilizer is a great attachment to have.


  • Made of highest quality material.
  • Able to offer great stability.
  • Comes in an ideal size.
  • CNC machined design to offer 80% lesser wind resistance.
  • Helps in reducing the effect of hand torque while shooting the arrow.
  • Harmonic stabilizer and damper technology is a bonus
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Extremely lite weight.
  • Comes with 4 separate dampeners that help in cushioning the vibration


  • The camo color might come different than advertised.
  • Available in one color only.
  • Might not come with 4 harmonic stabilizer lights.

Bow Stabilizer Buying guide :

Either you are a pro or an expert, you must consider How much silencing and weight you need and for these consider the following factors before purchasing

Types Of Bow Stabilizer:

The variety in length, weight, structure, and material of bow stabilizers come in a lot to name. There are some that have been designed especially for target shooting and there are some that have been designed for hunting. The lengths can differ broadly relying on the purpose. However, you will also find side stabilizers out there. To enlighten the types, we have listed them according to different lengths.

  • Under 10 Inches 

Shorter stabilizers under 10 inches have been typically designed for reducing vibration. If you are marvelling what can be the best stabilizers for archery hunting, it will be most likely the ones under 10 inches. The reason is that the size makes it easy for the bow hunter to move around in the restrictions of ground blinds and hunting stands for their shorter length nature. You will also find them very solid to wind resistance.

  • Between 10 Inches To 15 Inches 

Stabilizers that are medium in length are also great for hunting. However, stabilizers longer than 12 inches are less expected to be used by many of the hunters. A stabilizer that falls in between this range of size is quite available in the market. The more the length is, the better the balance and the better the vibration will get dispersed. Naturally, it also tends to make the bow quite heavy.

  • Between 16 Inches To 30 Inches

You will basically find a pro to mainly have such long stabilizers that fall in the range between 16 inches to 30 inches. And this especially ideal for competition. The reserved environment of the target range and competitive arrow firing make this option practicable. The increased lengths take complete benefits of the stabilization that a stabilizer is expected to offer. However, such a long-range is usually not at all appropriate for hunters. So, archers must keep the length range in mind while getting the stabilizer.

Perks Of A Bow Stabilizer

  • As A Bow Steadier: 

A heavier and longer bow stabilizer will be offering you the much needed steadiness while you do target shooting. Bow stabilizers tend to add frontward weight to the bows that would make you stay on your target as the weight gets pulled down the bow’s lower half.

While you participate in target shooting, you will be noticing that they come with longer stabilizers. With the extra weight, you will be able to avert a shooting drawback which means to torque your hands at the shot. Stabilizer resists this torque so that it can maintain precision.

  • As A Vibration Dampener

The best thing about a bow stabilizer is that it happens to reduce the vibration of your bow.

You will find many shooters who think that when they shoot an arrow to the target at yards distance, it will get too late then for the target to sense the noise because they will get hit by that time., This is, however, a wrong concept.

If you dwell on it, the quickest speed that an arrow can travel from your bow is slightly more than 300 ft. per second, and when it comes to the speed of sound, it ted to be 1125 ft. per second.

So, it’s obvious that which one of the two will reach the ears of the target at first.

Vibration tends to be caused by the bow while you stabilize yourself for shooting an arrow. It’s because when you release the string, not all the energies from the tension of the bowstring will go with the arrow.

It rather flies and the energies that remain to the bow will produce vibrations that might make you change your hand positions and your arrow might have lessened its possibility of hitting.

Noise and vibrations move all over your bow. From the upper and lower limbs to the strings that vibrate to create higher frequency sound.

In this situation, the role of the bow stabilizers becomes essential. It has the ability to be a dampener. And as a result, it will lead to immensely hush your bow. However, your hand will stay in position If you happen to mount a bow stabilizer and with this, you can attain superior precision.

Characteristics Of A Bow Stabilizer:

A bow stabilizer comprises of 4 main parts through which you get the whole construction. These are the stabilizer body, noise dampening material, weight and screw mount.

  • Dampener:

It tends to be one of the most significant traits of a stabilizer. A dampener is basically constructed with rubber and it is used commonly. Moreover, it is typically positioned between the stabilizer body and the weight.

The vibrations are moved away from the bow to the bow stabilizer and after that, they move through the dampener for cancelling out the vibrations.

  • Weighted Front End:

Weighted front end of the stabilizer tend to be the most effective if you position them at the furthermost end from your crossbow. The weight from that position offers counterpoise and constancy so that you can have your shot.

You can compare the role to a barrel mounted to a shotgun. The weight of the barrel helps in maintaining the target steady of the rifle.

The front end is allowed to fluctuate at a different frequency when the vibrations are eliminated by the rubber dampener and are moved to the stabilizer. The vibrations here are transformed into motion and do not impact your bow.

In addition to the balance, the weight also lets the front of the bow increase the moment of inertia. This tends to be about an object resistance to torque or rotation. If you get yourself a superior quality stabilizer, it can offer you shooting form maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bow Stabilizer

Q: Do you need side rods with the stabilizer?

A: Side rods are not something necessary to have. So it is completely a personal choice if you want to have side rods with the stabilizer. Their sole purpose is just to help in balancing your crossbow by adding more weight behind the riser.

Q: Where do you mount the stabilizer to the bow?

A: You basically mount the stabilizer to the back of the riser through bolting it into a threaded add-on hole that is positioned just beneath the grip. You will find many bows that have this add-on hole so you can mount it to your bow with ease.

Q: Which brands have the best compound bow stabilizer?

A: It is not important that all the well-known brands will have the best compound bow stabilizer. You can also get your best in lesser-known brands. However, there are still some brands that offer the best bow stabilizer and those brands are, Bee Stinger sport hunter Xtreme, New Archery Products (NAP), pro hunter Maxx, Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer 


It definitely takes a lot of things to note down if you want to get the best bow stabilizer for yourself. However, as I have listed the 10 best of them, it should not be a problem anymore since they are actually ruling the world of archery. And once you get the best for your bow, you will be able to realize all your talent even being a newbie. So wish you all the best in getting the best one.

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