Best Bow Hunting Backpack for Carrying Everything In 2021

Best Bow Hunting Backpack

The best bow hunting backpack not only keeps your bow hunting gear dry and organized but also allows you to remain agile and light on your feet. Invest in proper quality equipment that is proven to withstand the rigours of outdoor activity and allows your Bows as well as arrows to be stowed safely.

If you bring down a deer, getting your meat, skin, and horns packaged and readily hauled means your trophy gets home intact.

Look for a backpack that can carry loads easily and be cleaned up each cubic inches afterwards. We have trawled the market for 10 of the best rucksacks for hunting deer with bow and arrow. Read on and see the great value products available!

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Top 11 best bow hunting backpack in 2021

1. ALPZ OutdoorZ Persuit Carrier Pack – best hunting backpack

  • Great spaces with multiple compartments and pockets arranged to keep your gear at your fingertips.
  • This ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit hunting can hold everything the bowhunter needs, including a quiver, bow, and hydration pocket.
  • Supportive padded waist belt with additional pockets
  • Rain cover, bow pocket, and D ring clips are included in this big game hunting pack.
  • It is built with  Mozzy oak up-country materials with Camouflage design.
Why this is a top pick

This is a sound mid-size meat hauler hunting backpack and is easy to load with all the gear you will need in the field. Mesh and zipped pockets hold hats, shades, scope, and electronics.

A spacious pocket will allow you to stow 2 to 3 litres of water and clip your hunting pack in place. Its roomy interior can easily allow you to pack for an extended excursion and haul prey home.

Fabrication and materials are robust and durable with a rain cover for added protection. A great all-rounder for the active hunter who likes their equipment to last.

Key features
  • size: 2700 cubic inches
  • Product weight: 4 pounds 1 oz


  • The removable hip compression straps means that you can leave it at home if it is not necessary.
  • ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Highly adjustable and organizable
  • Water bladder hooks are a neat touch


  • Somehunters find that this backpack runs small for the rifle hunting.
  • Padding and support are limited to its price point.

2. ALPS Outdoor Carrier Pack – bowhunting rucksack

  • Designed to accommodate a bow
  • Breathable expandable section for extra carrying capacity for meat
  • Water compatible with a hydration port and pocket.
  • Generous and robust lashings
  • It has padded shoulder straps.
  • It integrated with rain cover.
Why this is a top pick

Bowhunters have everything needed to hand with this high-quality carrier pack for hunters. It has a number of considered features that make it ideal for hunting with a bow. The padded shoulder and waist compression straps mean that you can carry this backpack comfortably and securely and the built-in rain cover simply pulls over everything when needed. Within the backpack, you have a variety of zippered pockets along with the stand out feature of a breathable 1200 cubic inches of storage for meat to be hauled home.

Key features
  • Size: 1200 cubic inches
  • weight: 6 pounds 14 oz
  • capacity: 74L/4


  • Robust construction and hard-wearing design.
  • Highly adjustable


  • Some purchasers find that the shoulder straps are uncomfortable with heavier loads
  • Some wear and tear reported early on prolonged trips
  • It can produce a creaking sound.

3. Timber Hawk Killshot – Best Bow Hunting Backpack

  • Generous 56.2-litre storage
  • Timber Hawk Killshot is suitable for an overnight or extended hunting trip
  • Safely position and carry your bow in multiple ways.
  • It has adjustable compression straps and multiple lashing points.
  • 2-litre hydration bladder and insulated hose attached with it
  • Plentyof wing pockets and zipped compartments for electronics
  • Rain cover included.
Why this Why This Timber Hawk Killshot Is A Top Pick 

Designed by hunters and for hunters, this smart backpack hails from the wilderness of Utah where its designers have put it through its paces on mountain-based hunting excursions. It has the capacity for stowing your bow, arrows, optics, and personal gear as well as a refillable water supply to ensure your keep hydrated on the move. Its polyester exterior has a waterproof backing

Key features
  • Product dimensions: 12.5 x 22 x 12 inches
  • Product weight: 7.6 pounds
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Useful for packing meat if you are on a day-trip.
  • Hunters appreciate Rugged and roomy design.


  • Some users have found the shoulder straps and waist belt are uncomfortable.
  • The high adjustability of the backpack can become frustrating over time.

4. Superday Hunting Backpack by Badlands

  • Realtree camo design provides great cover.
  • Bow compatible but will require attachments or bow carrier boots.
  • They were designed for hunting trips of a day’s duration.
  • 2-litre hydration bladder-compatible pocket.
  • It has Crush resistant hardware and premium zippers.
  • Padded Waist belt access pockets included.
Why this is a top pick

Badlands are experts in creating practical, utility-heavy hunting gear. This backpack delivers great capacity and portability which is more than adequate for a day’s hunting and carrying home some game. Load lifter straps and a secure waist belt help take the strain of your load. It has a streamlined design which is very useful when on the move and it’s Realtree camouflage is designed to make the bulk of this pack seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment.

Key features

  • Product dimensions: 21 x 16 x 11 inches
  • Product weight: 3 pounds, 15 ounces
  • volume: the main compartment has 1440 cubic inches of storage


  • Moulding foam that conforms to your body keeps your load comfortable.
  • Lots of compartments mean your scope and electronics are always to hand.


  • Not designed for meat hauling.
  • Some hunters find the fabric makes a rustling noise.

5. 2200 Hunting Pack snd Meat Hauler by Badlands

  • Integrated meat shelf
  • Dedicated scope and tripod pockets
  • Tote your bow by carrying the Badlands bow boot that is sold separately.
  • Internal aluminium frame for distributing the load to your hips
  • Approachcamo pattern finish.
Why this is a top pick

Were impressed by the smooth lines and clean presentation of this hunting backpack which can stow all your gear and bring home your game trophy. It is ergonomically designed with memory foam padding that moulds to your body. It comes with all the compartments that you would expect for optics and electronics, but you will have to buy a bow boot to attach your bow. This bow hunting pack can also handle carrying a significant amount of weight with its integrated meat shelf.

Key features
  • Product dimensions: 19 x 17 x 9 inches
  • Product weight: 5pounds, 15 ounces
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Streamlined with market-leading camo detailing.
  • Highly durable.
  • Able to haul meat home.


  • Some people find this bag runs large.

6. badlands LS bowhunting pack

  • Approach’ camo.
  • 34.4 cubic litre volume.
  •  Lightweight rip-stop nylon.
  • Multiple side pockets.
  • Ventilated design to keep you fresh
  • Waterproof with a  roll-top and bucket lid.
  • Quiet fabric-wrapped frame.3-liter water bladder capacity.

Why this is a top pick

This LS backpack is deceptively lightweight and has been designed with an agile bow hunter in mind. This compatible bow design offers an interior waterproofed interior with the capacity you need to haul your share of the prey. Badlands have built this carry pack from resilient weatherproofed materials that are engineered to keep you quiet when you are tracking deer or elk. 

Key features

  • Product dimensions: 21 x 17 x 10 inches
  • Product weight: 3 pounds, 13 ounces
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • This is a great tactical day pack from a well-rated quality brand.
  • The roomy cleanable interior will be able to cope with venison portions and bone-in quarters.


  • As with the Badlands brand, this pack can be on the big side.

7. piscifun backpack – hunting backpacking packs

  • One-shoulder, crossbody backpack with multiple compartments.
  • Durable, water-resistant design with high-quality hardware
  • Adjustable and detachable strap.
  • Multiple zippered compartments that accommodate electronics and other essentials
  • Side and bottle pockets for additional storage.

Why this is a top pick

This tackle bag clearly won’t tote your bow, but is an excellent accessory for the hunter that needs additional crossbody storage that always comes in real handy.

We think the zippered compartments and camo design come together well for the bowhunter who needs capacity with a suitably drab and camo finish that won’t let you down.

The pack is water-resistant, and the shoulder strap can be detached if you want to carry the bag by hand.

Key features

  • Product dimensions: main compartment 11.8 x 8.3 x 3.9 cubic inches
  • Product weight: 4 pounds


  • Simple adjustable design.
  • Lots of compartments.
  • Single shoulder strap means it can be used with another bag.


  •  Anglers, of course, love this bag but it is not ideal if you want a hunting bag that can stow everything in one.
  • A reflective sticker is undesirable if tracking prey.
  • No waist belt to carry a heavy load.

8. ALP Outdoorz Brushed Pathfinder Hunting Carry Pack

  • Real-tree edge camo design.
  • Fanny pack which expands into a simple daypack so you can tote larger loads including meat
  • Accessory pockets and lashing straps
  • Able to accommodate a bow.

Why this is a top pick

Day tripping bow hunters who like to travel light will appreciate the smart design of this fanny pack that can convert into a dull day pack. This versatile design does it all and can find a home for your bow, arrows, and the meat you intend to haul back to base. Hunters have designed it, and it shows as the day pack boasts a well-padded belt and shoulder harness that will distribute the load across your body. The bow carrying mode securely lashes your bow, and the hauling model has straps and fabric to assist in carrying your meat. In our honest opinion, you will have to be very organized to get the best value from this buy, but it is a brilliant idea that keeps your hands-free when in the field.

Key features

  • Total Capacity: 2700 cubic inches
  • Product weight: 4 pounds 10 ounces


  • Adaptable to all body sizes and dimensions
  • Additional storage compartments can be attached with the main compartment.


  • The fanny pack can be a little awkward and bulky
  • Given the versatility of this product expect to do bear a lot of the load. It does not have the suspension or padding of larger hunting backpacks.

9. PANS Tactical Backpack

  • Military-style tactical backpack
  • Velcro attachments and D rings
  • Side mesh pockets for a hydration bladder and walkie talkie
  • Padded main compartment
  • Side strap expansion system
  • Remind cable waist strap
  • Capacity for extended journeys

Why this is a top pick

With most of the best backpacks for bow hunting being well over a hundred dollars, it is great to find an entry-level product that should do the job without flattening your wallet. The PANS backpack is designed in the popular tactical style and comes in a range of drab and camo colours. It is expandable, meaning that you will be able to get all your gear into the various compartments as well as find room to carry some meat. The design is no-frills and lacks the specialist adaptations of more expensive hunting backpacks.

Key features

  • Product dimensions: 21 x 16 x 14 inches
  • Product weight: 3.6 pounds


  • Cheaper than most of the specialist products designed specifically for hunting.
  • High carrying capacity and expandable to accommodate the gear you need.
  • An affordable nag for an extended hunting trip


  • The design is quite bulky and may hamper your profile and movements while tracking deer.
  • Though it has a large carrying capacity, getting access to your gear may be difficult.
  • There is no means of attaching your bow.
  • Some purchasers have found defects in the fabrication of the back.
  • The bag itself is quite substantial.

10. Hunter Tactical Backpack 

  • Drab olive single colour
  • 25 L capacity
  • Military-style nylon fabric
  • Front zipped well
  • Mesh side pockets
  • Interior padded compartment
  • Integrated expansion system

Why this is a top pick

This is a hard-wearing backpack that offers ample storage in a streamlined, simple design. It is marketed as a tactical backpack but is more suited to use as a regular day to day backpack as it lacks the utility that the average bowhunter will need in the field. It has a roomy interior with a padded compartment, and if you want to attach your bow, you will probably have to be creative. The military-styling is only skin deep and unlikely to be up to hauling a bloodied piece of game. This may be of use to leave in the car; if you venture out in this monotone backpack, you will be visible for miles around!

Key features

  • Product dimensions: 11 x 6.3 x 18.5 inches
  • Product weight: 1.7 pounds


  • Streamlined design
  • Cost-effective purchase


  • This is a generic backpack with minimal tactical styling.
  • Capacity could do with being more abundant if you are going to try and make this work for a hunting trip.
  • It is of a vastly lower specification than the other backpacks we have featured.
  • There are not enough compartments and capacity to carry all your equipment for bow hunting.

11.  backpack in REALTREE by tHE VISION – best bow hunting backpack

  • Carrier pack for bow and accessories
  • Able to carry a bow, arrows, electronics, quiver, and optical equipment and water.
  • Clever design that can be wrapped around trees
  • Lots of interior compartments and stowage
  • Quality camo finish
  • TS3 front panel system

Why this is a top pick

This is a well-made backpack that is designed specifically for bow hunters. Owners find that this backpack can almost completely stow a compound bow safely and securely and all gear can be stowed in an orderly fashion using the effective ‘storage, shelf, and basket’ system.  Generous lashings, attachments and pockets mean that your gear is always secure while on the move.

Key features

  • Product dimensions: 26 x 17.5 x 12.5 inches
  • Product weight: 6.9 pounds


  • This backpack is comfortable and adjustable with hard-wearing nylon straps.
  • Lots of lashings
  • Hunters rate the robust build of this backpack


  • The hard plastic front paneling on this backpack can be a little noisy which is the last thing you need if tracking deer.
  • When fully loaded this pack can get heavy.
  • Unclear if you can carry meat with this backpack like a hindquarter.
  • It will need waterproofing

Essential factors for choosing your bow hunting backpack


Why finding the right bow hunting backpack is essential?

It’s well worth putting some thought into your choice of bow hunting backpack. These are not merely rucksacks or hand luggage for a weekend away; they are specialist equipment which is specifically designed to carry all the gear a huntsman relies on upon safely.

The best bow hunting backpack also needs to be organized so that hunters will have heat like scopes and knives to hand when needed. This is why an experienced hunter will tell you that it can take several hit and miss purchases to zone in on the right kind of bag for the job.

It may also be tempting to just opt for a regular hiking or tactical backpack. You can lose out by doing this as these more generic packs are not designed for the rigours and gore of bowhunting. A deer or elk will have picked up on shiny crinkly or bulky packages a mile off, and nobody wants to go home empty-handed for the sake of a few dollars on the backpack.

Safety is critical too. Adequately organized bow hunting backpacks keeps blades and arrows in their proper places meaning that there is less risk that you injure yourself rooting around for gear whole in the field. Also, a hunting backpack will keep things sanitary.

Water bladders will be out of the way of your meat hauling, and drips of blood and gore can be readily washed clean without becoming ingrained. If you are carrying a significant load, weight should be distributed evenly to prevent injury to your back.

We hope we have saved you some of the hassles by reviewing the best bow backpacks above, but we also encourage you to read on for a more technical breakdown of how these bags are put together and how they should work. Here are the eight key features you need to look for when selecting the best bow hunting backpacks.

  • Size of bag

You will need a bag that can adequately accommodate the gear and supplies required for a successful hunting expedition. Depending on the duration of your hunting trips, you will not only need to pack your bow, arrows, scope, and electronics but also additional clothing, first aid, food, and freshwater.

If you are anything like us, we’re sure you will find that gear adds up. For a relative novice hunter on a day trip, a hunting backpack volume of 2000 cubic inches will probably do the job, adding 800 to 1000 cubic inches per day you remain on the field. Depending on your experience, you may learn to travel lighter, but it is always best to be properly equipped.

  • Weight

Given that you will potentially be toting much weight, it is worth looking for a well-engineered lightweight backpack that will not add to your load. Base weight is the minimum weight of your bag, sleeping pack, and shelter. You need base weight to be as low as possible to make carrying your gear feasible.

Specialist manufacturers of hunting packs such as Alps hunting packs use innovative, lightweight fabrics that still retain the tensile strength you need. 4-5 pounds is pretty light for a hunting backpack and should do the job in keeping your base weight down for day-long or overnight trips.

  • Design of the bag

Your equipment needs to be appropriately stored in your backpack to ensure that it is available to be used in the best condition when required. The systematic organization of your pack’s space is of much higher value than one large compartment.

Look for hunting packs with multiple compartments and designated pockets for knives, arrows, optics, and electronics. Having items in their specific spaces makes all the difference when you need to get a hold of your bow and quiver quickly.

There are also some tremendous one-shouldered and even fanny packs that can take you out for a day’s hunting and haul home your meat.

  • Materials and fabrication

Look for a rugged backpack that is made from durable materials that will withstand the harsh UV, rain, winds, and specks of dust of the outdoors. The fabric used in Tenzing packs include:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Waterproofed fleece
  • Microfleece
  • Cordura nylon
  • Nylon packcloth
  • Fleece or microfleece
  • Gore-Tex

These fabrics should provide your backpack with a tear, puncture, and abrasion-proof finish. Also, check the seams, which should be reinforced given the loads you may be carrying. Look for good quality zips and bindings that will hold up to repeated use in the field. Also, your pack needs to be readily clean, so you can keep it sanitary after carrying raw meat.

  • Lashings and attachments

Good quality nylon lashings and attachments add extra utility to your archery backpack as you can attach your quiver and bow, carcasses, and other items to your bag securely.

A removable belt is a viral attachment as are Velcro zipped containers that can be attached to your pack’s exterior. Compartments and accessory attachments aid in organizing. Look for hunting brands with coordinated attachments to completely customize your bag.

  • Bow attachment

You should be able to secure your bow to your backpack by using a bungee cord, lashings, velcro, or straps that come with the bag. Some companies provide bow boots or harnesses that help position and support your bow when you carry it on your bag.

  • Meat hauling

A hunting pack frame and platform are the best adaptations for comfortably hauling meat home. External frame packs are up to the job of taking on a young stag, so look for solid builds that are designed with your comfort in mind. The platform is best for a hefty load as it provides much-needed support but strapping on the front of the pack may also enable you to lash your elk to the backpack directly.

  • Quietness

quiet pack is vital for success hunting out in the field. Do not underestimate the sensitivity of prey like whitetail and elk to even the slightest crinkle or rustle. Yes, a noisy backpack will make you stand out a mile! Most of the time, you have a trade-off between hard-wearing nylon and waterproofed polyester fabrics and the old school fleece backpacks that are whisper quiet but not water-resistant. Zips and Velcro are also noisy companions on your trek that will also need to be kept to a minimum. Good quality heavy duty zips are usually quieter than cheaper ones. Companies like Badlands and Timber Hawk have worked on producing innovative lightweight fabrics that are noticeably quieter as we have shared above. 


It is keeping comfortable while trekking long distances will keep your archery at its best. Hunting packs come with a range of adaptations that help you with a load of your gear and keep you moving freely. Look for ergonomic padding and moulding on your shoulder straps—adjustable strapping and belts and an internal sound frame that delivers excellent suspension. And you can easily hang it on ladder tree stands .

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What to pack in a bow hunting backpack.

Here are the essentials you will need to stow. Choose the best bow hunting backpacks that will enable you to find a safe and secure place for every item.

  • Compound bow
  • Arrows
  • Quiver
  • Scope / Binoculars
  • Canned call
  • Scents
  •  Rope
  •  Broadheads
  •  Dressing Gloves
  • GPS and Compass
  • Knife and saws
  • Maps
  • Rattling Antlers
  • Scent Eliminating Sprays
  • Facemask
  • Gloves
  • Insulating Mid & Base Layers
  • Hats/beanies
  • Socks
  • Rain
  • Watch
  • Aspiring/Pain Reliever
  •  Phone and  Charger
  • Toiletries
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Toilet Paper
  • Cash
  • Insect repellent spray
  • Headlamp and torch
  •  License, permits, and handbook
  • Matches or lighter
  • Knife Sharpener
  • Bow Stabilizer
Q.How to prepare and portion meat for hauling home.

When you are a skilled huntsman, you can eat like a king as long as you can get your kill home in an edible state. Hunters have all sorts of means and methods of getting the job done. One of the essential things is letting the portioned meat cool right down and dry out a bit so that the blood and gore do not leak all over your bag. Avoid eating meat with the blood in it; get rid of as much as you can. Warm bloody flesh will deteriorate quickly and breed harmful germs.You have several options for packing your meat:

  • Game bags
  • Unscented or treated bin bags
  • Plastic bags

Game bags are the best bet as they are very breathable, but all options will keep dirt and fly off your meat. However, they are expensive, so many hunters opt for cheaper and more basic alternatives. More about the packing game here. If you are in doubt about the condition of your meat when you get it home, do not eat it. When you are in the field, things do get messy, so you will also need to know how to clean your backpack too adequately. 

Q.How to clean your hunting backpack.

Dirt, grime, blood, and gore make for a hot mess when you get home from hunting. Just like your fatigues, your elk hunting pack will need a thorough cleaning to stay at its best.

Once you get it home, Open all compartments and zippers, dismantle all compartments and give it a really good shake. Then while still outside, hose the whole thing down. It is essential that you do not put the backpack in the washer, as this can damage the pack due to the vigorous agitation and spin which can wear fibres.

The best way to clean in on the bathtub or utility room sink with a cupful of a gentle detergent that is suitable for outdoor gear. Add warm water and soak the pack for a few hours with some gentle agitation. Rinse, air everything out and reassemble once dry.

Q.Is camouflage necessary for a bow hunting backpack?

Camouflage gives you a real advantage when in the field and dramatically increases your chances of success.

Though it is not essential, bowhunters find it beneficial as it works to mask your movements and location.

Anything that breaks up your outline and allows you to blend in is good, hence the desirability of camo designed backpacks for bow hunting.

One of the best camouflage patterns you can choose for your pack is real tree camo which is unusually high resolution and enables you to blend in seamlessly, which is perfect for deer.

In conclusion

The best backcountry hunting packs we have shared here are an excellent investment for your pastime. Get a good quality hunting frame and pack to ensure that you’re totally set to take on the challenges of deer and elk hunting with your bow.

We hope we have given you some insights and recommendations that will help you nail the ideal pack on your next hunting excursion.

Do you have any tips or picks for the best bow hunting backpack? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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