10 Best Arrows For Compound Bow Target Shooting And Hunting | 2021


Archery is an ancient skill as entwined with hunting and survival as it is with artistic flair.

From the famous archers of the Bible like King David’s brother in law Jonathan to the countless civilizations and popular historical characters such as Robin Hood, the bow and arrow have been admired for its elegance and engineering.

The modern compound bow has many variations that excel for either sporting or hunting pursuits. Compound bows are distinctive in their use of pulleys, with a cam wheel at the end of each limb of the bow.

The pulley and cam system leverages a mechanical advantage to bend the limbs and store up energy that will propel your arrows with greater force. Of course, precision counts too, and an appropriately sized single or dual cam bow paired with the best arrows for compound bow will greatly assist in hitting your mark.

Demanding on your safety and success let’s have a look at some arrows for your compound bow’s quiver.

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Arrows for compound bows chart

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Gold Tip Arrows Hunter XT carbon express arrows
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backpac Carbon Express Maxima RED  Dynamic spin is the key feature of accuracy

Multi colour

good for hunting
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Easton Full Metal Jacket
 Great penetrating power

Easy to pull out from foam target
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Feather Fletched Easton XX75 Jazz
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TIGER ARCHERY 30Inch Carbon Arrow
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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Arrows For Compound Bow


If you are new to archery, knowing the parts of archery arrows will help you evaluate the brands we have shared and assist you in talking to experts about the arrow choice that will work for you. A typical arrow is comprised of these key parts:

  • The shaft: the long spine that makes up the length of an arrow. It should be able to bend and straighten out as the arrow is in flight. Its stiffness should complement the bow.
  • The nock is a notched tip at the rear of your arrow which holds the arrow to the string when you draw your bow. The point of the bowstring where the nock attaches is called the nocking point. Some arrow knocks may be lighted .
  • The fletchings are the classic plastic or feather vanes on an arrow. Their design and nuances in their positioning will add spin and drag to the arrow when it is in-flight. They are usually a minimum of three arrows. One distinctive fletching is called a cock (or index vane ) and the remaining vanes are called hens. The index vane helps you align your arrow properly.
  • The arrowhead is the sharp point of your arrow.

Your selection of arrows should be consistent. It is best not to use mixed arrows for hunting or target practice as switching between arrow brands and types will affect your performance.


Arrow selection is almost a science in itself and probably goes beyond the scope of this article. However, there several core characteristics you should be looking for in your choice of arrow depending on your experience, activity, and bow specifications. Getting these points right will get you off to a quick start with your bow.


Draw length of the Bow

To determine the length of the arrow that is suitable for your bow you will need to sit with a pencil and a paper to work out your draw length. Yes, draw length is calculated from nock point to the grip’s throat, with an additional 1 ¾ inches added. This should approximately match the arrow length you will need. You and a friend can measure draw length by standing against a wall with your arms stretched out. An alternative quick calculation for modern bows is the draw length + an additional ½ to 1 inch. A properly sized arrow should be of adequate length to clear the clear the arrow shelf.


Don’t forget about Weight

You must be sure to choose an arrow of the correct weight as too light an arrow weight per pound of draw (less than 5 grain per inch) can invalidate any warranties on your bow. light arrows with a weaker spine can also snap and injure you! Also, the appropriate arrow weight will vary with the activity undertaken:

  • Target practice 5-6 grain per pound of draw weight. These lighter arrows will travel in a straight line better.
  • Hunting 8-9 grain per pound of draw weight.


Arrows Weighing Between 5 And 8 Grain Should Cover Both Activities For A Novice Archer


Arrow spine

This is nothing but measurement of stiffness of an arrow. This is a critical feature of the arrows you choose as but is not consistently rated amongst manufacturers. This makes it difficult to choose for beginners, but seek help from a more experienced archer to guide you. You may also want to refer to arrow spine charts and arrow spine calculators to assist in making the best choice. As you perfect your style and technique you will gain an understanding of the spine that works for you.


Quantity of arrows

Traditionally, archers would carry 10 arrows in a quiver, with additional arrows stowed. This makes sense as you will only take as many as you need for your hunt or round of target practice.


Materials Used

 The shaft of the arrow is its main structural element and can be fabricated from a variety of traditional and contemporary materials. Look for materials such as

  • Strong and light wood is the traditional choice and produces quiet, flexible arrows that can be customized with arrowheads, nocks, and fletching’s of your choice.
  • Bamboo arrows are surprisingly robust and often used for longbow archery.
  • Reeds. Reed arrows are a bush craft favorite but are highly prone to cracking and splintering so they will not be suitable for a powerful composite bow.
  • Reinforced plastic
  • Fiberglass is great for beginners.
  • Aluminum is a lightweight material for fast arrows. Aluminum arrow shafts will bend rather than break.
  • Carbon fiber is known for being particularly fast and light, though they can splinter easily. Carbon arrows are popular with pros.
  • Composite materials including carbon fiber wrapped aluminum are often expensive but are less likely to splinter.

Ensure That Your Arrow Comes With Everything You Need.

Some arrows may be missing fletching’s, nocks, and tips so ensure you are clear about what you have ordered.

Always Talk To A Pro

If you are a beginner to archery, hunting, or bow fishing, then look for a good mixed-use arrow of the appropriate length. In archery, the technicalities can become overwhelming and if you are finding it difficult to make a selection it can be helpful to seek the advice of an experienced archer or go to an archery shop or school, where you can get some face to face input on the arrows you will need.


Here is our round-up of the 7 best arrows for compound bow—ideal for the quote of an archer of any ability


1.  Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows + 2″ raptor vanes 12 pack

These factory fletched arrows come equipped with high-quality vanes and a secure’s’ nock that will make the arrow durable, versatile, and strong as well as give you confidence when using these for hunting. They come in a variety of grains and lengths, meaning you can select the 12 pack that is perfectly suitable for the prey you are hunting.

Great features of the Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrow.

  • 100% Smart Carbon technology
  • 9.3 grain per inch
  • Length: 32 inches
  • Diameter: 0.246 inch diameter
  • Furnished with 2-inch Raptor fletching vanes.
  • Smaller Weight Tolerance: +/- 2 grains
  • Excellent Straightness: +/- 0.003 inches
  • Goes with GT Series nock and Accu-Lite insert


Why this is a great pick.

This is an excellent value arrow pack, which is rated a great buy by the vast majority of purchasers on Amazon. These arrows are made from carbon but show surprising resilience and can be reused without problems. The raptor vanes are designed to impart maximum speed and stability in flight, which is necessary as these are heavyweight arrows of over 9 grains in some cases. Their strength makes them an excellent pairing for a heavy-duty compound bow.


  • These arrows travel-true even after multiple uses.
  • Resilient arrows that are hard to break.
  • These heavyweight arrows having excellent power and accuracy
  • Straightness to three ten thousandths of an inch.
  • best budget hunting arrows for compound bow


  • Units may or may not come with nocks.
  • Bushings aren’t installed, and you will need to cut the arrows to length.
  • Vane color varies.
  • Be prepared that these are very thick arrows.


2. Carbon Express Red Fletched Maxima arrows

These are highly engineered carbon fiber arrows which have a number of integrated technologies to give you maximum performance. Carbon Express is focused on studying and optimizing how an arrow flexes in flight and deliver a resilient heavier grain arrow that delivers excellent accuracy and consistent performance.

Great features of the Carbon Express Maxima Red Fletched Arrow

  • Featured with launch pad precision nock for better control during release,
  •  Precise alignment of nock barrel
  • 9.07 grain per inch
  • Length: 31.5 inches
  •  Diameter: 0.3 inch diameter
  • Package incorporate six in number with red and black finished blazer vanes
  • Straightness Tolerance: ± 0.0025 inches
  • Very few Weight Tolerance: ± 1.0 grain

Why this is a great pick.

This arrow is popular with experienced hunters who will purchase this arrow and cut it down to size. The Dynamic Spine design is excellent for high accuracy with stiffer ends that confine the flexion in the arrow in flight to the zone. This provides innovative control and very consistent shooting of groups of these arrows. Hunters respect this brand and feel it gives them the best possible chance of success in hunting.


  • Great carbon technology
  • Straightness to one ten thousandths of an inch.
  • This can fly over a longer distance, faster with excellent accuracy


  •  You will need to cut the arrows to length.
  • Arrow tip may need to purchase separately


3.  Easton Full Metal Jacket

Firstly, if you are a beginner in purchasing hunting arrows, you need to be clear that these small diameter arrows are not ready to go. They come with nocks and fletchings, but not the inserts broadheads or field points that deliver the maximum performance of this product. This basic package provides the hunting arrows with a carbon core within the alloy metal jacket. Blazer vanes are used as fletchings.

Great features of the Easton Full Metal Jacket Arrows

  • Made of tough carbon that increase strength and performance
  • 10.2 grain per inch
  • Length: 31.5 inches
  • Diameter: 0.263 inch diameter
  • Straightness Tolerance : only ± 0.003 inches


Why this is a great pick.

These arrows marry strength and performance due to their high strength alloy jackets that can be filled with several proprietary inserts. These heavier arrows designed to have higher kinetics and will penetrate deeper, making them a considered choice for an experienced deer hunter.


  • Resilient arrow design.
  • Easier to pull from prey, so no need to use arrow puller.
  •  Metal jacket provide Low friction design while flying.


  • Some hunters have experienced these bending and denting.
  • Some times the fletching break easily
  • A little bit pricey.


4. GPP Archery Carbon 30 inch arrows for Compound bow

These heavy-duty high quality carbon arrows have a specially designed shaft that has a consistent thickness for speed, accuracy, and penetration make them Toughest hunting arrows. These are a good selection for hunters that want a no-hassle all in one package with fletchings, vanes, and field points.


Great features of GPP Archery Carbon Hunting Arrows

  • Carbon fiber arrows
  • Stainless steel with nickle plated
  • Length: 31 inches
  • Diameter: 7.8 mm
  • Best arrows for 60lb compound bow


Why this is a great pick.

If you are hunting, you will need an arrow with precision and accuracy. These are shorter arrows that deliver this accuracy and, despite being handle like lighter-weight arrows.


  • Complete arrow, with vanes and field tips.
  • Very good for target practice


  • Nocks are not fixed and, they need to be adjusted
  • Be careful using these arrows with a compound bow unless they are a suitable size.


5.  Easton Jazz Feather Fletched Aluminium Arrows

These arrows have a distinctive color scheme and are engineered with Trueflight technology to travel true and hit their mark with superb accuracy. These target arrows consist of removable tips and nicks as well as beautiful feather vanes that give the helical arrow spin in flight.

Great features of Easton Jazz Arrows.

  • Aluminum insert arrows
  • 5.9 grain per inch
  • Length: 26.5 inches


Why this is a great pick.

These are a choice arrow for target archery with a lightweight compound or recurve bow. Archers recommend these for beginners. They are cut to length with an aluminum insert for added durability. Archers love their consistent performance and it is not uncommon for more than one pack to be purchased at a time. These are cheap arrows for Compound Bow while you are going to consider your budget.


  • Beautiful design and craftsmanship.
  • Straightness to five-thousandths of an inch.


  • These arrows are suitable for target practice only.


6. Tiger archery Carbon Hunting Arrows

These a top pick for a non-brainer all in one arrow that performs well in the field. Novice and youth archers will reach for this design that uses carbon fiber and is designed to perfectly complement a recurve or compound bow. The stand out feature of the stainless steel-in tips makes this an excellent arrow to handle and work with, to get a beginner thinking more about how an arrow is composed.

Great features of tiger archery Carbon Hunting Arrows.

  • Length 30 inch
  • Diameter 0.309
  • 13 grain per inch


Why this is a great pick

This is a beginner arrow that will make you feel like a pro. As the composite structure is readily dismantled and reassembled, you will begin working with the individual arrow components and start to see what you will adjust, to your personal style. Enthused users of these arrows are primarily youths or novices who report it delivers a great all-round performance.


  • Easily adjustable design.
  •  All-in-one package.


  • This is not a professional hunting arrow.


7. 12 pack Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrow Shafts

If you are a hunter looking for both power and precision in an arrow, you can use the Carbon Express Maxima with confidence. These are premium carbon fiber arrows that deliver speed while being of as adequate weight for hunting.

Great features of the Carbon Express Mxima Hunter Arrow

  • 10.5 grain per inch
  • Length: 32.5 inches
  • Diameter: 0.295 inch diameter
  • Comes with a Straightness of 0.0025 inches
  • Small Weight tolerance: only ± 1.0 grain
  • Laser test spin tolerance: ± 0.0025 inches
  • Included with: Bull Dog nock collar, nock, and inserts
  • Blazer vane

Why this is a great pick.

This is a extremely light-weight, high-velocity camouflage arrow that delivers the accuracy you need when hunting. It features proprietary dual spine weight forward technology and for this it’s front is mild heavier than rear end. It is made with two different carbon materials that effectively create two spines in one arrow for superior performance.


  • Higher tolerances than regular carbon arrows.
  • Laser checked straightness to one ten-thousandth of an inch.
  • Precision ‘Launchpad’ nock
  • It is long lasting and finished with Mossy Oak


  • Carbon arrows still carry a potential risk of splintering and should be checked for cracks or splinters before you draw.
  • A little bit pricey

Frequently Asked Questions for the best arrows for compound bow



How to measure arrow length.

Arrows should be measured from the base of the arrowhead to the throat part of the arrow’s nock. Ensuring your arrows are the correct length is important for the proper use of your compound bow.


How long should my arrows be?

Using arrows that are too short is highly dangerous and can lead to the arrow being shot into the back of your hand. It is best that beginner arrows are of a shaft length 2 to 3 inches longer than your reach and a good 1 ½ to 2 inches over the back of the bow’s riser. A novice archer’s arrow should also be long enough to sit beyond the arrow rest so that there is no risk of the arrow falling off and causing injury.


What kind of arrows are best for compound bows? 

As discussed above, the best arrow for compound bow will depend on whether you hunt or target practice with your bow. The caliber or grain of your arrows can be matched according to the number of pounds of draw that your bow has.


What are the best arrows for deer hunting?

Hunting arrows need to be able to deliver ballistic force to bring down a deer quickly. The weight of the arrow is an important factor for arrows that perform well for hunting.

Heavier arrows such as the Easton medium to heavyweight arrows that are particularly favored for deer hunting are not as fast out of the bow as the lightweight options but have greater retention of kinetic energy than lighter arrows. This means they will hit their target with greater energy. They are also quieter, less deformable, and have far less recoil.


Can children use compound bows?

Compound bows are powerful and dangerous and should never be used by a minor without adult supervision. However, families that hunt or undertake target practice may want to obtain a suitably sized compound bow for their child. The minimum age is usually 8 years.


How heavy are Olympic archery arrows?

Male and female Olympic archery competitors will use differing arrow weights, with the choice of an arrow being unique to each competitor.

Men will typically draw 400-500 spine arrows of around 8 grains per inch.

Women archers often use lighter arrows of between 6-7 grain per inch with lighter spine and shorter length.


What is the best wood for making arrows?

Well did you know that one of the world’s leading producers of wooden arrow shafts is in Oregon? Port Orford cedar grows there and is a preferred wood for arrows as it is lightweight and will resist splintering.


Rounding up

Finding the best arrows for hunting and target arrows require research for the right fit. Cheap arrows online are tempting, but if improperly sized or weighted can cause injury. We hope that among this selection of market-leading arrows, you will find an arrow that will complement the very best compound bow. If you have any tips, ideas, or recommendations for the best hunting arrows or archery arrows in general we would love to hear your thoughts.

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