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Best Archery Sights

What can be the coolest confidence builder you can get for your bow in the world of archery? It’s your bow sight. This guy acts just like the sight seen that you find in shotguns or rifles as it is capable of making you aim in a nicer way. It helps show you the on-spot position of the projectile where the arrows should hit. With the best archery sights, you don’t have to struggle to aim perfectly. So, even if you are a newbie, you can master archery from the beginning.

So, if you want to get something for best beginner bow, then the best gift you can give is the bow sight.

And since there are a lot available in the market, here I have gathered the 10 best of them that will help you in making your decision.

10 Best archery sights: Buyer’s Guide

1. Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin

The trophy ridge react appears to be an amazing bow sight for new shooters, intermediates and experienced as well. It is a very lightweight sight that has been made up of great quality materials. And since it used mainly copolymer material for its construction, you will find it durable and sturdy to use.

This archery sight features 0.019 fiber optic pins. It is highly precise and stress-free to sight in. It comprises of an auto calibration system through which you can try longer distance shots effortlessly.

If you are looking for a sight that will be loyal and easy to adjust, you can go for this one since it is one of the best archery sights.

  • Sturdy Design: It has been designed with copolymer material that proves how much durable and sturdy it will be to give the best result. The materials also make the sight rust-resistant which is another great perk.
  • Tool-free adjustment: Trophy Ridge is a 5-pin bow sight that offers you tool-free adjustments. It will let you calibrate the first pin to 20 yards and the second pin to 30 yards. Afterwards, it will adjust the remaining three ones to 40, 50 and 60 yards so that you can try out long distance shots.
  • Ballistix Copolymer Technology: Such material tends to weigh lighter than aluminum. Besides, it also offers less noise reduction and vibrations. Not only that, you will also find it robust and trustworthy to buy.
  • Color: You will get it in 2 colors: The black and the Camo.
  • Style Adjustability: No matter what you are, be it left handed or right handed, since it is available in both the styles, so you can get according to your convenience.


  • Able to work ideally and provide you a very nice sight.
  • Does not need instructions so it is easier to manage.
  • Easy to install
  • Offers you flexibility and excellent mounting points
  • Tool-free adjustments
  • Built with durable materials
  • Features reversible sight mount


  • Pretty heavier than many other sights
  • Does not come with helpful instructions
  • A little bit expensive

2. Field Logic IQ Bowsights Micro

IQ Bowsights Micro happens to be another one of the best archery sights that you can present yourself. And you know why? Because the design of this archery sight has been well-thought to gratify the demands of both experienced and new shooters.

  • Sturdy design: Design wise, Field Logic IQ Bowsights Micro has used aluminum to provide great durability and strength. It features a fiber optic so that it can maintain incredible brightness no matter what setting the light is.
  • Retina Lock Technology: The great part of the sight is that it comes with a Retina Lock Technology through which you can shoot at longer range distance while letting you determine the slenderest alter of anchor point. Whether you wish to shoot on a flat surface or from a tree stand, this technology makes sure you get a precise and stable shot. Another trait of the technology is that it works off-battery. Albeit you might wish to use the battery but that will be just for the first 10 minutes or the last 15 minutes of the archery session. But besides that, you can work it out without battery easily.
  • Fiber optic pins: You will find 3 or 5 fiber optic pins that come with the sight. They are adjustable. And do you know what it means? It means that you will be able to pick any pin number that you think will be suitable. However, there is a bigger chance that you might end up loving the 7 pins option. The bonus is that you will be able to adjust pin individually that suits your style of shooting.
  • Tool-free adjustments: Because of its micro-adjustment knobs, you cannot only adjust the elevation but can adjust the windage as well to accurate position. And you will get the adjustment markings to do that with ease. So, you want be needing any tool to move the pin.


  • Able to work great
  • The pins light up incredibly
  • Adjustments need no tool
  • Great for beginners and experienced
  • Durable and sturdy


  • The windage adjustment knob might produce a little noise.

3. TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 Pin Bow Sight

If you ask me what defines the best archery sights, I would simply say TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 Pin Bow Sight. It has not only grabbed love from the archers but also has got the best tag to show how valuable it is for your bow.

Coming in 3 pin nature, the sight appears to give the best accuracy so you can fire your arrow with all the focus and hit the target on point. So, if you really want to get something for your bow, then you must have this for it.

  • Sturdy Design: One of the reasons to love the sight should be for its design. The manufacturer made sure to build it durable and solid with 6061-T6 aluminum materials. Although it might make the model a little heavy but you can forgive it for its durability.
  • Precision sight: The sight comes with brass fiber optic diameter of 0.029 inch and you will get it in red and green color. The fiber optic will not only help you aim your target on point but also will give the best result in hitting it.
  • Two vertical bars: You will find two vertical bars in the sight.
  • Style Adjustability: Many sights lack the option that will give both left handed and right handed archers the privilege to use for sight. But with this model, it’s definitely the opposite. You will find it adjustable enough so you can you it like a breeze no matter what style you own.
  • Markings: The sights comes with markings for windage and elevation that add more convenience to sight with precision.


  • Easy to mount and use
  • Adjustable for both right and left handed archers
  • Markings for elevation and windage
  • Provides precision sight
  • The materials used in the sight make it durable and strong
  • Easy to adjust


  • Might be a little heavy
  • Does not come with instructions
  • Heavy abuse might break the sight

4. HHA Optimizer sight 5519

To get the best experience in hunting, this is one of the best archery sights you can get for yourself. Once you consider this HHA 5519 bow sight to add to your collections, you will not be able to resist yourself from loving it. You can also use the 5519 as a replacement if you think your older sight has given up.

It includes a 0.019 pin and is basically a single pin bow sight. And it comes with some arresting elements to provide and they are going to blow away your mind.

  • RDS technology: The sight comes with RDS technology that provides great precision to the archers. So, all you will be needing is confidence to experience the accuracy.
  • Range and Shoot: The sight has 2 distance calibration to offer unmatched and highest precision for the archers. So, it will indeed boost your confidence.
  • A.R.M.O.R. pin technology: It features A.R.M.O.R. pin technology that helps in keeping your 5 feet fiber optic durable and unbreakable. With its machined aluminum, you can encapsulate your fiber optic of the sight with it while you use your crossbow.
  • Yardage Dial: The bow sight has incredible yardage dial that lets you fine-tune the field of the area view or the yard simply and swiftly. It helps you sight in from 20-yard to 80-yard effortlessly. And you will also be able to pick the tapes.
  • Tool-free adjustments: The sight does not require any tool for adjustments and elevations. So just after you attach the sight to the bow, you won’t be needing any tool near you. You will just need to sight in at 20-yard and 60-yard for determining the sight tapes that will work for your setup. After you get the adjustments right, you can prepare yourself to hit from 20 to 80 yards. And you can do it in five additions.
  • Green Sight Ring: The sight comes with a green sight ring. With this, you can sight to aim easily.


  • Easy to sight in and install
  • Able to work amazingly
  • Offers great precision
  • Makes no vibrations
  • Great tool-free adjustments
  • Ideal for 3D shooting


  • Does not allow the use of a Tight Spot quiver
  • Does not come with detailed instructions

5. Apex Gear PWR-Dot Covert Pro sight 

The Apex Gear PWR-Dot bow sight is something that you might be needing for your crossbow. It is one of the best archery sight on the market that includes a well-lit power dot technology and a GRAVITY-LINE technology.

It is a single dot pro sight that is not only easy to mount but also breezy to adjust. Besides, you will find it super bright so it is going to work flawlessly in low light settings. You can even use it in daylight even if with the dead battery. In addition, it does not have to be switched on the LED while using in bright light settings. The archery sight offers the maximum convenience and ease to the archers.

  • Power dot technology: The technology happens to provide 11 different brightness settings of the LED which is green dot. Besides, it will also provide maximum precision that you are going to love. So, it will get easier for you to never miss a shot once you mount this sight to your crossbow as a result of power dot technology.
  • Housing Aperture: The sight feature a number of incredible tuning options. With the housing aperture, you will get vertical and horizontal adjustments for tilting. So, adjusting the sight will be nothing but slicing a butter for you.
  • GRAVITY-LINE technology: According to the gravity, such technology enables the rotating adjustment of the pin movement. It tends to automatically align the pin and adjust it.
  • Battery life: The sight comes with a 700-hour battery life, so you don’t have to worry while shooting a crossbow.
  • Yardage Pointer: It comes with an adjustable yardage pointer.
  • Style Adjustability: Both right handed and left handed archers will be able to use the sight. So adjusting it will not be a big deal.


  • Can work incredibly in any condition of light
  • One hand adjustments
  • The technology makes the sight accurate and precise
  • The green dot is amazing
  • Illuminates bright light
  • You won’t be needing LED in bright light


  • Power dot might not work on low setting
  • Might for up easily

6. HHA DS-5019 Optimizer Lite

HHA is a brand that has got the best archery sight for beginners to own. So, if you are looking for a archery sight in the list of the best, this is definitely a must have. And it has also been mentioned before that you can also get it for your replacement as it deserves to get mounted to your crossbow.

It comprises of a 0.019 pin that comprises of great technology to offer precision and performance.

  • A.R.M.O.R. sight pin technology: The DS-5019 comes with A.R.M.O.R. sight pin technology that helps to keep your 3 feet fiber optic unbreakable and long lasting. You will be able to encapsulate your fiber optic of the sight with its machined aluminum while using your crossbow.
  • Yardage Dial: The DS-5019 bow sight includes great yardage dial that enables you to fine-tune the yard and the field of the area view effortlessly and fast. It lets you sight in from 20 yards to 80 yards with ease. Not only that, you will also be able to pick one of the color coded tapes.
  • Tool-free adjustments: The DS-5019 needs no tool to adjust and elevate. So after clipping the sight to the bow, you will not need any tool near you. All you will need to do is, sight in at 20 yards and 60 yards for determining the tapes that will work for your setup. And then, you can prepare yourself to hit from 20 to 80 yards after getting the adjustments right.
  • Green Sight Ring: The sight comprises of a green sight ring. The purpose of this feature is, you can sight in to target easily.


  • It is easy to sight in
  • Incredible tool-free adjustments
  • Installment can be done with ease, it will take just 5 minutes
  • Capable of working incredibly
  • Makes no vibrations and Ideal for 3D shooting
  • Provides satisfying accuracy with Amazing light gathering
  • The wheel and dial adjustments are wonderful to tune in your yardage


  • You might face a lot of trouble to adapt a quiver to the bow with the sight

7. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin 

The trouble in clearly seeing your target have now become a stuff of past. Once you get yourself an archery sight, you will be able to shoot your arrow just like you slice a butter.

You won’t even face trouble as well to get it done in low light conditions as archery sight has some really cool features to ease you up. And this archery sight from Trophy Ridge is no different as it is one of their best competition archery sights to offer.

  • Style Adjustments: The best thing about the bow sight is that you will get it in 2 different styles which are Right hand and Left hand. It means, no matter what archer you are, left hand or right, you can use it with ease.
  • Sturdy Design: The Pursuit Vertical Pin has been designed in a way where you can mount it easily to any compound without any hassle. With Delrin bushings, it creates a smooth and silent movement. The entire construction is sturdy and weigh very light for your relief.
  • Vertical pin: This bow sight comes with a vertical medium fiber optic pin with 0.019-inch that offers great performance so that it can allow ultra-accurate adjustments of the sight. With GLO indicator pins, the sight maintains precision via low or changing light.
  • No noise, No vibration: You need not worry anymore regarding the noise or sound of this bow sight since it is a very quiet sight to exist. It is completely understandable that how much noise can take you out of focus and also end up alerting your prey. Hence, this sight will be really loyal to you.
  • Adjustable brightness: It features adjustable brightness so can fire your arrows in any light setting with its rheostat light.


  • High-performance vertical pin
  • Offers smooth and silent operation
  • Adjustable brightness in any light setting
  • Offers great precision with GLO indicator pins
  • Durable and well built
  • Designed for both right and left handed archers


  • Does not come with instructions
  • Does not come with yardage tape

8. Spot Hogg The Hogg Father

If focus is what you want, then you will surely be needing something that will help you do so in archery. And it’s the sight that lets you do that with ease. So, if you wish to get one of the best archery sights for aiming, then this Hogg Father from Spot Hoggs makes an ideal choice.

Hogg Father owns both single and double pin archery sight that you will find highly long lasting and sturdy. With a wrapped fiber optic 2 diameter sight having a 0.019 green fiber optic, you will be able to make accurate shots with ease.

Moreover, it weighs so light that mounting it to the bow will not add any weight to your weapon. It is also smooth and quite. So you are getting a lot of features in just one package.

  • Sturdy Design: Hogg Father has used solid 6061 aluminum for its construction and albeit it might make the sight a little heavier but it makes the sight sturdier. It has both the version of single and double pin. However, if you wish to have bullet proof pins, then you might require to go for double pin option.
  • Range: The sight can let you shoot your target out to 95 yards, which is great for practice. But you can get further range if you move housing in.
  • Tool-free micro adjustments: The great thing about Hogg father is that each of the adjustments in this sight is micro adjustable. The adjustments of windage and elevation will be just a piece of cake. It then gets much easier to sight with the model.
  • Detachable Dovetail Bar: The sight comes with detachable dovetail bar through which you will be able to store and carry the sight with ease.


  • Solid aluminum construction makes the sight solid
  • No bushings. No slop
  • Removable rack for traveling
  • Large easy to use yardage knob
  • Detachable Dovetail Bar
  • Micro Adjustable 2nd and 3rd Axis
  • Durable and well built
  • Bullet proof pins


  • A little heavier than the other sights
  • Tapes are disappointing

9. Trophy Ridge Cypher 3

Looking for a perfect sight to own gets difficult when you get a lot of the best archery sight for deer hunting in the list. Albeit, being in the second last, Trophy Ridge will still rule with their models. And Cypher 3 is one such model that you will love to own.

This is a 3-pin bow sight that you can add to your bucket for your bow. With its easy to adjust nature, it appears to provide the best privilege to sight like a breeze. Requires no tool at all and all you will have just focus to use it.

  • Ballistix Copolymer System: This is kind of technology that tends to strengthen your crossbow automatically. You will have no vibration and noise issue to disturb you in aiming your target. You will have no heavy issue to hold the bow while shooting.
  • Sturdy Design: The sight has used soft coating Ballistix so it can offer durability with strength. With its aluminum construction, the brand has made the sight 25 percent lighter than the actual weight. So, using it will never be a hassle.
  • Style Adjustability: The sight has been designed with reversible style. It means both right handed or left handed archers will be able to use the sight for this feature. Moreover, you can mount it with both right or left handed crossbows.
  • Tool-free Adjustments: Just like most of the sights, Cypher 3 does need no tool to make the adjustments. So you do not have to carry extra hassle, which I mean the tool set with you since you will not need it. It means, once you clip it to your bow, you will be able to adjust the windage and elevation setting with ease.
  • Color: You will get the sight in 2 different colors, Camo and Black. So you have the option to pick any that impresses you.


  • The pins are tremendously bright
  • Rheostat light works great
  • Gives accurate sight
  • Durable and well built
  • No noise, no vibration
  • Able to work perfectly
  • Easier adjustments than you think


  • Elevation locking screw might get stuck while installing
  • The ring is plastic around the fiber optic

10. TRUGLO Carbon XS Lightweight

If you desire to get the best experience in archery, you should have a look at this archery sight by TRUGLO. This is a brand that has got the best archery sight for elk hunting to provide. So getting it will be a great deal.

TRUGLO Carbon XS just like the title has, feels way light to hold. So, even if you clip it your bow for sighting, you won’t be having any issue at all since it weighs that light.

  • Sturdy Design: Just like most of the sights in the list, you will find this one as well to be very durable to own. The brand has used super lightweight carbon composite materials to construct this amazing archery sight for all the archers out there. With its TRUTOUCH, you will actually get the soft feel for its technical coating.
  • Micro push-button light: The sight comes with a light that features micro push button to operate. With the fully-protected and extra-long TRUFLO fiber design, the sight provides ultimate precision.
  • Large field of view: Carbon XS Lightweight tends to have larger circular field of view with 1.8 inches inner diameter aperture and level with 2 vertical bars.
  • Reversible bracket: The sight comprises of reversible bracket so that it can provide reversible adjustability i.e. vertical. The ring happens to glow bright in low light setting so it will help you align peep sight.
  • Style Adjustability: No matter what your style is, be it left handed or right handed, you will not need to worry. The sight has the option of adjustment for both the types.


  • Durable and well built, so you can use it with ease
  • Very lightweight for its carbon composite materials
  • Comes with micro push button light for convenience
  • Features larger field of view
  • Comprises of reversible bracket to offer vertical adjustments
  • Both right handed and left handed archers can use it
  • The ring features light that glows in the dark in low light settings


  • The rubber plastic might warp or bend when you tighten the screws for adjustment

what to look before pick

Fixed Pin Sight: One of the most mainstream sights for shooters. It basically features 3 to 5 pins individually that you can adjust to set a specific distance.

For instance, the top pin is for closer range shot while the bottom pin is for long range aiming.

The top pin, for example, is for close range aiming, while the bottom pin is for longer distances.

The reason why they are so popular among shooter is that when you set the pins, they stay fixed all over the archery sessions till you don’t feel readjusting them.

However, setting them would need trial and error. Besides, you have to try out with 3 to 5 distances. Although it’s better if you go for the increment from the 1st pin to the following by 5-yard to 10-yard.

It’s somewhat very easy to shoot with such pin sight. All you will be doing is, targeting the aim with preset 30-yard pin, if you wish to aim at 30-yard distance.

Its precision is incredible in familiar distance. But for the distance that isn’t familiar, you will have to have a good guesswork skill and do the readjustments according to that.

The main perk of such sights is that you will be able to add or minus it depending on your reference. Its flexibility and precision appears to be a great choice to most shooters who are involved in hunting or target shooting.

Moveable Pin Sight: This sight is pretty different from the first one. The main difference is that it’s more straightforward simply with one adjustable pin.

Its movements are from up to down and vice versa. And through sliding movements, it takes just a second to execute them with its housing system.

Such sights come with levers, brackets and worm gears.

To use it, you have to use the tapes with marks or with an advanced scale located at the back of sight bracket.

Each of the marks represents a particular distance and sights your aim manually once you move the pointer to that specific mark.

Like fixed pin ones, it is also suggested that you set your sights on the increments from the 1st pin to the following by 5 to 10-yard.

The scaling in such archery sights is quite precise.

The drawback of this sight is found when you try for the distances that aren’t familiar. For this, you will be needing fine guesswork skill.

The shot will not be continuous since you will find yourself adjusting the sight for each distance. But the precision of such sight is on point.

For this, archers appears to recommend it for competition and target shooting. However, it is definitely not for hunting.

Pendulum Sight: Another interesting term for pendulum sight is tree-stand sight. It’s because with this sight, you aim and shoot from higher ground just like a tree to the downhill angles.

Such sights were constructed for archers who struggled to get an ideal shot.

The situation gets completely different when you shoot at a level ground against higher position. It’s because, you are required to measure and estimate the angle that you will target. Although sometimes the arrow doesn’t reach the aim for the height and gravity.

Pendulum sights come with a single pin that is clipped to a swing of hinged pendulum. This pendulum swings up and out while you target downward, rationally aiming the angle where you want to have your shot. The target with a such sights is great up to 30-yard.

Uneven terrain and level ground do not work for such sights. It is just great for short distances and downward directions from a higher position.

Competition Sight: This sight happens to be one of the most precise types although they are very pricey.

However, competition sight is the the most advanced one that has the ability to ley you win your competitions with ease and precision.

It has elements that many of the archers crave to own.

These features are disconnect system to mount and dismount, threaded receivers to aim points, large target sights and intricate system for elevation.

The target sights can include sight style, crosshairs, laser lights and pins when set up properly.

Factors to hunt down

Sight Style: Obviously, one of the most significant factors is picking the sight between the types like between the single pin or multi-pin. If you want to choose multiple pin sight, you should have a guesswork on the number of pins you will be needing, which means you will need to determine that whether you need 3 or 5 or somewhere in between.

Weight: For some shooter, each of the ounces matters in their set up. Averting a few ounces can be the pivotal factor while choosing your archery sight. So you must have it in mind when you browse the best archery sights to get.

Adjustability: The greatest draw to the best archery sights for the price are the micro-adjust knobs and the ability to adjust the elevation and windage setting. You will get many sights that even feature extra tapes and secondary axis sliders to pick from.

Customization: Think about what controls over your archery sight you will need. Do you want one that clips a light or lens or you want one that clips a quiver. Also ask yourself if you want a sight that will have the capacity to mount to left handed or right handed archers.

Tools: There are many archery sights that will need an Allen wrench so that you can use adjustable elevations or windage while many come with tool-free system making such adjustment a snap. This is useful though but it increases the chance to accidentally alter your yardage or settings while carrying the bow. To escape this, browse the archery sights that comes with locking knobs.

Batteries: You must also consider that if the light source of the sight will require batteries. There are many sights whose light source is mechanical or can be charged by solar. So, it is an important think to note down while looking for your archery sight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you pick the best single pin archery sight for hunting?

A: There are 2 types of sights that go very well with hunting. Firstly the pendulum sight that tends to be hinged on the top and pivot independently while in an elevated or tree stand angle. Secondly the fixed pin sight that stay fixed as long as you don’t readjust it. It depends completely on your preference that what trait you want your sight to have to get the best.

Q: Do bigger pins offer accuracy?

A: The size of the pins is the most important factor while getting an archery sight. The basic size of the pin ranges from 10,000 inches to 30,000 inches. And the rule of thumb is that the smaller the size of pin is, the more accuracy you will get in targeting. It means, bigger pins are not ideal choice, when it comes to the precision.

Q: Can you get target sights in reasonable price?

A: No, target sight is indeed called to be one of the most accurate sights but they are the most pricey. So, getting them in reasonable price will be very difficult if you have lower budget.


So, these were the 10 best archery sights that you can get for yourself or for your bow. They are not only getting positive reviews from the shooters but also performing great to offer their best. Such sights are indeed vital in archery especially to hone your target skills with on-spot accuracy. And since these sights in the list are ruling the market, so getting one of them can make you a pro in snap.

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