Bear Archery Super Kodiak Review | For Hunting

bear super kodiak review

Bear archery is a popular weapon for ages now, and many hunters, as well as shooters from across the world, have used it.  It is a go-to bow used to hunt animals and practice target archery.  This recurve bow works under different principles as well as physics compared to the traditional longbow.

Bear archery Super Kodiak promotes an archer’s confidence due to its pinpoint accuracy as well as power.  It can handle personal draw lengths of 27/28/29 inches. It can be compared with the classic car due to its smooth action.  As the best recurve bow for beginners, our bear Kodiak will surely give you value for your money.  It draw weighs between 45 to 50lbs, and it is quite powerful; hence, no Hemisphere animal can withstand such a shot.  Right-handed people can use this bow perfectly. It is available in black as well as dymondwood colors. We bring to your attention the best Bear Super Kodiak review that will definitely change your view on Bear Archery Super Kodiak;

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bear super kodiak review


  • Super powerful for hunting
  • This bow has been used for more than 3 decades; it’s a tested design
  • Offers good grip and its very comfortable on the palm
  • It is faster, and your target cannot escape.


  • This bow cannot mount a sight

features of bear kodiak

The riser is from the Black and Dymondwood. It is well polished, beautiful, and comfortable to hold.  Regardless of your sweaty palms, you will still enjoy a steady grip. Unlike that cheaper recurve bows in the market that has sharp edges that harms your palm.

The limbs and limb-tips are from lingerglass. They are strong and cannot splinter easily after many years of use.  Bear Kodiak recurve has a perfect artisanship, and you cannot see any bubbles beneath the laminate.

The recurve bow has arrow rests covered in Bear hair. This enhances comfort as well as making it stable and helps the projectile in clearing the bow.

Did you know that the Bear Archery Super Kodiak has the Dynaflight 97 Flemish string?  It is indeed a unique bow with amazing reinforcement tips. It offers a smooth break-in period. It works perfectly after the first 40 arrow shots.  This string ensures the fastest arrow speeds. It is faster than other strings by 4%.

Not really, its weight is average. You will aim it for extended periods, even if your shoulders are weak. If you were using other bows of 2.2lbs, it will only take you a few weeks before you get used to this.

Bear archery has all your concerns at heart. They offer a lifetime warranty on all the recurve.  The warranty does not cover the strings.  Fill out the warranty registration form within one month of purchasing your Bear Archery Super Kodiak. The instructions are included in the package box.

Bear Kodiak bow has a perfect string and limb quality.  A version #55 of Kodiak archery works as perfect as #65--recurve archery in terms of draw weight.  There is no doubt that you will feel the power and appreciate your shot immediately after releasing the string.

Alongside super hunting skills, our best Bear archery bow ensures accuracy.  This bow requires low-maintenance, and it is quite easy to use.  The first figure out the brace height then set up the right height for the nock point then boom!  It is worth mentioning that it offers the best arrow rest that ensures an amazing clearance.

This recurve bow is perfect for target practice and excels in hunting.  As mentioned earlier, it has an awesome limb power and action that shoots quietly. It is light hence easy to carry.  It is fast; therefore, the chances of your target escaping while hunting are quite limited.  The best version for hunting is the #50-draw weight, and it excels in a legal game.

  • Take a shot 30-35 yards away.
  • Configure your archery accordingly depending on your desire
  • Aim and release your arrow towards the target. No animal an ever escape this bow. It is super excellent both the advanced as well as intermediate archers can use it.
  • This bow does not accept accessories.  They do not come with pre-drilled AMO inserts.  These are traditional bows, and only a few extras are possible.  You can decide to drill a few holes, but this will interfere with your warranty.

    One of the key aspects considered when choosing arrows for your recurve bow is the draw weight of the bow.  Perfect arrows for the bear archery super Kodiak is Easton XX75 Jazz arrows. It goes well with the 125-grain tips.

    Recurve bow hunting is very comfortable to both holds as well as aim. It offers a perfect grip, and it fits well in your arm.  Whether you have a medium or large palm, be sure that that it will feel more comfortable to hold.

    frequently asked questions

    Does the bow look beautiful?

    This bow is gorgeous. It fits well in your palm, and its available in black and dymonwood colors.

    Can I use this bow in legal archery games?

    Yes, this is the best bow for archery games.  It is accurate, and you will not miss out on your target.

    Can I change the string?

    Yes, even though it comes with the Dynaflight 97 Flemish string that ensures amazing enforcement, you can always change it.

    Can I hold this bow comfortably?

    Recurve bow hunting is very comfortable to both holds as well as aim. It offers a perfect grip, and it fits well in your arm.  Whether you have a medium or large palm, be sure that that it will feel more comfortable to hold

    This is the best Bear Archery Super Kodiak review that will guide you to the right decision.  Bear archery offers the modern recurve bow brands for the money. It is evident that this bow is a suitable pair for experienced hunters who can handle more than 45lbs.  It is powerful, accurate, and comfortable to hold. It is the best choice for traditional archers who aspire to different shooting.

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