Bear Archery Species Review | Update 2022

Bear Archery Species

Bowhunting has become quite a phenomenon among hunters. They provide a challenge to hunters who have grown tired of the simplicity and comfort of regular rifle hunting. Bowhunters have described that hunting with a bow is much more exhilarating and satisfying than hunting with a rifle.

So, if you are feeling the urge to take on the traditional methods hunting then this article is exactly what you need. For a beginner choosing the correct bow is crucial. As picking up the wrong bow will cause unnecessary difficulties.

There are plenty of compound bows in the market that are targeted towards beginners. Here we are going to talk about one particular bow that we think would be excellent for beginners and it is the Bear Archery Species RTH and we have written a brief on Bear Archery Species review, so that you should not face any perplexity.

When we picture a bow the one that comes to mind is the standard recurve bow. But if you are a beginner then you should not start with it. This is because recurve bows are a bit more difficult to use and require a high skill level to be used while hunting. For beginner’s compound bows are much better suited.

Let’s begin.

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Bear Archery Species Review


Bear Archery is one of the leading brands for best beginner compound bow. One of the many reasons that this brand is so popular is that they make premium quality compound bows that are powerful, versatile and made right here in the USA. Being locally produced their products are usually cheaper than some other competitors. This is a clear plus point for most buyers.

The limbs of the Bear Archery Species RTH is made of a special material called Endura-fiber. They make the limbs super flexible yet rigid enough to spring back to place. This makes drawing weight on the Species RTH quite easy. The riser has various cutouts on it which is intended to make the bow light and provide better stabilization in wind situations.

The Species RTH rocks a single cam system which can make drawing weight a bit difficult for newbies. But it is great for accuracy and provides much better speeds than dual cam systems. This means the Species RTH is not only designed for adult newcomers but also for serious hunters.

With speeds of 320 FPS and a maximum draw weight of 70 lbs. you can hunt almost any large game with the Bear Archery Species RTH. It has a minimum draw weight of 55 lbs. So, we wouldn’t recommend this compound bow for hunters who prefer small game such as rabbits, squirrels, etc.

This is understandable as this bow was designed with beginners in mind and beginners are required to practice hunting with large game like elk, dear, bear, etc. before they can move on to smaller game. So, if you are a new to the world of bow hunting then the Bear Archery Species RTH would be a perfect choice for you.


Brand Bear Archery
Model Species RTH
Type Compound Bow
Draw length 23″ – 30″
Draw weight 55-70 lbs
Bow length 31″
Bow weight. 4lbs
Arrow speed 320 FPS


The Bear Archery Species RTH comes with 5 trophy ridge accessories in the box to get you started. These are –

  • Bow Stabilizer
  • 4 – Pin Sight
  • Peep sight
  • Whisker biscuit quiver
  • Nock Loop


Versatile: The Bear Archery Species RTH is a very versatile bow that provides the user with full customizability. From draw weight to draw length, you can customize the bow to your specific taste and ability.

Lightweight: The Bear Archery Species RTH is very lightweight at only 4 lbs. This makes the compound bow an ideal choice for hunting. This is because hunting with a bow requires you to be on the move and a light bow just makes the process greatly easier. Also, for individuals new to archery a low weight is a great feature to have to prevent fatigue while practicing.

Shock protection: The limb dampeners on the bow works to absorb shock waves which greatly reduces the noise and provides increased stability during each shot. This makes hunting with the Species RTH a bliss.

Endura-fiber limbs: The Endura-fiber on the limbs make gives them an extra level of flexibility and rigidity. This makes drawing weight much easier and greatly enhances the shot speed. This is one of the reasons why we would recommend this compound bow for new users.

Single Cam System: The single-cam system makes the Bear Archery Species RTH a great choice for hunting. This is because single cam systems provide much better accuracy and stability then multi-cam systems. Of course, it makes using the bow for beginners a bit more difficult. But if you are an adult and looking to hunt then this is a fair trade-off.

Made in the USA: Being made in the USA the Bear Archery Species RTH manages to provide greater value than its competitors by ensuring quality at a much lower price. Being locally made it also means that in case of damages it will be easy to find parts for this compound bow.


Hunting is quite a difficult skill to learn. So, having the equipment especially a proper bow is a necessity to make the learning process as bearable as possible. Bear Archery Species RTH is well built, fast, easy to use and comes with a bunch of accessories required by every new hunter. And the bow can easily support you as you get better with its deep customizability.

All of this makes the Bear Archery Species RTH one of the best compound bow for beginners. If you think the Bear Archery Species RTH is exactly what you need then go and bring it home today.

Thanks for stopping by and wishing you the best of luck.

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