Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Review | 2022

Bear Archery Cruzer Lite review

Archery is becoming more and more popular by the day. This is because the number of young children showing interest in the world of archery is on the rise. If your child is doing the same or you just think archery would be a good hobby for your child then you are going to need a proper bow.

For any beginner, especially children you should definitely go for a compound bow. They are much easier to use than the standard recurve bows. With a compound bow, your child will face less struggle to draw weight and focus more on his or her aim. And that is why we think that compound bows are the ideal bows for beginners.

With all that in mind, we think that the Bear Archery CruzerLite would be the best compound bow for beginners, especially children. In this review, we are going to talk about why that is and provide you with other necessary information about the bow.


This Archery Cruzer Lite is specially designed with children in mind. The short 6-inch brace makes it easy for children to shoot with this compound bow. The bow is surprisingly stable and does not show much hand shock for such a small bow.

This bow like other compound bows in the Cruzer series is very customizable. It is very easy to fine-tune the bow to the skill level of your child.

You can adjust the draw weight between 5-45 lbs. This means the Bear Archery Cruzer is not only great for practicing but you can also do some serious level hunting with it as well. With a maximum draw weight of 45 lbs. this bow is capable of taking down large game such as deer or elk.

It is super lightweight at only 3.2 lbs. This is mainly due to the aluminum construction of the risers which give it proper durability without increasing the weight. The lightweight makes handling the bow by very easy by young children.

The dual cams allow the user to draw weight easily and smoothly. But having two cams lessen the maximum speed of the shot. Even so, It is able to shoot at 290 FPS which is quite impressive.

Having dual cams does make the Bow suffer from poor back wall. But it is understandable as this compound bow was designed for beginners rather than serious and experienced archers.



Brand Bear Archery
Model Cruzer Lite
Type Compound Bow
Draw length 12″ – 27″
Draw weight 5-45 lbs
Bow length 27 1/8″
Bow weight. 3.2 lbs
Arrow speed 290 FPS



This Cruzer Lite comes with a good number of accessories to start you off with your archery. It comes with five premium trophy ridge accessories pre-installed. They include :

  • Bow Stabilizer
  • 4 – Pin Sight
  • Peep sight
  • Whisker biscuit quiver
  • Nock Loop



Customizable: This is a very customizable Bow. From the draw weight to the draw length you can customize the bow to the user’s abilities. Basically, archers of any skill level just pick it up, customize and start shooting.

Lightweight: The riser of the Bow is made from aluminum. This ensures that the bow is lightweight without lacking in durability. At 3.2 lbs. the Bear Archery Cruzer Lite is easy to carry around even for small children.

Dual Cam system: The dual cam system has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the user. For experienced archers and hunters, this is not something you’d want in a compound bow as it limits the maximum speed and causes accuracy problems. But for beginners and children, the dual cam system is a blessing as it makes drawing weight very easy.

Great for children: It comes with all the features and technical designs that cater to the needs and requirements of children. Super customizable, lightweight, easy to draw are few of the many features that make it suitable for use by very young children.

Advanced Grip Design: Hand torque is a big problem in archery. It causes your bow to tilt slightly to the left that can put your aim off. Bear Archery solves that problem with its innovating grip design that allows the user to comfortably and naturally hold the bow without causing any sort of tilt.

Made in the USA: The Bear Archery Cruzer Lite is made in the USA. This means you can easily find replacement parts in case the bow is damaged. This also means the bow manages to be relatively less expensive than its foreign competitors.

Many Colors: Children are quite picky about color. So, Bear Archery provides the option to choose from 8 different colors to match the taste and personality of your child. You can choose from flo orange, flo green, flo pink, flo yellow, flo purple, shadow, realtree edge, and kryptek highlander.


  • Lightweight & Super easy to use
  • Very customizable with adequate draw length
  • Easy to draw wight
  • Advanced grip design
  • Perfect size for being used by children
  • Can do medium level hunting
  • Surprisingly fast and shock-resistant
  • Get many accessories with this bow


  • Not great for serious hunting
  • Poor back wall
  • Can cause accuracy-related difficulties for experienced archers
  • Does not come with arrows in the box



Archery is a great hobby for young children to get in to. It teaches children about discipline and hard work. These are important life lessons that they learn while doing something they love and having fun.

By now you probably understand why we have picked the Bear Archery Cruzer lite as a great compound bow for beginners and especially children. It is easy to use, very customizable and has a size and weight that perfectly suits young children. So, if you are thinking about getting your child into archery than there is no better choice.

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