Archery Accessories for Beginners (You Must Have)

Archery accessories for beginners is not just a sentence. It has a great value which you must have to realize before the start.If you’re beginner, most of you are probably shooting a recurve bow. Now, what makes a recurve bow different from regular bows? A recurve bow is a bow with limbs that curve away from the archer when unstrung. It is the bow we associate most with archery.

Archery Accessories for Beginners

A recurve bow stores more energy and delivers energy more efficiently than the straight-limbed bow, enhancing the speed and strength of the arrow. A recurve will permit a shorter bow than the simple straight limb bow for given arrow energy and this form was often preferred by archers in environments where long weapons could be cumbersome, such as in brush and forest terrain, or while on horseback.

Recurve limbs also put more stress on the materials used to make the bow, and thus, they may make more noise with the shot. These are the basic differences that make a recurve bow special and so distinctive from others Like compound bow or longbow. Now let’s go on to the specifics of what you need!

As you know, archery is a sport that is built on its tools. If you don’t have the right tools and they aren’t properly maintained you aren’t much of an archer.

So keep your tools and tools maintaining kits to maintain your tools closer. The list below will jog your memory on what you should have in your kit for the budding archer. These include – the bow of course, a bow stringer, arrows, nocking points and targets for practice.

These are your essentials. However, there are more must-have accessories on hand that you will need in order to perfect your game. These include the finger or glove tabs, the arm guard, bow string wax, an Allen broadband wrench, and a bow and quiver case to protect your arrows and bow.

You need your essentials to play. That is non-negotiable. So make sure you have those basic tools all the time when you mean to play. Now, let’s get onto the other items on the list!

Here We will discuss the most important archery accessory that you can’t avoid!

Archery Accessories for Beginners

1.Finger or Glove Tabs

With your fingers being one of the most important parts of your body, whether in the archery field or not, you better keep them protected. Fingers are prone to get damaged during archery so getting a good solid quality finger guards would be a wise investment for the starting archer.

You can wear a leather glove or finger tabs on your shooting hand to prevent these blisters.

Modern finger tabs sometimes also include spacers that spread the index and middle fingers apart, helping to keep the archer from pinching the arrow.

You can maybe brave the pain but its not worth it so do the wise thing and get those gloves or tabs whichever you prefer, taking care to get ones for your shooting hand.

2.An Arm Guard

This is another great piece of protective equipment because the most serious archery injuries are not actually punctured wound but are contusions which are serious bruises that may occur when the bow string hits the soft skin on the inner arm.

Other potential injuries include tendonitis and muscle tears, so you should be as safe and careful as you can. An arm guard covers your forearm, and if you get the bigger ones, your entire arm, to keep your sleeves, hair and skin out of the way of the bow string as you release your arrow.

As you start learning the proper technique, you should learn how to adjust your elbow vertically to keep most of your arm out of the way of the string, but until then, you should wear an arm guard that covers as much of your arm as possible.

The string will smack or drag along your arm from time to time, especially as you’re learning the sport, and you don’t want your skin to be in the way when that happens as that will then cause the contusions and you’ll be rushing to the hospital more than you want to..

3.Bow String Wax

If you know anything about bow care and maintenance, you know how important it is to wax your bow and keep it maintained as much as you can. This is where the bow string wax comes along.

Bow string wax maintains the integrity of the bow string, and lengthens the life of it; it’s another item you can keep in your case as much as you can.

The millions of fibers that make up your strings need to be lubricated fairly often as those fibers rub together and create friction that can lead to the strands snapping, thus shortening the life of your string.

To help prevent that from happening, archers wax their bow strings with bow string wax, which provides the added lubrication you need while also provide a layer of protection against water and other elements you might encounter in the outdoors or in harsher environments.

Now you may have a question in your mind and how do I rub a wax into a string? Well, wax is a tough particle and this thinking is not irrational.

Initially just roll the stick with both of your hands that make it warm and goopy. Then rub it on your finger and again on the string and cable. This technique makes uniform distribution of wax to string.

Buy quality bow string wax, wax your bow string every 2 to 4 weeks, and your bow string will last much longer and you’ll be able to shoot with more speed, swing, and accuracy.

4.Allen’s Broadhead Wrench

You need your Allen’s wrench to screw in your bow sight to your riser and to screw off broadhead tips from your arrows with no (or at least we hope, minimal damage to your fingers). Keeping on in your archery kit will save you time and effort a million times over in the long run.

5.Arrow Quivers and A Bow Case

Arrow Quivers look cool, let’s be honest. Whether you go for the hip hugger or the back quivers, it all comes down to personal preference but they do provide you with a cool and safe case to store your arrows. Most arrow quivers will allow you to fit in almost 18 of them if you pack them in quite tight.

I would hesitate to pack so many in if you’re using feather vane arrows but if you use plastic ones, they should be just fine!

Bow cases are useful tools. You will need them to lug all your heavy equipment across states. They also help to keep them clean, secure and temperature safe when you’re not using them.

Please keep them in the cases as much as you can if you decide to invest in one. This will keep your bows in good shape for a much longer time.

And finally check your backpack to see if these items have been put in place the night before your game.

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